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  1. That was a very beautiful poem. I like the use of personification. I have never read a Lang Leav poem before but this one may have me seeking for more of her work.
  2. Yes, I like reading the summary of the book before purchasing or even if I am picking up a book anywhere to read for the first time. Reading the summary does not always determine whether or not I am going to read the book because I may read it and don't like everything about the book but I read it anyway.
  3. The only time I can recall doing any such thing was in school at the primary level. This was usually given to help students in learning how to create an essay. You would therefore have to find the sentence that best suit the topic and make that your number one sentence and then place the others in the correct order that would make sense.
  4. No, i've never tried it and I have a difficult time even comprehending how that would work with the brain resting and all. I guess those that it does works for are totally different from the rest of us.
  5. Except for when I was in high school, I never carry a dictionary around. However, I still don't have a smart phone and I don't always have my laptop on so having a dictionary close by is always helpful. I keep a pocket dictionary in my bedroom at all times.
  6. I can only imagine the confusion that was going on in your brain. I'm only comfortable speaking non-native languages with family members or peers, which means I only get to speak English most times. The closest experience I have had to that is when I listen to too much of other accents I usually start speaking in the same way until I get it under control.
  7. Yours was quite an unfortunate situation. For me, I think it was the other way around. Based on the fact that I speak the queens english and the accent of my native tongue, meaning we sound every letter of the alphabeth to a 'T', I think that was what got me the job.
  8. The most effective way for me to learn a new language is usually with a study partner or group. I like to use a text book and do a lot of practice from it also. I prove to myself that I am doing well when I study on my own and then have someone test me in vocabulary and also orals.
  9. I recall writing stories and poems in foreign languages in high school but I only write in English now because it's the language I am most comfortable writing in. I like to speak in Spanish to express myself at times to persons who aren't even getting what I am saying but I never write.
  10. English happens to be my native language so it's natural for me. However, when compared to the other languages I study, i'd say it seems like an easy language to learn. Someone learning English may have an opposite opinion.
  11. Cover art certainly is important to me. It may even be a deciding factor when it comes to purchasing, especially books for children. Ever since I was a child i've always judged my books from the library by their covers. I only open them after gathering several that had interesting covers.
  12. To find oneself in such a situation can certainly cause discomfort. Some persons just easily feel embarrassed and others don't know how to appreciate something good. I do correct persons but not ones that I don't know or that would not be grateful for the correction.
  13. It does yield better results if you live or stay around the people that speak the language you are learning. This sounds like a great way to become more fluent in any language and would certainly be a plus for those that want to master the language more speedily.
  14. I do believe that it is true with language, if you don't use it , you lose it. Losing it may depend on whether it was your native language, how much of the language you had learnt and your age range. I think that, for axample, a child that doesn't communicate his/her native language for a long time and someone who had learnt some of the language may lose more of the language than adults who has stopped communicating in their native language for a long time. The best way to recover all the language lost would have to be by practicing, whether from literature or by way of oral communication. The more time spent doing either of these or both, the quicker the results will be.
  15. Thanks very much for the link. I haven't even checked it out as yet and I'm liking it already. Just checking it out daily to learn a new word should be no problem since I'm on the net everyday. Not to mention the other learning exercises. Hope others will like it too.
  16. I also love the Macarena. Not only do I love the song but I am a big fan of the dance. Just recently I was at a party where the older folks were in a dance competition and it was quite hilarious.
  17. I think what you do, using a text book and remembering the word and researching it later is a great way to strengthen your vocabulary. The dictionary is also a very helpful way. The only other way I can think of would be to be brave and let the person you are communicating with know that you are a new learner of the language and ask for help if the need arise.
  18. I think when learning any language what you learn generally sticks with you, especially in your childhood years. As a child I did French for one year and I think I grasped a lot, more so vocabulary that I now often use and recall from time to time.
  19. I believe the first sentence that English children here learn is "I am a boy" or "I am a girl". The first phrase in Spanish is usually "buenos dias"
  20. In the past I did think it was but later learnt it is not at all. However, I think that although sign language is diverse there is a form most common to most of us. You are more likely find more persons knowing the American form than any other form of sign language.
  21. I have never had one of those bad experiences but this does drag my memory back to a friend's experience back in high school. At the time we did both Spanish and French as foreign languages and my friend was quite fearless and determined to master Spanish. She would always drop in French words for Spanish, even whenever she was to give a response in class and so the whole class would have a big laugh about it. She however, was quite serious about it and today she is a Spanish teacher, thanks to her perseverance.
  22. I think the time of day does matter for learning anything at all. In the morning you are more alert and ready to take on anything but as the day goes on and you get weary so does your ability to grasp anything. Here on the island, we are even getting rid of the school shift system because it has been proven that apart from the shorter school hours in the afternoon, afternoon shift students also lack the sharpness that the morning shift students do have.
  23. The only language course I have done in the past was in high school, so there was just one over all fee. The fees today can be quite extra ordinary so I have chosen to use all the free sites available, along with friends and family help.
  24. There are definitely words in English that may be the same or quite similar to ones in Spanish. comprehend-comprende no-no cargo-cargar
  25. Yes, answering Reading Comprehension questions can often times be a challenge for many. It can leave you in a daze and have you thinking whether or not the questions really had answers to them in the same passage you just read. It takes quite a bit of focusing to get through and most times it seems as though the time given to complete the paper is slipping away.
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