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  1. This is a brilliant idea. I think I'll give it a try after I upgrade my phone as I only have minimum space left on my current phone. But this is a perfect way to easily learn a language.
  2. I wouldn't suggest using google translate for translating phrases or sentences. First because not all languages have the same sentence structures and google translate have a tendency to translate words literally according to the order of the words of the originating language. So the result of the tranlation will be jumbled up on the language you're translating it too. Second, there are words that have two or more meaning so you won't be sure if the word in was translated it too is accurate or not. This is base from my own experience.
  3. If you can't find a free app for French language tutorial on your android phone, the other option is to search some website that offers free lessons. You might find some podcast there as well. :grin:
  4. This is great news however it is more likely that this won't be a free service. But still it can be very helpful especially for people conducting their business online. Of course at the start Skype would probably have some technical problems but hopefully they can develop it more.
  5. We have a school assignment before in which we have to translate poems into our native language and I had a hard time doing it. It's really difficult because I need to make sure that I retain the meaning of each lines.
  6. I honestly don't know how words are translated in our court here in the Philippines. However we mostly translate words based from its meaning because if we translate it literally, the thought might be completely be different.
  7. I agree. Sometimes it also depends on how words are pronounced. I often get confused with intonations and the pace of how the words, phrases are being said. I guess that's the reason why it's also important not just to learn the language but also how to listen to it.
  8. Wow! Awesome site and what a brilliant idea! I hope that you add more languages in the future. I'm currently studying Japanese and this kind of site will totally help me in enhancing my Nihongo skills. :grin:
  9. I also watch Youtube videos focusing on the specific language I'm trying to learn. Since I focus on Japanese language I look for videos which features a native speaker teaching Japanese using the English language.
  10. I agree. The best way to expand your vocabulary is by reading books and novels. I myself learned new words by just reading. If you don't want to buy hard copies of those novels you always have the option to buy an ebook instead.
  11. For me the first thing that I do is to determine how well do I know the person oand vice versa. If it's a close friend I would definitely tell him/her right away without hesitation. We do that all the time. We correct each others' mistakes whether pronunciation, spelling, grammar etc. if it's someone I do not know, or just an acquaintance, I wouldn't correct them because I don't know how they will take it. They might get offended even though your intention is good. So I guess it really depends on the scenario or who you wanted to correct.
  12. I also think Latin is an interesting language and there are times that I still here it especially when hearing masses. However I wouldn't try learning it because I don't know where to use it anymore. I would stick with studying languages that I can use for my own benefit (travel, business etc.)
  13. It really depends on the language you are studying. In my case it's a little bit difficult because the way we construct sentences in my native tongue is similar to the English grammar but when it comes to studying the construction on the Japanese language, it is different.
  14. I started studying because I want to be able to communicate well especially when I visit the country.I want to make sure that I can express myself properly to avoid misunderstandings. Aside from that, I do it as a hobby.
  15. Whenever I write a story, I wrote it in English but if it's just a normal notes or letters I would write it in either English or in my native language, Filipino. However I used English often than my native tongue.
  16. I have. I did it for a job opening in this company who did translations and subtitles for film. It was part of an exam before they interviewed me. It was a very long exam though because if I remember it correctly it's a 1-hour exam. I didn't get the job though because there are just words that I couldn't express correctly in English because of the different figures of speech used.
  17. I guess it's already too late to answer this but who knows somebody might do this as well. I guess my suggestion for this is to use the French language since this is the language that he is trying to learn. If you say it on a different language he might not understand it instantly but if you use French he might get it right away.
  18. Same here! I realized that most of the actors that I have crushes on have amazing accent. Most of them are actually British so I have a very high expectations whenever I watch their film. :grin:
  19. I think it depends on how serious a person is in learning a language. There are those who do it for travel purposes or for business-related reasons and those people will surely take it seriously. Some will study language just as a hobby and because they are interested with it and they might do it on their spare time.
  20. I also used music to learn language or rather as I listen to a music I'm learning a new word. I've been listening to Jpop songs as well because I love these kinds of songs and I realized that I can understand the lyrics eventually because there are words that sounds familiar to me.
  21. Thanks for referring this app. I'm currently self-studying Japanese language and is looking for good resources that can help and guide me along the way. I'll check this out. Arigatou! :grin:
  22. No I haven't but if ever I fall in love with someone who speaks a foreign language I will try to learn his language and I'll ask him to learn mine so that we can understand each other better and whenever we invite each other to meet respective family members and friends, we can feel at ease and comfortable in starting a conversation.
  23. I like the British accents and I think that's the reason why I am mostly attracted with films that includes British actors and actresses. The way they pronounce words just sounds good no matter what they are saying.
  24. When I started reading the Lord of the Rings series and The Hobbit, I got interested with the Elvish language so I did some research and had tried learning it. Unfortunately though I didn't pursue it as I got distracted with other things however I still want to learn it and will probably do it once I can squeeze some time to focus on it.
  25. I don't have a specific reason why I start studying a language. I do it just because it will be great if I know how to speak in other languages as well and maybe in the future I can use it when I travel.
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