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  1. It's more of dialects lost in my family but I understand what you mean. My grandmother spoke Kapampangan while my grandfather was fluent in Ilokano. My mother knew a bit of Kapampangan but not enough to pass it on to us. It's sad but at the same time, I know languages that they don't so at least I can sort of make up for the lost languages.
  2. Oh I love the idea. It's actually why I got curious about Esperanto in the first place. Esperanto is an ambitious project that claims to have a lot of followers already.Some claim that it could become the international language. I don't think it's a possibility anytime soon, but it's a nice idea.
  3. Oh, but I thought that combining two sentences together is actually one of the uses of the semi-colon? I don't use them much either, which is why I got curious about how to use them properly. Thank you very much for your help! :grin:
  4. Depends on the subtitles. Some subtitles will just confuse me more. I do put them on when the speaking becomes to fast for me to follow though.
  5. When I listen to someone and don't need a translator. That for me is already huge. That's also the time I start becoming comfortable speaking the language myself.
  6. I hate the word dachshund. Love the dogs, hate the word. It is so difficult to spell. I even had to google it to type it here. And yes, my original spelling was wrong. Psh.
  7. Yes. It's weird because I write poems better in English than in my native language. I don't know why but the words just don't seem right when I try to write a Filipino poem. :confused:
  8. Here's my take on this. If you're a native English speaker (which I'm not) I think you can survive on just English. For the rest of us however, it's pretty hard to communicate if you don't know English. So it would really depend on the situation.
  9. I've only recently learned how to use semi-colons and I think I understood how they are meant to be used; I'm not really sure though. So really the purpose of this post is to thing of random things and write them; and also use the semi-colon properly. I've always been curious of that little key on my keyboard but never used it, which is quite a shame; so tell me, did I use the semi-colon correctly?
  10. I believe online tutorials work. I have a friend who teaches ESL online and a lot of her students have made enormous progress. I think it depends on the teacher and student. My friend says it's quite fun because it's just like chatting but you just have to correct grammar and spelling errors. :grin:
  11. To be honest neither of those numbers would surprise me. It's such a diverse world and I think 4000+ is the number of languages excluding the different dialects while 6000+ is more accurate if you include dialects. Maybe those numbers would go even higher if ancient languages were included.
  12. I've always found the Jamaican accent so melodic. It's just so lovely to the ears. I also like the Australian accent.
  13. I love his humor too! What did happen to him? I loved how he could pull off making fun of sensitive topics. I'm usually offended when a comedian takes things to far, but I always felt Dave Chapelle knew just which topics were ok and which were off limits.
  14. Ugh. I don't like his stories. They are too predictable for me too. But I guess some people read it because of that. Maybe they just don't want the challenge and just want to read something easy that doesn't take guess work. I can't say I blame them though as I also get tired of novels that take too much intellectual work sometimes.
  15. Nietzsche was the first author that came to mind too. His works are just way too deep for me. Never finished any of his works to be honest.
  16. Yes. The lines between the two tend to get blurred. But there are some that I would still consider as graphic novels despite their length. On of those would be the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. It may be as long as comic books but it's all about the story so I still think it can be classified as a graphic novel.
  17. Oh Grumpy Old Rockstar sounds really fun actually! I've already read an autobiography of Ozzy Osbourne and I thought it was hilarious. I hope to enjoy your suggestion too!
  18. Oh, so there are official sign languages per area. That is so interesting. I really plan to but my only problem is finding time to learn it. I guess I have to stop finding excuses and just put in extra effort. Thanks!
  19. I bookmarked your link. Thanks so much for this. This is something fun and useful! I love it!
  20. I have yet to see a subtitled translation that I thought was perfect. There is always something that just gets lost in translation. I don't think it's just a subtitle thing though. It's just translating in general is really tricky. :confused:
  21. I am a lazy texter. I prefer talking for important things because I am just so slow at texting. That is why when I really have to reply thru text I use shortcuts. It's much more practical. I just make sure that my shortcuts are understandable.
  22. My mom says that I was talking before I could walk. She claims that I was conversing in sentences before I was one year old so if I'm to believe her, it seems that my love for language and communicating was innate. Of course, she might also just be exaggerating. :wacky:
  23. I remember when I was still trying to learn English that I was amazed by puns. I thought puns were hilarious. I loved that if you substitute one word and insert it with a similar word the sentence would take on a different meaning. I even enjoyed making my own puns and it helped me retain the meaning of words. Do you think puns are fun too?
  24. I thought of so many comedians when I read the title of this thread. But Sasha Baron Cohen is definitely one of my favorite. I don't think I've ever disliked a movie of his. All of them were hilarious in my opinion.
  25. I have an absolute favorite example. The word horny. I mean, I could be talking about either something as innocent as things with horns. Or I could also be talking about the more popular meaning . Hahaha
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