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  1. Well...as a native Spanish speaker, I can tell you that they are basically the same. "Ve a comer, luego lava la ropa, después los platos, luego dale de comer a los perros, después bañate..." "Fui a la tienda y luego al cine." "Me comi una torta y después fui al baño" "Me comí unos tacos y luego fui al baño" They are synonyms, so feel free to use them whenever you feel like it.
  2. The easiest way to remember these: Disculpe: "I'm sorry to bother you..." Con permiso: "I'm about to do something that will bother you, so I'm apologizing beforehand."
  3. I was between Chinese and Arabic, but Arabic is just insane. I hate cursive style because it is difficult for me to understand it, and Arabic is basically like writing in cursive. Asian languages are drawings and weird symbols, totally different from Romantic languages...either way, they are both extremely difficult and would never choose to learn any of them both hahaha
  4. ¿Más facil de entender? En mi clase de Literatura Hispanoamericana la maestra nos explicó muchas cosas de las que ningún estudiante se dio cuenta. ¿Sabías que en realidad los hermanos NO lo querían matar y estaban haciendo tiempo para que los descubrieran y que los enviaran a la cárcel? Lo único que ellos querían era defender el honor de su hermana, no matar al protagonista. Yo no lo recomendaría para gente cuyo primer idioma no es el español jajaja Un libro que a mi me gustó mucho fue el "Lazarillo de Tormes". Es de autor anónimo, pero me hizo reir la triste historia del Lazarillo.
  5. Well, if a course costs then you can view that as a motivation to not back down when you are in the process of learning! I know because I started learning Portuguese for free but stopped because I got lazy. Also, I would not personally pay for an online course. Just go to the nearest language school and get a teacher. I mean, it might be a little more pricey, but it is better to learn with a real person. The teacher can correct your mistakes and help you advance much faster. $700 dollars....I would never pay for that hahaha, you are better off hiring someone else.
  6. Creo hablas un español diferente al de España. Allá utilizan el "Vosotros" y tu no lo usaste en tu post anterior cuando dijiste "...que dices?" en vez de "...que decís?". Aunque se me hace raro ya que si eres portugués lo más cercano al español que podrías aprender sería el Español de España. :vampire:
  7. Yo hablo español e ingles fluido. ¿Seguro que quieres que te corrijan cada error que cometas? You will eventually get tired of it hahaha! This is your full sentence without any mistakes: "¡Hola amigos! Hablo español un poco y quisiera que alguna pesona practicara conmigo. Preferiría una persona que hale español e ingles para que me ayude a corregir mis errores."
  8. I agree with you! I think that Jamaican accent is sooooooooooooooo cool! It just sounds as if they were singing or something, it has quite a melodic tone, so it's really nice. I also feel that the Russian accent is amazing. It just sounds so...hard core. It's really wicked how they pronounce words. I feel that they are actually imposing power, you know? Too bad I kinda have a Mexican accent. :cry:
  9. Actually yeah, I do! But only in very specific situations (see what I did there? ) I find that sometimes, starting a sentence with a conjunction just makes things more fluid and sounds better. However, let me mention that English is not my first language, so I'm really not that qualified to comment on that, hahaha!
  10. I learnt so many new words with videogames. The situation I can recall the most was from Start Fox: Assault. There is a scene where Wolf tells Fox, " Don't hesitate. When the time comes, just act!". I had no idea what hesitate meant, but after that scene I looked it up and since then I have never forgotten its meaning. This i just one anecdote I remembered, but there are so many words in English that I learnt from videogames. Maybe that was the reason of why my English class was no as difficult for me as it was for my friends
  11. Just saying the truth! Btw, I think that Russian is just epic. I could say a simple sentence and make it sound so inspirational and awesome. I don't know if it is because of how the media makes it sound or if it is because it is actually awesome like that. But anyways, even though Russian sounds great, Portuguese is still my number one choice. :love:
  12. But what if you get lost on a word and he keeps going? You can't just skip it! It will leave a huge hole and the audience will be kind of...lost. What do you do in those circumstances? Like: "This problem is of great importance because the _____ is affecting the world and we need to recover the _____" If those two words are missing then...well... Of course, you need to be a pro to do this, but how do you keep up with that? How do you fix that mistake?
  13. Guys, asing a human being about languages is obviously better than asking a machine. The machines don't speak like humans, they might have the info but not the syntax or such. The correct answer is obviously asking someone good with both languages as mentioned above, but if you know no one, then Google Translate will do the job. Just be sure to translate everything from English to the language you want, that's the most precise language. If it's the other way around...then translate it to English and hope for the best.
  14. So much hate in the past comments. I actually love it! :love: I have impressed quite a few folks by saying simple sentences such as "I dont know how to speak *insert language* a lot, but I just know the most basic stuff." or something like that; and it is all thanks to Google Translate c: Hey, it's better than nothing right? At least when I'm using it I got an idea of what the sentence or words are about. ._.
  15. What? Learning another language is crucial at university level! I mean, it is even better if they learn it since kinder, but to not even offer it at college is just bad! It is extra helpful for business and to get job opportunities! Communication is crucial in the human race, so it should be a priority. If you find yourself fighting for a job against a less skilled worker, but he expresses his ideas and offers better than you, then he will get the job. In the university, a basic second language should be taught at LEAST!
  16. I've learned a lot of Portuguese by listening to Bossa Nova songs. The style is just amazing, and I would totally recommend it if you have no idea of what I'm talking about. These make awesome "chill" songs that help you relax if you learn to play them on the guitar...also, might be just me but I don't know, they are awesome pick-up songs. Any one who played Bossa Nova and started singing in Portuguese would get me... But yeah, I understand a LOT of Portuguese just by listening to songs. :grin:
  17. I believe Portuguese is the sexiest. I don't care if it is a man or a woman speaking it, I think it's freaking hawt! I mean, I don't think a guy would be sexy if he spoke to me in Portuguese, but I would think he is amazingly cool. I just love this language, it's kind of...well, it carries like a little singing tune to it, and the pronunciation is beast. I can't handle myself... :shy:
  18. No. What's the use of learning this new language if most won't be able to communicate with you? I mean, instead of a fictional language maybe learn a real one that will help you in life? One which can help you in business, flirting...communicating in general! Why would you want to speak the dragon's tounge? Screaming Fus Ro Dah wo--- *computer and desktop flyes away into the wal, connection terminated*
  19. I just hate short texting. I mean, in spanish or any other language I would accept that people omit accents, apostrophes and all of that good stuff, but using shortcuts just makes it a pain to read. I would feel more comfortable talking with someone using good grammar and punctuation, than someone who just tries to make the conversation easier. Unless you are on a hurry, don't write in the worst possible way, please!
  20. Oh gawd, I move from an English speaking school to a Spanish one and you have no idea how much these guys make fun of me because I often end up speaking "Spanglish" because I just can't remember the right word in Spanish. It does influence in daily life and native vocabulary. Once you get used to it it becomes a part of you. You will find yourself expressing your thoughts in both languages, or at least, that happens to me quite a lot :shy:
  21. Wow, soy de México y nunca en mi vida había escuchado la palabra "esquece". ¿Dónde estas estudiando español? Bueno, yo fui a la universidad el día de hoy y me regresaron un exámen en el cual saqué 9.8. Me siento bien por ello jajaja. Luego me fui a jugar futbol con unos amigos y empezó a llover, así que me vine a mi casa. Ya ahorita estoy en la computadora, sin hacer realmente nada jajaja
  22. Portuguese! In my opinion, it sounds like the sexiest language of all. What I really like is that it is similar to Spanish, so it would be easy to learn. The pronunciation is what drives me crazy though. If any girl randomly talked to me in Portuguese I would feel extremely attracted right away hahaha. :love: I wouldn't do it to be better at business or because it is used in many other places, but just for the sole purpose of me liking it.
  23. No, French is like a whole different thing. Spanish and Italian are more related though. I feel that if you were already speaking Spanish, learning Italian would be a piece of cake. You would be having normal conversations in about 3 months. In my personal life, I have heard Italians speak and can understand (or at least know) what their conversation is all about. It is still different though, but they do use similar language roots that make it all easier. But yeah, French is like...completely different hahaha.
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