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  1. I certainly wouldn't mind going back to school to finish up my learning in Spanish and French but there'd be a couple obstacles. Time and money would really play a big part in making the decision, otherwise i'd go for it.
  2. I had no real reason for learning French and Spanish, except that they were compulsory in high school. Today I have no regrets as they have helped me in so many ways. Being able to communicate fluently in at least one is certainly my ultimate goal.
  3. I don't usually use profanity so I would want to say no, someone studying English doesn't really need to know profane words. However, it does make sense because at least you'll know when someone is being rude.
  4. I don't know about other languages but the english language sure has some weird spelling words. Some that comes to mind now are quite simple ones such as alibi, business, notice and through. As a child they did get me and so I learnt quickly not to forget the spelling of these words.
  5. Well, I think it has a lot to do with what the findings are. If their is enough evidence then why not have them in non-fiction but if the evidence are not substancial they should certainly go in fiction section.
  6. I can't say feel good books make me feel good. I'd rather say they leave me with mixed feelings. Luckily, they are fictions, plus I know they always end on a happy note so I quickly get over it.
  7. I'm definitely not afraid of monster movies, maybe as a child but not anymore. What scares me is horror movies in which the victims are pounced upon and have to endure agony. I'm also not a fan of ghost movies, too spooky.
  8. Quite an interesting link. The words happen to be ones that I have been familiar with but never thought that they were that old either. I guess credit goes to men of old and not modern folks.
  9. Thanks for this link to bing. I'm looking for a translator that will give rewarding results. I'll certainly give it a try to see if it tops google.
  10. No, I was never aware of Marianna Wartoft's sotware so I am thankful for this information. I'm sure the old fashioned way of learning wouldn't be a bother for me and I certainly don't mind learning in a childish way. After all, children usually grasp more quickly than adults because their brains are usually empty of everything and ready to receive.
  11. I started studying Spanish at age eleven while I was in 7th grade. The following year French was added to the curriculum and I did both up to ninth grade. I did Spanish because I had to but French was more so because I just felt a strong liking for the language and wanted so badly to speak it, yet I presently know more Spanish. What a twist.
  12. I think it would be a challenge for me to learn any language that doesn't use the English alphabeth. Just seeing the formation of the letters in these other languages gives a a lot of doubt in my ability to study them. So languages such as Chinese, Russian and definitely Hebrew may be difficult for me to learn.
  13. It's funny how the foreign language that I am more fluent in I have never thought of going to it's country. I have always thought of going to France or Italy on vacation but I only know a little French and nothing much in Itallian. It would be great to study these languages and know at least the basic as this would give me more confidence and comfort during my stay.
  14. I do agree that learning a second language is becoming more necessary. I went to public school and wasn't taught a second language until 7th grade. When I sent my children to private school they started learning in kindergarten and I see that these days a lot of ads for workers is stating that a second language would be an asset so I think all schools should start teaching at an early age.
  15. Don't be too sure that they advertised in Spanish because no one else would want to apply for the job. It could simply mean that they have opening for only Spanish speakers now or they have had hispanics who have work to their liking before.
  16. Apart from English, I would have to say Chinese is the most valuable language to learn. With all the business that other countries do with China it would certainly be an asset to not have an interpreter all the time. It would make business much easier and could even take some doubts away causing business to increase.
  17. I think the answer is going to be very different here. I have heard more non native english speakers say that english was an easy language to learn when compared to other languages that they study. However, I believe that finding a language easy to learn depends on the person's interest and ability. If those two are not lacking it will certainly be less difficult to learn.
  18. I do believe that learning any foreign language the natural way does supercede focusing on grammar. When a person gets immersed into that language they get to have a better understanding of the language more than even what a text book could teach. They also net to practice the language all the time so learning is much quicker and it therefore becomes more natural.
  19. I don't know much about this but ther could be as much as close to 7000 languages in the world. This numbers also doesn't include languages outside of the modern world so there could be much more than we really know.
  20. I think my most embarrassing moment because of not knowing a language hapened a few years ago. I was with some folks who happen to have an eastern language as their second language. A friend of theirs that spoke the second language but not much English then came along and they started a conversation in their second language. I felt so ackward during that time as every few seconds they would tell me a few words which I think didn't add up to their whole conversation. I just felt as though I was the topic of the conversation so I was happy when their friend left.
  21. I have never really fallen in love with someone who speaks a foreign language but I have certainly been drawn to certain actors in movies and it was all because of their accent. I would watch the movie over and over again just to hear the actor's word been repeated. I don't know what i'd do if such a thing happens for real.
  22. Yes, i've been able to grasp humor in the language i'm learning. This happens when I watch movies or I may choose to watch cartoons to learn something new and then I happen to laugh a lot from watching. I must confess tha sometimes I am not able to translate everything but I still get the humor.
  23. I wouldn't say an accent is all about pronunciation. I think it is also in how the person sways the words. Anyway, I prefer an accent that is clear in pronunciation, meaning every letter can be heard. One such accent is that of Jamaican's, when they speak the queen's english. I also like the British and Australian accents.
  24. This one had me laughing. Was it that the man was so ugly or looked so much like one of the animals that caused the cannibal to mistakenly not eat him?
  25. That's quite a long list of antonyms. Thanks for sharing. These may seem like simple ones but it's very common to find yourself in a spot where you just can't come up with the one you want to use at the present time.
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