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  1. Me personally enjoy romantic poetry. I always think of romance whenever I think of poetry I don't know why. It just seems like poetry can be a big part of romance. I also love poetry that has some type of meaning, I mean you know that poetry that teaches people lessons or gives you something back from actually reading it.
  2. No I don't have a language coach however I use to have a language coach. Back in highschool when I first learned Spanish I had a language coach. This coach was very beneficial to me back then, as I learned a lot of great things from my language coach.
  3. Of course my mother language is easier than my second. I mean it is the language I have been accustomed to my whole life. I have been around English since I was a baby, it was the first language I have ever heard lol.
  4. I don't think toddlers should be taught another language at that age. I mean it is honestly not going to be very beneficial to them at that age. Not only would that be a big factor, but I am pretty sure they would not want to learn another language. I would hate to think of a toddler doing something he or she did not want too.
  5. I use to get frustrated when I could not understand what was being taught to me in a different language then I had to do the work on a english worksheet. However I have not faced this problem since I was in highschool. I mean who wouldn't get mad if they could not understand a certain language.
  6. I know there are some people who speak other languages daily. Then there are those of us who have gone months without speaking other languages. How long has it been since you've spoken in another language?
  7. I have always been a great listener. I won't say that listening is one of my favorite traits, but it has been one of my best traits growing up. I am not only good at listening but also comprehending what I have heard and understanding it as well.
  8. I think Pen Pals is a great way to learn a new language as well. There are so many beneficial factors that come with Pen Pals. One of the most noticeable ones is actually having someone help you who is very knowledgeable about the language you are trying to learn. You will also in most cases have yourself a new friend. Someone you can learn from everyday
  9. I think the most suitable language for swearing is English. I mean it is almost the prototype language for swearing. Not that this sounds dumb or anything but when ever I hear someone swear in a foreign language they are always asked what it means in English.
  10. I have never really been envious of fast talkers, its almost been like the complete opposite. I mean I would hate to talk so fast that some people can't even understand me sometimes. This is exactly what happens when you are a fast talker. However in some cases being able to speak fast comes in handy.
  11. I have never dreamed in another langauge. However I think if you have it probably is because you mind wants you too. Dreams usually are based on something that you have viewed or has happened during you day. That is why you usually have dreams about something you have seen before you fall asleep. So I could see myself having a dream about a different language if I am studying before I go to sleep or something.
  12. I think tongue exercises help you fluency when speaking. I know your tongue is a big part of speaking in all languages. It helps you pronounce certain things and it helps you with vowels and words as well.
  13. I don't think teachers who teach languages should take there students on field trips. However I think it is a great idea, but I don't think it mandatory or nothing like that. It would probably teach them a few things, helping them to learn especially if it related to the culture of that language.
  14. Another interesting thread. I have never consumed any alcohol but I can see what you are talking about. I know alcohol puts you out of it, but your mind is still intact. It probably just makes you do it as a way of entertaining yourself. However I have never known this to be a drinking side effect.
  15. This is a interesting thread, because I could see why someone would think of learning a new language a investment. I mean learning a new language, could make some one some money depending on how they use it or what they use it for. You could be learning a new language to pursue a career which in turn would be sort of like an investment.
  16. I think children should start learning languages at a age, that they can actually comprehend what they are doing. I would suggest teaching around the time they hit there teenage years. I think that is the first time I walked in a foreign speaking class anyway. I wouldn't want to force children to do something they don't want to do at such a young age.
  17. I think it is a great way of learning a new language as well. I mean who does not love playing video games. Not only are video games a fun way of learning a new Language. It will also teach a lot of people at a young age. I mean most of started playing video games when we were about 7.
  18. I don't know a exact number, but trust me there are a lot of different langauges being spoken in my country. I could probably go with about 20 different languages as a estimate right off the top of my head. As the population grows so does the languages being spoken.
  19. I don't think I could ever forget about my native tongue. I have been speaking using my native language for so long. It just seems like it is something I could never think about forgetting. I mean as I get older in life I may forget components of my language, but regardless of where I live I will never forget!
  20. The longest study session I have ever had for learning a new language, was about 5 hours. This was when I was in highschool and I had a nagging teacher who taught me Spanish. This was a long time, I mean this is how long I play videogames sometimes.
  21. I don't really have a budget but if I did it would probably be around $100. I am not going over that, as the only thing I could see myself doing is purchasing a tutor. However I try to keep from spending money at all.
  22. Some time I do practice work, such as a online worksheet that kind of forces me to translate into the language I am learning which in turn helps me a lot. I suggest doing something such as that to help you practice writing.
  23. I know that there are tons of benefits that come with learning new langauges. I was just wondering what some of you guys think about these benefits. One benefit I know of that learning langauges help is your lifespan. Do you guys know any benefits?
  24. I think your best bet is to just focus on learning one language at a time, as it will help you stay focused and help you in the long run. You do not want to work your brain to hard, as it is really difficult to just learn one language.
  25. I use subtitles to learn a new language some times. Most of the time however it usually comes without me even noticing it. You know what I mean? Have you ever been watching a movie and then all of a sudden you see some subtitles and you didn't even notice it at first? That is usually how it happens with me lol.
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