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  1. If the English language made no sense at all then why is it considered as the universal language then? Why do many nationalities are dying to be fluent in the language so that they can have better opportunities abroad?
  2. Google translate is not that reliable. It sort of just translates phrases literally and at times loses the essence or real meaning of a group of words. It should not be recommended for those who are just beginning to learn a new language. It is still way too better and much more effective to learn the language.
  3. Learning a new language is more than a hobby for me but a necessity and as one way to improve on myself and open doors to lots of opportunities out there. Especially learning my second language English which is the universal language, it is but essential to be fluent since my 2 professions entail me to utilize it daily.
  4. In learning a new language. you just don't focus on one area. All areas of speaking, writing, listening and reading must be given attention. It is also but important to practice, apply what you have learned. In that way, you don't just get stuck on your level. You have plenty of room for improvement if you allot enough time learning a language.
  5. Here in our country children learn our second language English as early as 5-6 yrs. old. Younger than those ages I think will not give their attention and absorb what they are learning for they still want to play rather than to study. I learned English in preschool about the age of 5.
  6. I learned our second language with a group of students as it is a subject integrated in our curriculum as early as preschool. Learning a new language in a classroom setting is more effective when done one on one in my opinion.
  7. Idiomatic expressions originate from a combination of words but not taken literally for they have hidden meanings. Yes, they have some cultural or historical origins and each country has its own set of expressions used while others have a few similar ones with another country.
  8. I am a writer by profession and so writing is but natural for me. I never get bored with it nor I get bored reading my favorite books. Speaking a language is but essential for it's how we communicate with other people. Learning another language besides your mother tongue or second language can be fun,too and not merely because you are forced to learn it.
  9. For me all languages are worth learning. Each language has its own beauty and authenticity. We learn other languages for us to explore new worlds and be open to wider opportunities.
  10. English is the universal language and it would be an advantage if one is fluent or has a good command of the language. Many opportunities can be opened and he can readily understand and speak the language anywhere he goes around the world.
  11. Words with different meanings need not be difficult or confusing to use if you know their meanings and how they are used in the sentence. Same spellings though of different meanings there are lots of English words out there.
  12. I teach English to Koreans and what I dislike much is that they often forget what you have just taught them even if you have been teaching him the correct pronunciation of the same word each day. They also are used to using electronic dictionary and most of the time, the meanings of words are rather different.
  13. Wow so "pero" is a borrowed word from Spanish. It also means "but" in Filipino, our native language. Yes, we should be careful in the correct pronunciation of words and not just the pronunciation but as well as the correct spelling of words.
  14. It could be because of the German accent and manner of speaking that's why most people think they sound too aggressive or always angry. It's not just the German language which has that connotation as well as some dialects we have here in our country wherein some speak fast and the tone of voice of the speaker is always mistaken for being angry.
  15. The proper idiomatic phrase should be "There's plenty of fish in the sea." connoting a lot of better ones out there for you if you have failed in a relationship or was rejected by someone.
  16. As a creative writer by profession, I do use a lot of figurative language or idiomatic expressions in my work. I am also a poet so most of the time, I use different phrases that connote an underlying meaning behind them. Wordsmiths use flowery or figurative language to express their sentiments about different topics.
  17. Rules in proper grammar state that once you use "did", your main verb should remain in its present tense. "Did" already suggests a thing done in the past. So "Did you receive" is the correct form.
  18. "An" is not only used for vowels but as well for consonants sounding like vowels. For example "Hour" ."An hour". "Hour" is pronounced like "a" not sounding like "h" so in this case, the article "an" must be used.
  19. That's the way we were taught in school so we adhere to the rules of correct capitalization of the first letters of words. Capitalization of certain words denote their importance among a group of words in a sentence. It also signifies respect for a person's name, a place, etc.
  20. I think Whorf's theory is somewhat true. When we learn another language or use it, our way of thinking is somewhat different when we use our native tongue. It could be because of the different expressions each language teaches us and the manner of thinking in some areas.
  21. In learning a new language, all areas must be developed - reading, writing, speaking and even listening skills. Some may have poorer levels in some skills that require them to focus on more time but all skills must be enhanced by constant practice and application. Continuous study is also essential to improve on one's level as time goes by.
  22. No other else more romantic than hearing French Je'taime mon cheri :kiss: The mere pronunciation and the manner of speaking somehow sends shivers to your spine.
  23. My favorite short story is "God Sees The Truth But Waits" by Leo Tolstoi. I love that story so much with all its dramatic plot and characters. It has been my well-loved short story ever since I first read that in a book collections of English essays and short stories I bought years ago.
  24. Why not read those favorite books once again? Those that were written by your favorite authors could help. There really comes a time when one feels bored to read just like there is a writer's block. Another suggestion would be trying to get out of your comfort zone and read other genres, other authors. In that way, you can familiarize yourself with their works and can learn new things from them.
  25. I am a writer myself and I use simple words as much as possible in my writings and works. I believe I don't have to use high falluting words to be able to convey my ideas to my readers and my followers like my writing style simple as it is and people can readily understand and can relate themselves with. Readers won't have the time to use or grab a dictionary to search for vocabulary words they are not familiar. What's important is you can readily express yourself in your pieces.
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