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  1. There are a lot of benefits to learning a new language. Another benefit of learning a new language, is it increasing your brain's capacity. It also helps with decreasing the likeliness of you getting dementia.
  2. I find motivation for learning by trying to remember why I was trying to learn what ever it is in the first place. If you remember exactly why you are doing something, or pushing yourself so hard to do something you will almost always succeed.
  3. These are some very interested facts. Wasn't that funny though, but they were still cool. Some of them I already knew about, or at least I think I did. My favorite one was "More English words begin with the letter "s" than with any other letter".
  4. Very good post, and very informative. I can understand how the internet is beating the whole purpose of actually having to learn a new language. I can relate and understand.
  5. I just watched my friend use Siri today, and it was pretty cool. It recognizes a lot, but there are things or words that Siri just can't pick up. Other than that flaw, Siri is a pretty good app, and it looks very efficient as well.
  6. I plan on learning about 3 different languages for the future. As we get older, learning new languages will start to make a difference and it will also be very beneficial to your future success.
  7. I think as the world expands, so will languages. I think languages will expand as the world gets bigger. Languages are expanding at a very fast pace, and will continue to do so for a long time , especially in the future.
  8. It depends on the accents, and yes I find it a little funny. Mimicking accents is kind of funny in my opinion, depending on the accent that is trying to be spoken. I mean it also depends on the person mimicking as well, because it has to be someone that is actually funny lol.
  9. I think body language differs between cultures, but I don't think there is a big difference. I think it really does not change up too much, but I do think there are some noticeable differences that you would be able to recognize.
  10. I think there are plenty of good languages that would be beneficial to the future. Some of these languages include Spanish, French, and English. They are all great languages that will most likely be used in the future and would be great to learn.
  11. I think pronunciation is my favorite difference in language. I mean every language has almost the same words, they just have different ways of pronouncing them, and speaking them. That is really the only difference in my opinion.
  12. I actually love slang, even though I am a strictler over proper English. I love the idea of slang, because it gives you a great alternative to speaking a language in a certain way. When using slang it makes everything easier or at least in my opinion.
  13. I think the best way to stay sharp when you are not taking classes, is to study and do a lot of practicing. The quickest way to practice, is to stay on top of it, and make sure you are getting everything you need to help you study efficiently.
  14. I would say that most countries have become more english friendly. I mean there are so many countries in the world that speak English now. It really is if English has taken over. I mean it spreads so quickly and it becomes a universal language, or at least in my opinion.
  15. The most languages spoken by one person I know is 4. There was this teacher that taught me Spanish who happened to speak 4 languages. One of the other languages she spoke was French. It was pretty interesting.
  16. What do you guys think is the easiest and most efficient way to learn a new language?
  17. I think everyone has gone through this. However mines is a bit different because I didn't actually learn the language then quit. I never really knew it and tried to learn it. The language I was trying to learn was Japanese and it is the hardest language I have ever tried to learn. Take my word for it.
  18. I will always consider English the easiest language to learn, because of how easily it is for me to speak it fluently and understand it just as well.There are so many people across the world who speak English that is why I think it is the easiest language to speak in my opinion.
  19. I don't know if you should carry a dictionary with you, but a translation book would be much better. However I can understand if someone was carrying a dictionary with them, because it can be used to help them.
  20. I think your idea is great. I mean you should only learn what you think will be needed, and what you think will be used. I know so many people learning new languages, just learn them to be learning them without actually understanding a lot of whats going on.
  21. I think Spanish would be a good language to learn and it is kind of easy once you get the hang of it. It really is up to you on what language you want to learn.
  22. I would also assume that a new language will appear some time down the road, maybe not in the near future but in the future none the less. I am almost sure of it.
  23. This is a very interesting forum, because this is definitely something that I can not do. I can not do this at all. It is very difficult to do so. I also have a hard time listening to music, and trying to say the lyrics while I read or write.
  24. I don't write in my second langauge at all really. I may write in my second language ever now and then but it is definitely not that often that I do so. It is probably a couple of times a month that I do so.
  25. I would assume it would be pretty difficult to learn two languages at once compared to learning one language at once. I think it would be very strenuous to try and learn more than one language at a time. It would definitely put a strain on you mentally.
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