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  1. Since i love Asia so much, i really like the new theme! I think it's better than before in all, colour too
  2. Hello and welcome! You have such a beautiful and interesting name! It sounds good If you need help in Italian ask me
  3. I will do it because i'm really depressed when i think that i know english enough but suddenly i think of American....
  4. It depends...i use to watch telefilms with my brother, so i watch them with Italian subs, it depends principally by the "urgence" but anyway i understand the word they said in english after looking at italian subs. But sometimes i watch American movies with english subs, and i even try to understand what they say without watching subs...but really it looks kinda difficult sometimes xD
  5. Omg, i watch The walking dead too and i thought that i am the only one who can't understand most of the words the say...they don't speak normal english! Anyway i use to watch telefilms with italian subs because they are almost all like The walking dead, so i can't understand what they say....but sometimes i watch some korean/Japanese drama with english subs because i don't find my language's subs or they doesn't exist, in general i prefer to watch movies with the original language because sometimes it sounds way better than mine. And yes, i think it helps a lot if you are learning a language
  6. I really like this singer, she is so good....and i liked this song a lot
  7. Thank you soooo much! i couldn't find the translation, so i was wondering if someone here would help.... i really appreciate
  8. I know maybe is a big question that takes time, but can someone translate the lyrics of this song? I don't find any in the web....Thank you! (take all the time you want)
  9. Recently i was watching some pages on Facebook where comments were written in Chinese, and whenever i dare to click "Translate" (the translation by Facebook) i just laugh really hard, because translated sentences are awkward, funny, without a sense and it's even worse than the famous Google Translate. Probably it is because this kind of translators just translate the phrases (or chacarters) literally so often the entire phrase doesn't make sense. So i was wondering if it really exists a Search Engine or a syte where i can really translate words or even entire phrases in the best way possible,
  10. My language has almost the same grammar as Spanish, so i think i can say that "Yo soy" is more formal that only "Soy", The first one is used when you are introducing yourself to someone, for example "Hola, yo soy Mameha", or in general when you want to reinforce your point of view, or to recount something about yourself. The second one is less formal and is used for example when you call someone with the telephone (intercom too) and you say "Hola, soy Mameha" and start a conversation. This is used All this is the same for Italian Speaking for me, both ways are correct (in the case of the tele
  11. Ahahahah, that's a good method! Anyway i play sometimes online videogames, and i have to speak english with the other players, or maybe sometimes happen that i play a videogame for pc (offline) and it doesn't exist in my language, so i am forced to play it in english. I think that all these ways are really good to learn a language. In fact i only studied english in high school (i really liked languages since then) but i think that i trained a lot with videogames! Obviously not spending all the day on it and studying seriously would be nice, but in the free time it can help
  12. I just know that in high school i was good in English (and languages in general, i had high votes in Latin too) but i used to suck in Maths....i don't even know why i have chosen a Scientific high school lol
  13. 49 days is about a dramatic love story. A girl is about to marry but she goes in coma after a car accident, but a guy appears and tells her that he is a "scheduler", a guy who carry dead people to the other world with an elevator, but tells her even that she has the opportunity to chose between 2 options: 1: she die, 2 she became a sort of "ghost" (which can't interact directly with the human world, during the day she use the body of a woman that is related in some way with the story. the woman doesn't have to know nothing about her) and has 49 days to collect the tears of 3 different persons
  14. i Saw the first 1-2 episodes of "The Liar Game", when i have time i will continue seeing it. I watched "49 days", a dramatic drama that was absolutely beautiful, i watched it 2 times and i'm sure i'll watch it again in the future I am currently watching "Stairway to heaven", a drama of 20 episodes, which is not bad too, i'm only at the second episode now, i'll let you know if is good in the end it inspires me a lot btw.
  15. Some false friends in my language and english: To annoy: In english is "to disturb", in italian "Annoiare" is "to bore" Argument: in english is a "discussion", in italian "Argomento" is a "topic". Brave: in english is "courageous", in italian "Bravo" means "good" (but this is used in other languages too sometimes, the meaning is this anyway) Camera: in english is the photographic machine, in italian "camera" is a synonym of "stanza", which means "room". Fine: in english "i'm fine" is "i'm ok", in italian "fine" is "end" Parents: in inglish parents are mom and dad, in italian "parenti" are the
  16. Thank you for the answer! I didn't have an idea of Filipino language or culture, but i was curious about that.
  17. Hello! I like your name, it sounds good i noticed that you are learning Italian. I would be happy to help you whenever you want. Welcome btw
  18. Yes, i was born, raised and still live in Rome. I am happy everytime someone like my language you can ask me whatever you want. Anyway wich part of Italy did you visit?
  19. I think it's very difficult to lose our own accent, and i don't think it's so necessary. Personally i like more when people speak english with a french, spanish or other accents! I find it more interesting and original. Btw the problem is when people pronounce a word from another language totally wrong, or maybe they exaggerate with saying a word in their own accent. For example in english the letter R is "sweet", in Italian the same letter is more "hard" and strong, so it would be really awkward if i say a word like "right" accentuating the R (i hope you understand what i mean). It is really
  20. That's so interesting...i had no idea of this, how beautiful!
  21. Watching youtube videos i noticed that in Philippines there are many talented people who sing really well! For exemple in The voice of Philippines rarely there are people who can't really sing. And i saw that there are a lot of Karaoke machines in many malls where a lot of people sing extremely well. A guy in a comment said that it can be correlated to the fact that Filipino is a melodic language, is it correct? Do they have an inclination in singing for this reason?
  22. Ciao compaesana! Pensavo di essere l'unica italiana rimasta qua sul forum.... xD Anyway i'm Italian too and i agree with all that she said, i think that Italian is a beautiful language because it is very artistic, elegant, and has a beautiful history. It is full of different dialects depending on the region, some of them are so difficult that not all italians know them! For example i don't know most of the words of Naples dialect, and the dialect spoken in Sardinia is so difficult that some people consider it as a language apart.
  23. I think that since when we are intimate with our NL and we always speak this way, it's normal to invent some new words, maybe for fun of in jokes in general Anyway this thread reminded me of a funny thing about a telefilm. I don't know how it was translated in other languages, but in italian the telefilm's guy mixed 2 colours: Giallo (Yellow) and Blu (Blue) so he invented the colour Blallo!
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