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Purple Heart Emoji 💜 Meaning — All You Need to Know

Purple Heart Emoji 💜 Meaning — All You Need to Know

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Expressing your emotions over a text message, WhatsApp, or direct message can be pretty tricky, especially now, when each individual interprets each emoji differently.

However, fortunately, some emojis have universal meanings that make them fairly easy to use. 

But some emojis are still a little confusing. They either have too many meanings or an unusual meaning only a few are aware of.

One such emoji is the purple heart (💜), which can be used to express love, friendship, respect, and so many other feelings.

To save you from the embarrassment of sending the wrong type of emoji, especially the purple heart, let’s take a look at all its different meanings and interpretations.

What is the Meaning of the Purple Heart (💜)?

The Purple Heart emoji 💜 signifies more than affection. Often, it expresses deep love, unwavering support, and profound respect. While commonly used in romantic contexts, it also shows support for US military veterans. Among the BTS Army (fans of the K-pop group), it symbolizes passionate admiration.


The Purple Heart and Love

No emoji describes love better than a heart. Sometimes all you need is one heart to express how much you love someone, regardless of its color.

It can be used when texting a friend, lover, as well as a family member to show respect and romance.

The number of purple hearts you use can tell the extent of your love. 

The purple heart is usually considered the ‘safe heart’ emoji.

Making and sending it to someone does not necessarily mean you are using it in the romantic sense.

It can also be safely sent to friends and colleagues that you are well familiar with. 

Moreover, the greater the number of purple hearts used, the greater the intensity of the emotion.

Therefore, if you want to play it safe but would still like to appear nice and kind, one purple heart suffices.

You can even send it to your crush if they complement one of your photos or other posts.

This way, you can give them an indirect signal while still appearing calm and collected. It wasn’t a red heart, right? YKYK! *wink, wink*


The Purple Heart and BTS Fandom

The BTS, short for Bangtan Sonyeondan, meaning bulletproof boy scouts, is a Korean boy band formed in 2010 and debuted in 2013 consisting of 7 members.

They are known for their songs and performances throughout the western world.

The members often make the heart emoji to extend their gratitude and appreciation to their army of fans, also known as fandom.

In return, the BTS fandom has chosen the purple heart to represent their love for the young men.

The reason for choosing this particular color is that Tae, one of the band members, created the line ‘I purple you.’ From there onwards, the band’s fans specifically use this emoji to promote and celebrate their love for the BTS band. 


The Purple Heart and the Military

The BTS army is not the only one who has chosen the purple heart to express their recognition and respect.

The United States military awards purple hearts to the veterans who have undergone injuries while serving for their country.

They use the 💜 to show how much regard and appreciation they hold for their brave soldiers.

It is a symbol of honor and sacrifice that is only awarded to the worthiest. 


The Purple Heart — Purple Day

Another essential purpose of the purple heart is to mark Purple Day celebrated worldwide on 26th March to spread awareness about epilepsy.

This disease is present around the globe and affects several people, some of whom are unaware of its symptoms and treatment.

The purple heart emoji also signifies the World Sanfilippo Awareness Day observed on 16th November every year.

It helps create awareness about Sanfilippo Syndrome, a genetic metabolic disorder primarily found in children, preventing them from breaking down carbohydrates normally.


The Purple Heart with regards to Compassion and Empathy

Apart from love, there are numerous other emotions that we experience daily. Among these are compassion, sympathy, empathy, understanding, and support.

To extend or express any of the said emotions, you can use a purple heart. A blue heart can also signify compassion and empathy.

It may be used by a friend, lover, or family member. It can even work for strangers, as sympathy and empathy are not limited to only the people that you know.

A purple heart can be sent to a friend to show that you support them in whatever they are going through. 

Similarly, you can send it to a colleague undergoing a difficult financial or domestic situation, or you can use it for a family member to tell them you miss them dearly and are always a call away.

The purple heart rightly serves each of these purposes without coming off as too much. 


💜  Duty and Honor

Some other uncommon and unusual meanings of the purple heart are duty, honor, royalty, and good judgment.

You can send it to a friend or soldier showing solidarity support for the country, or it may be used to motivate a fellow colleague to work harder and not give up in tough situations. 

The good judgment meaning allows it to be used when telling a friend to go ahead with a decision, and likewise, the 💜 can be used to encourage someone to keep their head high in demanding circumstances. 



The Meaning of the Purple Heart in Social Media

Alternatively, a purple heart may be used by social media users when their outfit matches the emoji’s purple color.

This has no significant meaning and is simply used to enhance the aesthetics of a photo.

Many believe that instead of uploading a caption-less photo, using an emoji as pretty as the purple heart is better.

The purple color heart emoji is often associated with lilac or the same colored outfits due to its soft appearance and soothing vibe.

It makes a good caption as it is not as loud and prominent as the red heart but is also not as dull as some of the other emojis.

Therefore, many influencers, bloggers, and even random social media users frequently use the purple heart emoji in their photos and videos.


Examples Using the Purple Heart Emoji in Texting

Now let’s take a look at some examples with the purple heart emoji:

  • Example:

Crush: Hey! You have such a cute display. I really like it. 

You: Hi, thank youuu! 💜

  • Example:

Friend: Thank you for always listening to my problems. I really appreciate it.

You: You don’t have to thank me. I’m always here for you! 💜

  • Example:

Family member: I have been super stressed lately. I don’t know how I would’ve managed if you weren’t there with me. 

You: I will always support you in everything. I love you! 💜

  • Example:

Colleague: Do you think I’ll be able to impress the boss and deliver this presentation just as he wants?

You: You are a talented young woman. Undoubtedly, you will ace this! 💜


What Does the Purple Heart Mean from a Girl

If a girl sends you a purple heart, your first thought might be, “Does that mean she likes me?” 

There are several reasons why a girl might send you a purple heart. Unlike the red heart, which is almost always used to represent romantic feelings or unconditional/ride-or-die love, the meaning of the purple heart is ambiguous. 

It may be that a girl has sent you a purple heart because she is saying that she only cares about you as friend.

However, it could also be that a girl has sent you a purple heart because she wants to send you a red heart but doesn’t want to lay all her cards on the table just yet. 

A girl might send you a purple heart for a number of other reasons too. If you happen to go to a school whose sports uniform colors include purple, a girl might send you a purple heart to symbolize school pride. 

The best thing to do when a girl sends you a purple heart is to think what possible reasons she would have for selecting the color purple. Is there something you have in common that has to do with that color? If so, that’s probably what’s behind her choice of emoji. 

However, if you have nothing personal in common, you can assume that a girl has sent a 💜 as either a symbol of friendship or a sign that she likes you but isn’t quite ready to tell you yet. 


What Does the Purple Heart Mean from a Guy

If a guy sends you a purple heart, you’ll probably wonder what he means by it. 

Emojis can be cryptic and confusing. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t mean anything. Any time that someone presses down on their phone screen to select an emoji, they have a reason for the choice they make. 

Here are the most common reasons why guys send purple hearts: to show friendly affection, to suggest that they have a crush on you without telling you, to show solidarity with veterans, to symbolize bravery, to show support for the boy band BTS, to show their allegiance to a sports team, or to refer to an inside joke. 

You can generally tell from the context why someone has sent an emoji. For example, if a guy is sending a purple emoji on Memorial Day, it is probably a show of support for Army veterans. 

However, if a guy sends you the message, “I can’t wait to see you 💜,” there is no clear indication whether he means the purple heart as a symbol of friendship or romantic feelings. 

If you really want to know what a purple heart from a guy means, there is only one way to find out: ask him. 


Heart Emoji Color Meanings

Have you ever wondered what the different heart emoji colors mean? After all, the reason there so many heart emojis on the keyboard is that they all have different implications. 

Language is ever-changing. The English language has developed over millennia, and the version of English that was spoken even a few hundred years ago was very different to the language we converse in today. 

In the 21st century, the little symbols we often use to communicate on the internet have grown in importance.

They have developed so much that many linguists are asking whether it is time to consider “emoji” a language.

While there are many contrasting opinions about how to answer this question, one thing is for certain: We use emojis as much as words to communicate digitally, and studies show that Millenials and Gen Z are more likely to communicate digitally than in person.

Ultimately, this means that it is worth trying to establish definitions for different emojis.

And what better place to start than with the popular heart emoji?


The Meaning of the Red Heart Emoji (❤️)

The red heart emoji means emotional connection. It is most commonly used to communicate romantic, friendly, and familial love, happiness, attraction, appreciation, and hope. 


The Meaning of the Orange Heart Emoji (🧡)

The orange heart emoji is usually used to mean support for something that has to do with the color orange. This could be a sports team, a business, or a charitable cause. It is also often used during the fall to send pumpkin vibes. Of course, it can be used as an alternative to the red heart to communicate love and support. It is also frequently used in connection with the Netherlands. 


The Meaning of the Yellow Heart Emoji (💛)

The yellow heart emoji means friendship, positivity, and gratitude. It can also be used to show support for a good cause or sports team associated with the color yellow. It is often used in spring to reference daffodils or easter eggs. Yellow is a very optimistic color, so the yellow heart can be used convey good luck. 


The Meaning of the Green heart Emoji(💚)

The green heart emoji usually means support for something green, such as a sports team (think the Boston Celtics!) or a charitable cause. It is also frequently used to mean love for the environment. The green heart emoji is regularly used to refer to Ireland in messages to do with the luck of the Irish and St. Patrick’s Day. 


The Meaning of the Blue Heart Emoji (💙)

What does the blue heart emoji mean? It is often used to convey love and support. It also a reference to love for the ocean or to symbolize the blue skies of summer. It is frequently a reference to a blue sports team or to a charitable cause associated with the color blue. The blue heart might be used in combination with other colorful hearts to make out the flag of a country to show national pride. 


The Meaning of the Black Heart Emoji (🖤)

The black heart is often used to mean love by people who have an emo or goth aesthetic. It can be used to show love under sad circumstances when you want to acknowledge the seriousness of a situation. The black heart emoji also symbolizes support for the Black Lives Matter movement


The Meaning of the White Heart Emoji (🤍)

The white heart emoji means purity. It is often used to show excitement for weddings, christenings, or other events where white clothing is traditional. It can also be used in the winter to symbolize snow. It is an expression of sympathy for someone’s loss because the color white is a reference to heaven and angels. 


The Meaning of the Brown Heart Emoji (🤎)

Like all other heart emojis, the brown heart emoji means love. It can be used to show support for anything associated with the color brown, for example a sports team whose mascot is a bear. When it is used alongside an orange heart emoji, the brown heart emoji means excitement for fall. It is also often used with the black heart emoji to show support for social and racial justice movements. 


Frequently asked questions about the meaning of the purple heart emoji 


What does a purple heart represent?

A purple heart traditionally represents bravery, duty, and honor. It is a great way to represent the phrase “heart of a lion.” This meaning is manifested in the US Army’s Purple Heart award, which is given to soldiers who have distinguished themselves in a heroic way to thank them for their extraordinary service. 


What is the meaning of a purple heart tattoo? 

Purple heart tattoos often symbolize familial love. Depending on the design, they can also mean royalty, compassion, or passion. Someone might also get a purple heart tattoo to refer to the US Army’s Purple Heart award that they or a family member received. If someone is a BTS superfan, they might get a purple heart to show their stan status. 


What is the meaning of the lavender heart emoji? 

The lavender heart emoji means pride, bravery, and passion. It is frequently used to show support for a cause that is strongly associated with the color purple. It often also means friendly love and support. However, it might also be a reference to lavender flowers and used in combination with the yellow heart to symbolize spring. 


What does a purple heart mean on Facebook? 

A purple heart on Facebook might mean friendship, support, compassion, or support for a cause associated with purple, such as the Veterans’ Association. The only real way to figure out what a purple heart on Facebook means is to look at the context. It could be used as a caption of a picture that features purple flowers or a person in a purple sports jersey. 


What does 💜 mean in snapchat from a girl? 

If a girl sends 💜 on snapchat it means she feels affectionate toward you, either in a friendly or a romantic way. It is not always possible to tell whether a purple heart is a symbol of attraction or friendship. If in doubt, you can send back a red heart (which means romantic love) and see how she responds.