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  1. I only think words are annoying when someone uses them to appear clasy. "Whilst" being one of them.
  2. Thanks for this. I've always been quite confused about this, and most people don't know abut this.
  3. I'm interested in learning Japanese so this is quite useful. Thanks for this info.
  4. This is indeed very interesting. Spanish is my native language and I've heard most people say that it's Chinese to them.
  5. My father taught me this one: If Stu chews shoes, should Stu choose the shoes he chews? I still have problems saying it fast.
  6. I'm learning German, and that's it. Spanish is my native language and I learnt English while growing up.
  7. I find "To put a sock in it" to be very funny. I also laugh when someone says "raining cats and dogs" because it sounds silly.
  8. English is becoming more and more important so it's natural that countries try to push their students to learn it. It's also useful if you travel to different countries and English is your 2nd language. I also think this is mostly because tech stuff usually comes in English.
  9. When you try to translate a phrase or something short, it's actually ok. But when you translate a webpage or something bigger it becomes awful.
  10. I can identify Spanish, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese. I always have trouble with languages like Finnish and Polish.
  11. I've seen many people (even native speakers) make this mistake. The rule is a bit confusing though, so I almost always overlook it. I mean, you have one rule (to indicate possession always use the apostrophe) and then you've got the exception (its), but at the same time the exception it's such a common word that you just end up being more confused.
  12. You can learn a few words and get to understand the basics of Spanish, but I'd say it depends on the telenovela. Most telenovelas from Mexico and Peru have strong accents and their Spanish isn't that good. Colombian telenovelas don't have the strong accent but many have too many idioms and that makes things a bit harder.
  13. I find multiple exams to be way easier than the normal type of exams. While it's true that they have more tricky questions, as long as you study the material you're not going to do bad. Even if you don't know the answer you still have a 25% chance of getting it right..
  14. My country is known for its neutral Spanish (Colombia) so I don't think I have an accent. This is great because my English is neutral too and I don't have any troubles trying to pronounce difficult words.
  15. I almost always misspell embarrassed (Embarassed, embarrased, etc) and disappoint (dissappoint, etc) So thanks for that list!
  16. Yes, I have. It was Japanese. Since I like anime and manga I decided to give it a try. After 2 weeks I memorized kana so I was ready to learn kanji. I memorized like 10 kanjis and then gave up because some kanjis were really difficult and I just didn't have the time. I still want to learn Japanese though. Maybe I'll do it after German.
  17. I like to use correct English. Of course I use terms like "dude","bro","rad", etc. but I type the entire words and not stuff like "u" or "cuz" since I hate how it looks.
  18. It depends on the text. A book or something easy I can read it pretty fast; but I've had to read philosophy for my university and since it's so difficult to understand, I go slow.
  19. English is not my native language, but when I talk to friends I use slangs term. It looks unprofessional, like panda said, so I try to avoid using them when I'm not with my friends or family.
  20. I agree with you. Why? Because I learned English like that. The movies here weren't dubbed so I had to watch them with subs, and that really helped me to learn the basics.
  21. My first words were "Ma" and "Mama." I had to ask my parents because I obviously can't remember.
  22. Definitely writing. You have to remember the correct spelling, and if your native language is nothing like the one you're trying to learn, it really makes things difficult. I find speaking easy since you just have to remember how it sounds and then try to imitate the sound.
  23. When I started listening to English music (I'm a native Spanish speaker), and that was middle school I think. It also helps that most of the movies had English audio but Spanish subs so that helped me a lot. Thanks to this I was always ahead of my class when it came to English.
  24. "Fornication" always make me laugh. I don't even know why but I think it sounds funny. "Flabbergasted" makes me laugh instantly. Such a funny word.
  25. I'm taking German lessons and I gotta say that I love the language, even though the pronunciation is sometimes hard (Umlauts) I definitely want to try French since I like how it sounds and I would love to read French poetry since people always say that it's beautiful.
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