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  1. Yes, I have caught myself mimicing foreign accents. This did happen to me when I was around some friends from St. Vincent. It took me weeks before I was able to clear it from my head.
  2. You will find that every little area of a few hundred people being natives living together in one place will bear the same accent. I am from the Caribbean yet I find that even Caribbean countries do each have their individual accent and each region within these countries also have different accent too. I realize that we all have accents and it is also easy for those with different accents to adapt that of others accents.
  3. Homonyms-words that are spelt and also sound alike. A few of these are -current -remote -square -watch -resume
  4. The idiom is used in those two instances among many others, to relate the fact that it is best to be content with what you have than to try to acquire that which you aren't certain of achieving. Also, with what you already have you may not even need to go in search of anything else if time is spend on appreciating what you already have.
  5. I think pop culture could be a good way to help you master the language you have learnt but watching movies may be an even better way. Pop culture is usually unedited and may have errors whereas movies, being scripted is less likely to have errors.
  6. I don't think you are alone, it does happen to much more people than you would know. It all depends on how well you know the person though, and whether or not what the person is relating is important. If it's a stranger or what's been said is not really important you can always smile and act as if you get it. However, if it's the other way around you may want to clear your head, swallow your pride and ask the person to go much slower so you'll understand.
  7. There are so many casual greeting slangs in my country because different areas use different slang. I'll therefore only mention a few. -Yow -What-up dwag? -Wa di pree -Wa happen -Wa you a say? -You good?
  8. This happens to be my first time hearing of Memorize. I'll surely check it out since I don't mind trying new things, especially when it comes to learning something.
  9. I really don't mind using book review sites but i'm not familiar with Goodreads. It would certainly make sense to keep a list of all the books I have read and also have the priviledge of choosing books I want to read based on the reviews of others.
  10. Sorry , but I don't think anyone can safely learn a language in 8 weeks, maybe brush up on what they already knew but not for first time learners. I believe that the more eager you are to learn is the quicker you'll learn and even after you become a fluent speaker there will still be new things to learn everyday.
  11. No, i've never tried Michael Thomas Method but it does sound like it would be a great learning method. I do believe that such methods would be ideal for adults learning a language for the first time.
  12. I prefer to be in a group setting when i'm studying a language. Group study is a big booster for me because we get to share our different experiences and learn from each other instead of sticking to a syllabus in the classroom. I also like to use flash cards and any form of translator.
  13. I am not an American but i've always thought that they do teach other languages to students at an early age. Here, children are taught Spanish in kindergarten and then in some high school other languages are added.
  14. Yes, I do agree with your teacher. If you are not a native speaker of the language there is no way you can perfectly pronounce words like the natives. This is why for example, non Spanish native have a problem with sounding 'r' the way natives do.
  15. I am a native English speaker and yet I do have the same issue. I also jot down different spellings to figure out the correct spelling, even for words that I use all the time. It may just be a simple matter of how the brain works so I don't focus too much on it.
  16. My best advice to learn homophones would be to first write down the meanings and then practice them by using them in sentences. Also, when a person reads a lot it makes it much easier to remember when to use each word.
  17. Mistakes do happen, even by the brightest and best of us. I have written things and edited and long after when I go back and look at it there are errors so even native English speakers aren't perfect with English.
  18. I do agree with what is been said. A teacher is more capable than the student because the teacher has already gone through what is being taught. Teachers are able to help the student through whatever may be the problem by giving answers and coming up with strategies that will make the student be better.
  19. Thanks for the list of irregular verbs reminder. i know it will be a great help, especially for persons that are learning English.
  20. Both although and even though would be correct to be used in the same sentence. Even though, to me does make a stronger point when giving a reason for action though.
  21. This game does sound like something interesting that would really increase anyones vocabulary. You can never know enough words so anything to expand on your vocabulary is great.
  22. This is something that I have always thought of too. I do believe that there are similar idiomatic expressions that are used by various language speakers. I think i've even heard them been used in foreign movies a few times too.
  23. Sadly, I don't know any idiomatic expressions or proverbs in the languages i'm learning. I know i've heard them on TV but I wouldn't be able to repeat them now. Learning idiomatic expressions and proverbs in a foreign language should just be easy and normal as learning anything else in that language. It may be best putting each one on flash cards.
  24. I have to agree on that. Although we speak a much fluent English in my country than the British, i'm always drawn to their accent, it does sound sophisticated. Next in line would be Australia, maybe because both accents are so similar.
  25. Using onward in that sentence is perfectly fine although it does sound odd and hasn't been used quite often. Most persons I know would use the word upward instead.
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