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Foreign Language Learning through Subtitles and Translations

Fay Lorra

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I know how we use standard learning apps to learn a foreign language but another way to learn maybe by watching foreign-language videos with subtitles, rather than without them.

You can learn languages by reading books or taking classes but this doesn’t give you much exposure to the language. This means that your progress will be slow and frustrating since you won’t be able to use what you learned in real life situations very quickly.  Watching foreign-language TV shows with subtitles allows you to get a lot of exposure to the target language without having to spend too much time studying it on your own. It gives me more confidence when I speak because I know that I have already seen how different words are used in context. However, finding good subtitle files for online video content can be difficult (and often illegal). 

SubtitleBee has an excellent subtitling service that auto generates high quality subtitle files for all kinds of videos on YouTube or personal uploads! It also has over 100 different languages for subtitles and translations so everyone can find something they like. I use this online subtitling service myself and wanted to share this with everyone. It has a free trial so others can try it out but I have found the paid description more useful as well

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Hello, recommend to you a particularly simple and easy-to-use automatic subtitle generation tool (https://easyssub.com), I hope you can add it to your website.
EasySub is a free automatic subtitle generator that can accurately generate multi-language subtitles for free, and supports free subtitle translation in more than 150 national languages, as well as simple video editing.

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It's really very useful for those who wants to improve their language skills. I'd also be grateful for some resources to improve writing skills, as mine are not so good as I want. Thanks to the professional thesis writers now I don't have problems with my writing tasks, as they help me much, but still, I want to try to write my papers by myself.

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