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The Meaning of “ontd” in a Nutshell

The Meaning of “ontd” in a Nutshell

A recurring theme on our blog is how the internet has impacted the English language, giving birth to new words and expressions.

For instance, the current president of the United States has been known to “troll” people online using “memes” and “hashtags.” And, we are inundated by “spam” emails every day.

However, it isn’t just a matter of new words.

The internet has also given us several acronyms that have made texting and instant messaging all the more colorful.

For instance, when something is funny you can “LOL” or even “ROFL.”

And, when your friends have to temporarily leave the chat, they will “brb,” to which you tell them to “tyt.”

You get the picture.

Today’s word also owes its popularity to the internet.

What is the meaning of “ONTD”?

“ONTD” is an acronym that has two meanings. In the medical community, it stands for “Open Neural Tube Defects,” which is a medical affliction that affects children.

The other meaning of “ONTD” is “Oh No They Didn’t, ” which is not too dissimilar from “GTFO.”

However, “Oh No They Didn’t” is also the name of a famous blog on LiveJournal, a well-known blogging site. The blog is devoted to celebrity gossip.


”ONTD” in the medical field

“Open Neural Tube Defects” are issues that arise with the infant’s neurological structure, i.e. the brain, the spinal cord, or the spine form, while the infant is still in utero, i.e. inside the mother’s womb.

It is a medical condition that afflicts around one child out of every 1500, and its repercussions can range from mild or non-existent to severe.

Without getting into too much detail, here’s what you need to know about what “ONTD” is and what it does.

Right after conception, both the child’s brain and spine start out as a flat plat of cells.

Around 28 to 32 days after conception, these flat cells will have rolled into a tube, known as the neural tube.

Now, it is critical that this tube closes off completely because if it fails to do so, it could leave an opening, which would become the open neural tube defect.



Person #1: Hey, how does it feel to be a father?

Person #2: To be honest, it’s a bit scary. Our child had ONTD when she was in the womb, so she needed a few surgeries to right things as soon as she was born. But now, she’s all better, letting me breathe easier.


”ONTD” short for “Oh No They Didn’t”

The internet is famous for promoting abbreviations and acronyms.

In fact, a simple word like “YOLO,” which stands for “You Only Live Once” has spread to such a degree that it spawned numerous music videos, comedy sketches, and memes.

That’s the thing about the internet. It’s a self-feeding animal, and once it finds something it likes, it just latches on to it till it loses interest.

“ONTD” is another acronym the internet has popularized.

For starters, “ONTD” stands for “Oh No They Didn’t.” This is an expression you say when someone does something you find outrageous or just pure insulting.

The expression is supposed to capture incredulity. It’s almost like saying “I can’t believe they did it.”



The following chat might be observed between two friends who work in sales together at the same company.

Person #1: The marketing department wants to blame us for the company’s failure to meet this quarter’s target. They even went to the CEO making an argument that we were lazy and wouldn’t pull our weight.”

Person #2: ONTD. We told them beforehand that the company’s brand has weakened ever since the recall. We explained that they needed to rehabilitate our image.


The birth of a blog

Interestingly, “ONTD” is also the name of the famous gossip blog.

The blog shares celebrity news, uploads pictures, and reshares posts from other celebrity gossip blogs. “ONTD” may even do the occasional celebrity feature.

“ONTD” was created back in 2004. The creators were three teenagers, and their names were Eric Lang, Bri Daffen, and Breniecia Reuben.

Five years later, in 2009, the blog site changed hands and became owned by Elizabeth Carter and Brenden Delzer, both of who also monitor and moderate the site.

According to many people on the interweb, “ONTD” is not only good but is also addictive.

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