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  1. Just wanted to add a thought from today's browsing online: If you run a business, make sure that your site has been looked over by someone who knows the difference between your, you're, there, their and they're!!!
  2. Do you mind if I ask which province you currently reside?
  3. Originally, very crudely in the fourth through sixth grade grade but it was the six following years of immersion where I became fluent.
  4. I'd be hesitant to say that I've mastered English (my first language) - and I get paid to write articles! I'm fluent in my second language, French but I'm still not an expert by any means.
  5. Seeing the big list of languages under BWL's post made me think that Arabic is probably one heck of a challenge!
  6. 1) Interest/passion, 2) Consistency, 3) )individualized) Resources You need to find the language appealing, you need to stick with it and you need to have resources that work well for you.
  7. I had a few French teachers that would make us saying EVERYTHING in French even when we were only learning our first few verb tenses. It actually made it more difficult as opposed to helping us learn.
  8. During my time in French immersion we had pen pals that we would write to on a weekly basis about whatever we would like. Unfortunately, as we were forced to do it, it wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been and I didn't get much out of it.
  9. I'm impressed that nobody has mentioned English nor Mandarin as they are both two of the biggest languages in business.
  10. Figuring out a mnemonic is also a great way to remember things. An example would be using your knuckles for remembering the number of days per month of the year.
  11. Regardless of study method, if you are passionate about it then you will learn no matter what. If you are just doing it and going through the motions then it will seem like much more of a challenge. Watching Tv in that language with subtitles in the same language can be quite helpful.
  12. Hadn't heard of it before. Interesting concept and very nice branding.
  13. I imagine that if you dedicate your time to it and remain consistent that it is plenty possible. Of course, it is easiest when adopted at a very young age.
  14. Once tried to learn Japanese as part of a literature class that I was taking... I couldn't comprehend all the little strokes involved in writing. Needless to say that I don't speak Japanese.
  15. Very interesting share. I'll have to look it over after work. Thanks!
  16. I am very impressed by everyone on here who can speak 3 or more languages. It's absolutely amazing especially when there are differences in dialect.
  17. Hog! It rhymes with pelt and will light on fire but will not melt.
  18. It had to have started from primitive grunting and signing. I suppose you could get more technical as already mentioned and I'll just sit back and read.
  19. In school we had pen pals but now my French is used to better connect with the occasional person who speaks French. Perhaps it will prove invaluable when I travel some more.
  20. Sending text messages has probably been the worst hit to grammar in history. It's amazing how people who go to good schools are still able to sound illiterate through modern technology.
  21. Technically, I first said 'caca' which may or may not be a word depending on your stance. I like to say that I could speak french right away...
  22. I've never tried to learn a fictional language but I always get a good laugh when there are people who go that far with their hobby. It's amazing what people can do when they put their mind to it.
  23. I would have said the F word as well until I saw how people had posted about 'set'. Looked into it and 'set' wins by a landslide!
  24. English and Mandarin are the two biggest languages in business. It appears money drives motions more than culture these days so it wouldn't be surprising if every country starts learning English / Mandarin.
  25. Having taken french classes for six years and then spending 4 years away from any French whatsoever, hopefully I can bring it back during my time here.
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