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  1. Fortunately in Italian the words are written and pronunciated in the same way, you just have to pay attention to the accent (that often changes the meaning of a word) or the double consonants, vowels ecc But of course there are some trouble in the pronunciation simply because it's different from the NL of who is trying to learn Italian. I agree with watching many Italian videos, songs, maybe movies with subs, etc. or asking to a native speaker
  2. OMG, a fan of AC Roma from another country! That's great
  3. Maybe i am wrong, but i think it depends on the NL of your students too.... For example i am Italian and the english grammatic is very similar to the one of my language, in fact i think that study english for a Japanese is more difficult than for me....for example, "I am Mameha" is "Io sono Mameha", that is the same, just with different words, so when i have to build a phrase i just have to translate the words. In japanese it's "Watashi wa Mameha desu" that is completely different (the verb for example is in the end of the phrase). So to build a phrase one need to understand how an English phrase works (differently from the NL) This is what i think, maybe i am wrong but i wanted to confront my opinion
  4. It depends on the part of the city...some parts are full of bad people, some parts are for rich ones..... i live fortunately in a "normal" part
  5. It would be great! It seems like Chinese is very difficult btw, isn't it? About my English, it's just that i don't usually use it in my life, i play some online games and i write in english to communicate with people, but i don't usually talk in English so i need to improve this i think
  6. Ahah, ask me whatever you want about Italy and Italian! I don't see so many Italians in this forum xD For now i like it here anyway
  7. I think skype is good for writing and talking, if you have more people to talk with, you should use Teamspeak only because it lags less than skype. Anyway i prefer Skype
  8. I didn't see that there was a similar thread, i'm sorry Thinking about Italian, i have some example: "Sbolognare" means make someone go away; get rid of someone/something "Scervellarsi" is commit fully to solve an hard problem "Ciancicare" is to chew slowly "Gozzovigliare" is not used (i didn't even know the meaning some time ago) and it means having fun abandoning yourself in eating and drinking with your friends. There are some words from dialects that i don't write here because they are really bad xD
  9. Some time ago i saw a post on facebook where people were talking about particular words (most of all verbs) which are not translatable in other language because they indicate an entire expression, category of people, particular actions, ecc. I was thinking about the english verb "to troll" that in my language isn't translatable, we use "trollare", which is only a derivation (on the internet it's very used when someone is making fun of someone else xD) but it isn't entirely or particularly translated. In your language is there a single word like a verb or an adjective which has a particular meaning?
  10. If i understood what are you talking about, it's about some words you use too much no? In my language some people (like me) tend to use the word "Praticamente", that literally means "in practice", i don't even know if it's used in english or others, but we use it before a phrase when you want to recount something that happened, or you want to describe a situation (or something in general). An exemple: "Praticamente è successo che...." which means "In practice it happened that..." but we put that word everywhere, sometimes in the middle of a phrase, maybe more than one time XD Another word is "Tipo", that is used like Praticamente, literally it means "Type", in this case the meaning is something like "For example", but it doesn't have a real meaning, it's just a word that some use often. An example of this is: "Tipo è successo che.." which is "For example it happened that..."
  11. In Italian yes is "Si" but when someone say something like "Today the wather is good" you can say "Si" or simply "Già", which is an affermative word to "confirm" it. Obviously like in english you can say Certamente, Certo (Surely, of course). "No" in Italian is "No", like English
  12. Yes, i am from Italy It would be good if we can help each other! Is Chinese so difficult? The difficult part for me is to learn and remember all the Kanji...i think it takes much time!
  13. I want to learn Asian languages, in particular Korean or Chinese (Japanese is very difficult, maybe one day i'll decide to learn it..)and i need to improve my english because it's the most important and useful language in this world XD
  14. Hello, my native language is Italian, i can help you if you want
  15. Hi everyone, i am here because i obviously love languages! I'm an Italian mothertongue and i speak english, not so fluent because in my life i speak only Italian, i talk in english on internet sometimes when i play games or when i'm on skype talking with foreign people. I'm actually interested in Asian languages, i wanted to learn Japanese but it seems like it's sooo difficult...so i was wondering if it's better to learn Korean (which i really like) or Chinese (but all those Kanjis....) After that, when i have free time i try to learn some Spanish, which is easier because it's similar to Italian. So, i hope to find someone to talk with and to learn something, if you are interested in Italian feel free to contact me in pm
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