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    • By paulina
      Hi! I wonder if someone is studying Hungarian or is a native one. I struggle finding websites with films in Hungarian (free). If you know any, please, share some information
    • By KelseyTheLinguist
      It's not my site but...
      I believe you all might find it useful. WordBrewery is a new website that pulls sentences from the news. They are then categorized by level and topic. There's also a search bar so you can find specific words in context. Audio, translation, and the source article are included.
      It's also possible to save words and sentences to lists, and export these to Anki.
      It's currently free to use. Like every other app, all you need to do is register.
      I use it for German, as it doesn't have Hindi yet. But it's rather nice, because it's hard to find advanced materials for many languages I'm interested in, such as Modern Greek and Arabic. I use it as a warm up and to find context to words. I'm also considering using Anki, so if I decide to, I'll start exporting all my lists.
      Current Languages:
      Arabic Spanish French Italian Portuguese English Swedish Russian Serbian Japanese Modern Greek Polish Hungarian Ukrainian Norwegian  Korean  Chinese German
    • By larion
      I made a web application to look up words or expressions in dialogues from movies. This way you can see how these words are used idiomatically.
      It also translates words to give you some idea about them beforehand. The main feature though is the ability to learn immersively from the dialogues. It currently has support for these languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian.
      I would be very happy to get some feedback on it. Maybe you are missing a feature or you would like another language etc. It is still under active development, so there are probably a few things to improve on. 

    • By hungary93
      Hi everyone, I thought that I will teach you a few greetings in Hungarian. If you would like to learn hungarian or any language at all I recommend language.ws, you just have to register, it's free and you can find pages and pages full of audio and coursebooks. And now for something completely different (Monthy Python anyone? No? ok)
      Hi! - Szia (see-ya)
      Good morning - Jó reggelt. (yo reh-gelt)
      Good day - Jó napot (yo na-pot)
      Good afternoon (? not really in use, maybe 'have a nice afternoon)  - Szép délutánt 
      Good evening - Jó estét (yo esh-tet)
      Good night - Jó éjszakát (you ay-sa-kat)
      Thank you - Köszönöm (kur-sur-nurm)
      You're welcome - Szívesen (see-vesh-en)
      Bless you /Cheers - Egészségedre (aa-guess-shage-add-ra)
      See you later - Viszontlátásra (vee-sont-laa-taash-ra)
      I love you - Szeretlek (seh-ret-lek)
      p.s.: when you try to pronunce egészségedre you should also feel my pain that I have to learn how to pronunce "dumneavoastră" in romanian, siiighh
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