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The 53 Best Spanish TV Series on Netflix — Nr. 7 Is Just WOW

The 53 Best Spanish TV Series on Netflix — Nr. 7 Is Just WOW

In recent years, Latin American and Spanish soap operas have taken the spotlight in the world-famous streaming app.

So, if you’re looking for a refreshing twist to your weekend (or your daily dose of binge-watching), then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

After all, Spanish TV shows are not only extremely fun to watch and are getting more popular day by day, but also do they help you to brush up on your Spanish skills

Plus, you’ve got the added benefit of virtually visiting Spain (or Latin America) without actually leaving your home. Pretty cool!

So, if you’re ready to start your Spanish TV show marathon, then better pick up your phones or make yourselves comfortable in front of the TV or computer and choose from among the list below what to watch.

I’ll bet you’ll add more than one of these shows to your “Binge-watching List.” Rightfully so!


1. Toy Boy

If all these mystery flicks haven’t satisfied your cravings for more thrilling TV shows, then let Toy Boy be your next must-watch series.

Set in Costa del Sol, Toy Boy centers on a famous stripper that goes by the name of Hugo Beltran. And, as a stripper, it’s not unusual for him to have a love affair with one of the affluent families in the area, Macarena Medina.

But, Hugo’s life changes for the worst as he wakes up right next to a burned corpse, which later he finds out to be his lover’s husband, Philip Norman. Hugo’s then unjustly accused and sentenced to prison for 15 long years.

However, 7 years in, and Hugo receives a visit from a promising young lawyer named Triana Marin. Though initially hesitant to team up with Triana, Hugo eventually agrees and starts his journey in proving his innocence.

Now, if you don’t mind watching steamy scenes while on the lookout for the true killer, then start by watching the trailer below.



2. Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

Have you ever wondered what goes through a bankrobber’s mind? How they conceptualize and execute the plan on the day itself?

Now, if you’re hell-bent to find out what goes on in a criminal’s mind, the world-famous Money Heist series will ultimately satisfy your curiosity and bring your Netflix nights to the next level.

Set up in the beautiful city of Madrid, Casa de Papel centers on an eight-person robber team that embarks on elaborate bank heists orchestrated by their mysterious mastermind, “The Professor.” 

Now a four-season series, Casa de Papel will navigate through each of the heists that The Professor carefully planned, with the Royal Mint of Spain as their first target.

From the city-themed codenames to their Salvador Dali-inspired masks, Money Heist will surely keep you off your seats with each tense scene that unfolds. 

With the bad guys now the protagonists of the story, Casa de Papel’s riveting plot will make you question who to side with.

So, if you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey with bank robbers, then click the trailer link below.


3. Elite

Who says teen dramas are all musical and light-hearted? 

If you start watching this thriller teen series, you’ll never go back and watch cheesy dramas again.

Set in the fictional private school for the Elite, Las Encinas, three working-class teenagers, Samuel, Nadia, and Christian, enroll in this prestigious institution after their previous school was destroyed by an earthquake.

Not only do these teenagers need to navigate their path academically, but they also need to put up with the ridicule they’ll face from the wealthy students. 

However, unlike most teen series where the protagonists manage to overcome discrimination triumphantly, this gripping tale ultimately leads to murder.

Now, if you’re hyped with the idea of solving a murder case alongside the characters of the story, then feel free to take a sneak peek at the trailer below.



4. Perdida (Stolen Away)

Now if you’ve watched the famous Taken movie trilogy, I’ll bet you’ll love this Spanish series as well.

As everyone knows, parents are more than willing to sacrifice their own lives just to protect their children. And, that, exactly what a loving father named Antonio Santos, did in this thriller-mystery TV show.

Perdida centers on a man named Antonio Santos who’s willing to become a criminal just to track the person who kidnapped his one and only daughter, Soledad.

Determined to find the man who stole his daughter from them, Antonio willingly commits drug trafficking for him to get arrested, and ultimately, end up in jail.

Now, if you’re dying to find out if the protagonist discovered the identity of his daughter’s kidnapper, then start by watching the trailer in the link below.



5. Los favoritos de Midas (The Minions of Midas)

What will you do if an unknown person suddenly sends you a sealed envelope and threatens you to give out a hefty sum of money, or someone will die?

Are you willing to lose your money to save the life of an innocent person?

Well, a certain Spanish TV series will ultimately open your eyes to this thrilling dilemma.

Based on a 1901 short story by Jack London, Los Favoritos de Midas centers on an affluent businessman named Victor Genovés receiving a blackmail letter from an unknown organization.

Set in modern-day Madrid, Victor needs to choose between selling his shares to raise 50 million euros or watch someone die at a set place and time if he doesn’t. 

Though no one knows the exact reason yet behind the blackmailing, Victor soon manages to team up with a fact journalist and the police to solve this thrilling mystery.

So, intrigued as to the antagonists’ purpose? Check out the series trailer below to get started.


6. Yankee

Are you interested to know the makings of a drug lord? How they live out their lives outside of the drug-trafficking industry?

Well, if you want to know the nitty-gritty of such a life, then Yankee’s going to give you the answer to your queries.

The series focuses on an Arizonian entrepreneur named Malcolm Moriarty who inadvertently becomes a big-time drug lord in Mexico after fleeing from the police back in the US.

Though Yankee’s almost the same as another Spanish TV series, Narcos, Moriarty’s merely a fictional character made to open our eyes to the beginnings and the personal life of a drug lord.

Now, if you’re starting to get intrigued by this unique series, then better start by watching its trailer below.




7. Vis-a-Vis (Locked Up)

Going into prison sure changes a person’s perspective of life, doesn’t it?

Well, in this thrilling Spanish soap opera set inside the Cruz del Sur Prison, you’ll discover how your choices in life will affect your future.

Accused of committing four grave tax crimes all in the name of loving her boss, Macarena Ferreiro needs to suffer a seven-year sentence. Though the crimes she committed are highly bailable, the price’s way too high for her family to put up with.

Thus, while her family’s scrambling to come up with the bail money, Macarena needs to tread the waters carefully if she wants to survive prison life. 

From forming alliances to learning whom to trust, Macarena needs to make critical decisions that will truly change who she is as a person.

So, if you’re up for some Spanish TV show that’s full of suspense, then Vis-a-vis is the best drama to start with.

See Macarena Ferreiro and her ordeals during her stay in the women’s penitentiary in the link below (trailer).


8. White Lines

What would you do if someone dear to you suddenly disappears off the face of the Earth without any clear reason at all? You’d do everything to find what happened, right?

Well, that is how the protagonist, Zoe Walker, does after her brother, a famous DJ in Ibiza, dies. 

Though it’s been 20 years, Zoe’s more than hell-bent to start an investigation to find out the truth about her brother’s death. 

Even everyone, including her brother’s so-called best friends, doesn’t help her in the process, Zoe doesn’t give up until she gets down to the bottom of that fateful day.

So, if you want to accompany Zoe in her quest to solve his brother’s murder mystery, then click the link below to begin your journey.



9. Monarca

Living a wealthy life is everyone’s dream, right? But, what if amid all the money you’re amassing, your family ties crumble down? 

Are you willing to throw out your love for the family just to possess those coveted riches?

Well, Monarca here somehow answers the very essence of the question above.

Set in the beautiful country of Mexico, Monarca centers on a tequila magnate’s family affairs. It focuses on the magnate’s daughter, Ana Maria, who returns to the country to vie for control of the family business. 

Even if Ana Maria left the country for two decades, she immediately comes home to grant her late father’s request of cleaning up his tequila empire. 

But, in the course of proving her worth to become the company’s next CEO, Ana Maria finds out more deception and scandals that are ruining the business itself.

Now, if this plot’s got you all excited, better begin by watching the trailer here.



10. Narcos

Like Yankee, Narcos is a thriller-suspense show that follows the life story of the notorious Pablo Escobar, a famous drug lord in Colombia.

However, unlike Yankee, Narcos is based on a real-life story, depicting how Escobar rose to become one of the Medellin cartel’s leaders. 

But, the story isn’t merely centered on Escobar as it also shows how the DEA agents, in the person of Steve Murphy, try to hunt him down with a huge operation.

So, if you feel like binge-watching on this true-to-life story series, make sure to click the play button to view the trailer below.


11. Who killed Sara

Similar to White Lines, this thriller-mystery Netflix show centers on a doting brother, Alex Guzman, intent to find out the murderer behind his sister’s death, Sara.

Suffering 18 years of imprisonment after falsely accused as his sister’s murderer, Alex then sets out on his revenge journey against the Lazcano family, who seems to have plenty of motive behind the crime.

Though every episode of this stirring series leads to unearthing more secrets, you’ll find yourself guessing who’s the possible culprit behind the murder. 

Are you now ready to solve a murder mystery case? Well, start by watching the show’s trailer below.



12. Sky Rojo

You don’t know how good freedom is until you lose it.

That’s why in this riveting Spanish series, prostitutes Wendy, Gina, and Coral, do everything their power to escape from their horrid past.

But, their pimp in Las Novias Club, Romeo, won’t let them go without a fight. Thus, he sends out three of his henchmen to find and bring back the fugitive prostitutes into his club.

So, are you ready to run with the protagonists in their do-or-die journey to freedom? We’ll see about that after you watch the trailer below.



13. Madre Solo hay Dos (Daughter from Another Mother)

Everyone knows how challenging motherhood is. 

But, what if you find out a few months later that the baby you’re taking care of isn’t even yours, to begin with?

Though it hardly ever happens in real life, Madre Solo hay Dos depicts the lives of two very different mothers brought together by an unfortunate baby switching incident. 

Despite their differing beliefs and styles with parenthood, both mothers willingly set aside their differences to rear their babies the only way they know how.

So, if you’re ready to start following this Mexican comedy series down to its last episode, please start watching the trailer here.



14. Amar y Vivir (All for love)

Falling in love is the most sought-after feeling in this world. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of meeting their soulmate, right?

But, what if you find out that the person you have feelings for turns out to be involved in a crime?

Well, better get your bags packed and head over to Bogota, where you’ll meet an aspiring singer named Irene falling in love with a dashing mechanic named Joaquin.

However, as the two start to develop romantic feelings for each other, Irene soon finds out that Joaquin’s involved in some form of organized crime. 

Yet, will her feelings for the man be enough to warp out the illegal activity he’s doing?

Well, let this trailer help you check out Irene and Joaquin’s fate in this series.



15. La Valla (The Barrier)

Now, if you’re tired of watching thriller, suspense, mystery, or even cheesy TV shows, why not try a future-themed series?

Well, if you think Spanish TV shows don’t have such a genre in their books, you’re wrong!

La Valla is a Dystopian-themed series set in the future Madrid. However, the once beautiful city is placed under martial law as an answer to the shortages that the country’s experiencing.

However, the new regime that ensues puts up a wall that ultimately separates the rich and affluent from the poor.

Now, this system’s shaken up when a young girl from the poor side of the fence suddenly’s taken into custody after what appears as a routine checkup.

So, what will the girl’s family do to take her back? Well, if you’re already intrigued by the plot, why not find out about here first in this trailer.



16. Desenfrenadas (Unstoppable)

Who loves going on road trips? Well, not everyone loves it, but it’s a great way to discover the world.

But, what if an unexpected passenger suddenly “gate crashes” the road trip of your dreams? How will you take it?

Now, in Desenfrenadas, three women, Rocio, Vera, and Carlota, decide to go on a road trip to chill out after experiencing a series of untoward events. 

But, while they’re about to embark on their road trip of a lifetime, an unexpected passenger, Marcela, barges in to join their group. 

Unexpected as these may be, this unprecedented turn will forever change each of their lives – for the better.

So, if you’re willing to find out how the road trip went, then click the trailer below and find out.



17. La Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls)

Tired of watching modern day TV series? How about taking a peek at some period dramas instead?

Well, if you’re curious as to how women lived in the 1920s Madrid, Las Chicas del Cable is a good way for you to learn all about it. 

After all, four women from different walks of life start working for the National Telephone Company for various reasons.

Though they were originally merely colleagues, these women soon form a close bond while as they navigate their way between working and fulfilling their aspirations in a male-dominated society.

So, if you’re up for some thrilling scenes, better start watching here.


18. Galerías Velvet (Velvet)

Now, if you’re starting to get hook with Spanish period dramas, perhaps Velvet will become part of your must-watch list starting today.

Set in the 1950s Spain, Galerías Velvet tells about a love story of the handsome Alberto Marquez, the heir to the famous fashion house, and that of Ana Ribera, a beautiful seamstress working for their company.

Despite their families trying to break their romantic relationship, Alberto and Ana prove to them that no matter what trials and adversities they face, their love will see them through it.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below to have a glimpse of this epic Spanish period drama now.



19. El Desorden Que Dejas (The Mess You Leave Behind)

Now, if you want to add another thriller-suspense-mystery TV series to your list, El Desorden Que Dejas will surely make you sit on the edge of your seat and want more.

Set in the beautiful rural town of Galicia, Raquel, a literature teacher, accepts a substitute teaching job at the local high school to try and repair her marriage with  her husband. But, unknown to Raquel, her predecessor died weeks before due to suicide.

Though the death isn’t related to her, it somehow makes Raquel’s life as a teacher more challenging what with that mystery continuing to haunt them – and even threatening to endanger her life.

So, if you can’t wait for Raquel to discover this dark secret, click the link below to start watching.



20. Nailed It: Mexico

Enough with all the drama, suspense, and mystery. Time to have some fun – baking!

Now, if you’re dying to watch a reality TV show that has a twist, Nailed It: Mexico will surely satisfy your sweet tooth (or not). 

But, unlike the well-known food TV series we’ve watched over the years, amateur bakers with dreadful track records are the star of this show. These “rising talents” will try to recreate artful cakes for a cash prize.

Without any further ado, let’s start learning how to bake by watching this fun trailer below.



21. Fariña (Cocaine Coast)

Another drug-related series you can to your watchlist is Fariña. This thrilling documentary is set in the 1980s, off the coast of Galicia, and follows the story of one of the biggest bigwigs in the Galician drug trade, Sito Miñanco.

It all starts when Sito and his father inadvertently interrupt a drug trade several miles away as they were doing some illegal fishing. 

Though their stint ended up making some small change, a man named Terito notices his boating skills and offers him a job so they’ll get even. And, in that one moment, Sito’s life has changed – for the “better.”

So, if you’re intrigued about how the Galician drug trade started, better stay tuned and watch the trailer here.



22. Alta Mar (High Seas)

Who here loves the Titanic movie? Well, if you’re not a fan of the romance-drama twist of that film, then why not give Alta Mar a try?

Set in the glamorous 1940s Spanish era, two wealthy sisters, Eva and Carolina Villanueva, ride aboard the Bárbara de Braganza to start their new life in Brazil. 

But, things start to get awry when a woman’s mysteriously thrown off the sea, immediately sparking an onboard investigation that entangles the two sisters into it. However, the murder investigation’s merely the icing on the cake as family secrets soon start to unravel before their very eyes.

So, if you love solving mysteries, then don’t wait and start watching the trailer below.



23. Alguien Tiene Que Morir (Someone Has To Die)

Have you imagined yourself living in Spain in the 1950s era? If you haven’t well, you should give this Spanish TV series a try.

After 10 long years, Gabino Falcon has been summoned home by his family as they’ve found a suitable wife for him. However, Gabino’s return to his very conservative hometown sent ripples of shock as he brought his friend, Lazaro, home with him.

However, Lazaro’s mysterious personality ultimately sparked some rumors to spread, which threatens the very reputation of Gabino’s family.

So, if you’re wondering what these rumors are, better stay tuned and watch the trailer below.



24. Valeria

Who are fans here of the hit American rom-com series, Sex and the City? Well, sexy scenes aside, the show does navigate how four single New York women juggle with their careers and love life.

Surprisingly, Spain’s also got their own adaptation in the form of Valeria. But, mind you, Valeria’s nothing like its American counterpart – what with the way the story starts.

The story begins with a lovely woman named Valeria calling a night out with her friends to simply vent out about her troubled career and love life. 

However, things soon get exciting and steamy as the girls head to the bars, with Valeria meeting someone who could change her life for the better.

So, if you can’t wait to see how things will pan out in Valeria, then start watching the trailer here.



25. Oscuro Deseo (Dark Desire)

Another Mexican thriller that will surely make you want to hit the “Next Episode” button, Oscuro Deseo will ultimately show you how one single mistake can ultimately change your lives.

Suspecting that her husband’s cheating on her, Alma Solares, a law professor, decides to spend a weekend with her friends. Yet, on that fateful night, Alma meets a mysterious man named Dario Guerra. 

And, on that night, Alma becomes entangled in a steamy affair with Dario, who’s hiding a dark secret with him.

So, if you’re up to solve some mystery with some love scenes on the side, then watch this trailer here for you to get started.



26. Paquita Salas

How far are you willing to go if you want to become successful in your career once again?

Well, for Paquita Salas, she’s more than determined to once again climb on the ranks and become the top talent agent she’s been during the ’90s. 

But, when her biggest client bailed out on her, Paquita comes searching for new rising stars to regain her former glory.

However, it looks like Paquita needs to do a major overhaul, both for herself and her agency, so they can attract more fresh talents to their cluster.

Will Paquita be successful in her new quest? Well, if you want to find out, start by watching this fun trailer below.



27. Hache

Another period drama and true-to-life crime story, Hache follows the story of a famous character in the heroin drug trade, Helena.

Set in the ‘60s Barcelona, Hache will show you how a seemingly ordinary woman can become one of the revered names in the dangerous drug industry. 

Even as she started in this dangerous world as a heroin cartel leader’s lover, Helena determinedly hones her skill in the trade so she could be at par with her partner.

So, if you want to dig deeper into Helena’s life in the cartel, feel free to start watching the trailer below.



28. Memorias de Idhún (The Idhun Chronicles)

Are you a fan of anime? Well, if you do, then you’d be surprised that there’s a Spanish show that’s like the world-famous Japanese anime, except, of course, that it isn’t from Japan.

Memorias de Idhún talks about how an orphaned teenager named Jack suddenly becomes entangled in a war against the Idhún tyrant, Ashran. 

Though Jack needs to train alongside a new ally in the person of an aspiring wizard, Victoria, these determined pair soon fights along veteran warriors to free their country.

But, will Jack and Victoria become successful in their quest? Well, you’ll only know if you click the linked trailer below to find out.



29. La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers)

What would you do if the seemingly perfect family life you’ve so enjoyed comes crashing down? Are you willing to maintain your facade no matter what it takes to achieve that feat?

Well, a wealthy Mexican matriarch, Virginia, tries to show society how perfect her family life is. From a booming flower shop and “peaceful” life, there seemingly is nothing Virginia could ever dream of. 

But, things started going for the worse when her husband’s mistress suddenly commits suicide after committing fraud under his name.

With that suicide exposing the family’s darkest secrets, the eldest daughter, Paulina, scrambles to hold things together, including running a cabaret that bears the same name as that of the flower shop.

Despite all the odds thrown their way, will Virginia’s family manage to pull through and regain their reputation in the world of the elite? 

You’ll have to see by taking a sneak peek of the trailer below.



30. Ingobernable (Ungovernable)

Now, if you’re a staunch advocate of empowered women, then Ingobernable’s Emilia Urquiza will show how to live a life with conviction and principles.

Though she’s enjoying her life as the first lady of Mexico, Emilia soon starts to lose faith in her husband, Diego Nava, and eventually files divorce against him.

However, one fateful night changed Emilia’s life when she’s been accused of murdering her own husband. 

Thus, the former first lady soon lives a life of a fugitive, constantly on the run while trying to uncover the truth behind her husband’s murder.

So, if you can’t wait to jumpstart watching this TV show, then better tap on the image below to start watching the trailer.



31. La Catedral del Mar (Cathedral of the Sea)

Period dramas are big hits for a reason – and La Catedral del Mar proves why such TV show genre doesn’t fade away no matter how modern our lives get.

Set in 14th century Barcelona, the story starts with a down-to-earth farmer named Bernat Estanyol about to wed the beautiful Francesca Esteve. 

However, the evil Lord of Bella soon appears during the wedding ceremony and uses his feudal rights to have his way with Francesca. 

But, the story soon shifts to tell the story of Bernat’s son, Arnau, who determinedly performs everything in his power to become wealthy and free.

Based on Idelfonso Falcones’ novel entitled La Catedral del mar, let this series show you how far one’s determination can take you.

Check out the trailer here to have a peek at what this TV show’s all about.



32. Magic For Humans Spain

Is there any person out there who doesn’t love magic? If you can’t help yourself from feeling giddy after witnessing magic tricks, then this Spanish take on street magic’s definitely the real deal for you.

Magic for Humans Spain follows the adventures of El Mago Pop’s in the streets of Barcelona to show out-of-this-world magic to the common people. 

Though we definitely can’t tell much about what Mago Pop’s about to show you, you can definitely take a sneak peek at the trailer here.



33. Vivir sin Permiso (Unauthorized Living)

Greed really makes people do unthinkable things just to gain power and wealth. It’s like you’re willing to bite off the hand of those who fed you just to get what you want.

Now, if you’re fan of TV shows that has lots of revenge and underhanded schemes going on, then Vivir sin Permiso is the ultimate Spanish series for you.

In this modern-day narcotrafficking Spanish series set in Galicia, a shipper and drug lord diagnosed with Alzheimer’s soon reveals his plans of retiring soon. 

But, before he can start prepping his heir for the post, his second-in-command sneakily plots against him in a bid to steal his empire right under his nose.

Will the second-in-command become successful with his coup? Well, you’ll never know unless you start watching the trailer below.



34. El Inocente (The Innocent)

What’s in the past stays in the past. At least, for most people, that adage is true.

However, for Mateo Vidal, he can’t seem to get rid of his past as a haunting phone call reminds him of his dark past – a quarrel leading to accidentally killing a man.

Though he’s already trying to start a life together with his wife, Olivia, secrets and new discoveries threaten to destroy the life Mateo wants to build with Olivia.

So, if you want to know how this Spanish thriller miniseries will unfold, better start watching the trailer here.



35. Go! Vive a Tu Manera (Go! Live your Way)

Now, who says musical dramas are overrated? You’d probably be changing your mind now once you get to see this Argentinian musical-romance flick, Go! Vive a Tu Manera.

In this series, a young and talented musician/dancer Mia Caceres tries to achieve her dreams of becoming a better dancer, and eventually become famous. 

Thus, after convincing her aunt, Mia auditions for a scholarship at a renowned school, Saint Mary’s and become part of the Go! workshop. Though her path to entering the said prestigious institution isn’t an easy one, Mia’s charm and natural talent pit her against the principal’s daughter, Lupe.

Will Mia achieve her dream of becoming part of Go!, or will Lupe stand in her way to stardom? Well, if you can’t wait to find out, better start by watching this thrilling trailer here.



36. Made in Mexico

Now, have you ever wondered how it is to live like a socialite in this modern world?

Well, if you really cant’ control your curiosity any longer, Made in Mexico will ultimately pique your interest.

Following 9 of the most well-known socialites of bustling Mexico, this reality TV show will make you see how fun, challenging, and even intriguing lives these people have.

Behind the facade of their successful careers, are they truly happy deep down, or they’re merely putting up a show for the world to see?

Well, better get started with the show by clicking on the trailer link below.



37. El Dragon: Return of a Warrior

Now, are you looking for some intense action series intersperse with romance and suspense? Well, if do, better put El Dragon: Return of a Warrior to your list of must-watch Netflix series.

After Miguel Garza’s parents were killed in an attempt against their family, he and his siblings were taken under the wing of their grandfather, Lamberto Garza. 

But, in order to protect them, Lamberto sends his three grandchildren to study overseas, with Miguel ending up staying in Tokyo.

Now, after leading a successful career as a financier in Tokyo alongside his wife, Asya, he receives a call from his grandfather for him to come home to Mexico and take over their family cartel.

Will he accept his grandfather’s proposal? You’ll only know if you start by watching the trailer in the link below.



38. Tiempos de Guerra (Morocco: Love in Times of War)

Living in a war-stricken country is totally a nightmare. But, what if one day you’re sent there to help the wounded soldiers live to see another day?

Will you take the challenge?

Well, in this 1920s Spanish series, a group of young volunteer nurses coming from upper-class families brave the battle scene in war-torn Morocco to aid the wounded and dying soldiers there.

But, despite the seemingly despairing situation, these young ladies haven’t lost their hope yet, and even finds time to find romance with the doctors and soldiers they meet along the way.

So, if you’re ecstatic now to start watching this series, better take a look at the trailer now.



39. Si no t’hagués conegut (If I hadn’t Met You)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time and tweak a few things for the betterment of the future?

Well, if you’re someone like Eduard who suffers heartbreaking guilt after the death of his wife and children, you’d probably want to go inside a time machine and change everything.

Eduard’s wife, Elisa, wanted to use his car to take the kids to school as hers was making a funny noise. But, as Eduard didn’t agree, so Elisa ended up using hers.

The next day, Eduard loses his family due to a tragic accident, making him lose his will to live. But, before he can even commit suicide, an eccentric woman named Dr. Everest pulls him over and teaches him how to travel between parallel universes.

How do you think Eduard will use this incredible discovery? Will he use it to change his past? Well, take a look at the trailer below to have an idea of his decision



40. Fugitiva

How far will you go to protect your children?

For a loving mother named Magda, she’s willing to take the risks of orchestrating a kidnap just to protect her children from her husband’s enemies. 

But, even as she has everything planned out, dangers still lurk anywhere they go as her husband’s adversaries are hell-bent to hurt them as their form of revenge.

Do you think Magda successfully shields her children from jeopardy, or will she have to tell them the bitter truth about their father’s “occupation?”

Better watch the trailer of this Spanish drama-thriller in the link below.



41. The Alcàsser Murders

If you love watching thriller and mystery TV shows, then perhaps viewing a Spanish murder docuseries will be the best option that you have.

Following the infamous 1992 Alcàsser rape-slay case of three teenage girls headed towards a nightclub in the town of Picassent in Spain. 

Their mysterious disappearance prompted one of the girls’ father to seek the help of the authorities and the media to help in the search.

With new archival and eye-witness accounts brought to light after nearly 3 decades, this docuseries will ultimately keep you craving for more details about that gruesome crime.

Start by watching the trailer clip in the link below.



42. Examen de Conciencia (Examination of Conscience)

Now, if you’re into more intriguing Spanish docuseries, then perhaps make Examen de Consciencia a part of your Netflix My List.

Focusing on the child sexual abuse allegations within Spanish Catholic institutions, victims, as well as the clergy, experts, and journalists each have their time to talk about the said claim.

But, these people aren’t merely there for a simple narration of events. In fact,  each one of them are placed on the hot seat to be examined. 

What do you hope to find out in this Spanish Netflix miniseries? Well, you’ll have to start watching the trailer in the link below to find out.



43. La Victima Número Ocho (Victim Number 8)

Now, if you still are raring to watch more thriller series, then perhaps this Spanish conspiracy thriller is the one you’re looking for.

Based on the 2017 Bilbao jihadi bombing, La Victima Numero Ocho centers on the police manhunt against the suspect of the said attack. 

Despite being pregnant, Koro Olaegi doesn’t back down from the job and is determined to get down to the bottom of this barbaric event. 

Initially, seven victims already died from the said attack. But the eight casualty, Gorka, is pretty suspicious what with his brother seemingly having ties to the said terrorist attack.

So, if you’re already intrigued as to who is the real culprit behind the bombings, then better sneak a peek at the series’s trailer below.



44. Diablero

Ever found yourself drawn into TV shows and movies talking about the age-old war between angels and demons? If you do, then Diablero is a must-watch series for you.

Set in the modern day Mexico, a rather odd trio takes the journey across the populous city in search of demons. 

When a priest, Father Ramiro Ventura, finds out about her missing daughter from her ex-girlfriend, he then asks help from a renowned diablero (demon hunter), Elvis, and a real-life superhero, Nancy with his mission.

Though some scenes are quite gory and not for the faint-hearted audience, Diablero will surely pique your curiosity on how demon hunters operate covertly yet effectively.

If you’re raring to find out how this series will unfold, better take a look at the trailer here first.



45. Los Briceño, una familia todo terreno (The Road to Love)

In this modern world we’re living in, limitations as to what a woman can and cannot do still haunts many societies – especially in the world of trucking.

However, a feisty 16-year-old girl named Cecilia (La Chiqui) wants to make a name in the truck racing industry. Thus, after her father threw her out of their house when she became pregnant, La Chiqui didn’t make this event her downfall.

Using her knowledge as a truck driver, La Chiqui then ventures out into the trucking world to try and make a name for herself while providing for her baby.

Do you think La Chiqui will prove to herself, her family, and to the world, that girls can rock in a male-dominated industry as well? 

Check out the cool trailer we have below by clicking on the play button.

For some reason, the embed for this trailer does not seem to work. However, no big deal. Simply copy & paste the link below and you are good to go.



46. El Club (The Club)

What are you willing to do to gain power and riches? Will you take the traditional route, or will you take some risks to achieve it?

Well, for Pablo, an 18-year-old son of a wealthy Mexican businessman, he only has one shot at proving that his dating app will become a success. 

However, during the launch party, his business partner chickens out, causing Pablo to run into their head housekeeper’s nephew, Jonas. And, in that short moment, Jonas introduces him to MDMA, or ecstasy for some much-needed confidence boost.

And, the rest, is history, as the uncanny pair soon teams up with Pablo’s ex-gilfriend, Sofia to bring their so-called dating app to the world.

If you’re intrigued as to how Pablo and his business partners weave their way in the dangerous narcotrafficking world through this trailer here.



47. El Chapo

Another real-life narco drama series, El Chapo follows the story of the rise and fall of the 1980s drug kingpin, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Throughout the series, you’ll see how a lowly member of the Guadalajara cartel rose up in ranks and later on became the head of the infamous Sinaloa cartel.

Yet, no matter how witty he is, El Chapo still met his downfall in 2016, ultimately placing him behind bars despite becoming the most powerful man in the narco world.

If you find yourself intrigued with El Chapo’s life, take a look at the trailer below for some sneak peek.



48. Club de Cuervos (Club of Crows)

It’s pretty normal for siblings to fight against each other over various mundane things, right?

But, how about if you quarrel against your brother or sister over ownership of your family business?

Well, for Isabel Iglesia, she’s willing to go against her brother, Chava Iglesia, when he takes control over their deceased father’s soccer team – Cuervos FC. 

Knowing how ill fit Chava is to the presidency, Isabel performs everything in her power to carry over her father’s legacy. Even if everyone and everything seems against her simply because she’s a woman, Isabel won’t back down from the fight of her life.

But, will she be successful at dethroning her brother? How will their sibling rivalry affect the football team’s morale?

Well, merely talking won’t do it, so better start watching this trailer below and find out yourself.



49. La Reina del Sur (Queen of the South)

Want to watch Spanish TV shows that feature narcotrafficking with a plot twist?

Well, if you believe in girl power, then perhaps this thrilling series, La Reina del Sur, will give you the excitement that you’re looking for.

Starting out as a young Mexican woman passionately in love with her pilot boyfriend, Teresa Mendoza soon finds herself deeply involved in the illicit drugs world when her boyfriend’s enemies execute him.

No matter how hard she tries to escape that world, circumstances will always find a way to bring it closer to her. 

Thus, Teresa’s got no choice but to take the reigns and soon rise to become the most powerful name in the intercontinental drug trade world. 

If you’re interested in how a seemingly innocent woman can become the most dangerous one, find out by clicking on the trailer below.



50. Siempre bruja (Always a Witch)

Ever wondered how it feels like to live as a witch in the modern world?

Well, for a 17th century Colombian witch named Carmen Eguiluz, she’s forced to adapt to living in modern-day Cartagena after time-traveling from the past to save the man she’s in love with.

Though she’ll need to battle with a dark rival living in the future, Carmen needs to find a way not to reveal her powers accidentally. Doing so will ultimately endanger not only her life, but also her friends, and beloved’s as well.

So, if you’re up to binge-watching on some middle-aged sorcery intertwined with modern-day living, then feel free to peek at the trailer below.



51. Bolivar

If you’re up to watching historical-based Spanish series, then Bolivar is one of the many you can add to your My List.

Starting with a series of flashbacks, this tale tells about General Simón Bolívar’s life story. 

From his childhood days as a Criollo until the time he leads the battles in freeing several Latin American countries from Spain’s regime, Bolivar will recount to you how an innocent boy can become one of the greatest names in history.

So, if you’re up for some trip in the historical lane, or simply want to learn all about history without poring into thick books, then better take a look at the trailer below to get started



52. Criminal: España (Criminal: Spain)

Being a police surely is the dream for most young children. But, do they know what it takes to become one?

Well, if your children are already old enough to take a good look at their dream career, then Criminal: España is the perfect way to start.

In this thriller-mystery series, detectives need to be on top of their game if they want to get the right answers from their suspects. 

Inside the confines of the interrogation room, these detectives should know how to play psychological games with the equally-witty suspects if they want to solve the case.

But, as everyone knows, you can’t get something without a price. And, in this case, the detectives must pay the moral cost just to get the job done and over with.

So, if you’re ready to solve some nerve-wracking cases with the police, then better start watching the trailer now for a sneak peek.



53. Pasion de Gavilanes (Hidden Passion)

What would you do to avenge the death of a family member? Are you ready to take the risk if it means endangering your life as well?

For the Reyes brothers, they’re willing to put their lives on the line just to seek revenge on the man who killed their sister. 

But, by the time they’re about to put their plans into action by going to their enemy’s lair, they’ll meet the three stunning Elizondo sisters instead. 

Will the Elizondo sisters unknowingly sidetrack the Reyeses from what they’ve planned to do in their hacienda? 

If you’re that eager to find that out yourself, better start by watching the linked trailer below.



So, there you have it. A whopping list of 53 intriguing Spanish TV shows that will make you occupied for a long time – unless of course, you’re the type who does series marathons every week.

While some of you may think it’s absurd to watch Spanish series with all the subtitles and stuff, you shouldn’t disregard them just for that. 

Amazingly enough, I found that these shows have the most intriguing, out-of-this-world plots that will make you hooked – and possibly craving – to them for a long time.

Plus, if you’re studying Spanish, you can definitely use this as an educational tool to boost your vocabulary. Of course, it will take you a while before you can be fluent in the language.

But, it’s the most fun way of learning how the language’s used on a daily basis. You simply have to subscribe to a Netflix account, create your profile, and start adding the TV shows you’d want to watch.

You can even choose to switch the subtitles off if you’re that dead set to become fluent with the language the soonest.

But, for whatever reason you have for watching these Spanish TV shows, it’s a great way to genuinely appreciate their culture.

What’re you waiting for? Select from the shows listed above, and have a great weekend ahead of you!