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What is one word you know but never get to use?

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There are quite a few words that I know and don't get to use terribly often, mostly because they are words that are somewhat obscure or archaic. Here is a list.

Hie (verb): To go quickly. Example: I will hie to bed.

Avaunt (exclamation): Go away. Example: Avaunt, you fool!

Whither (adverb): To which/what place. Example: Whither go we?

Penultimate (adjective): Second to last. Example: I am the penultimate winner and I have the second place medal to show for it.

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One word I never get to use is "tapestry". This was my first word in my first Spelling Bee so it stuck with me ever since. Tapestry is more synonymous to medieval times and I never have any conversations about that era. I guess I will have to just keep the word with me as long as I live.

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There are a lot of words I know but never get to use. For instance, there are a lot of medical vocabularies I know but I don't even use them at all. I only use them when I study for the continuing education courses, which is less likely that they will pop up in front of my head.

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