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  1. There are five free apps that aid a person willing to learn a new language. They are: 1. Duolingo 2. Memrise 3. busuu 4. Google Translate 5. iHandy Translator Free Which one do you use or have experience with?
  2. How many of you babble while learning a language? Does it sound funny to you or hideous? I noticed while learning a language, some of the words may be similar to my native language and I tend to babble a lot which makes me laugh that there are similarities in many languages. How often do you babble while learning?
  3. It depends on what we refer to as perfect memory; is it the memory that recalls everything that has ever happened to him or the memory that stores up so much information like those people we refer to as 'photographic memory owners' who see something for the first time and never forget it? There are those with active and sharp memories and others who are forgetful but I doubt if there is anyone with a perfect memory unless we can define what a perfect memory is.
  4. Hello everyone, I need to know if anyone has experienced this before. You are trying to learn a new language, but your brain is just not retaining it no matter how much you try. The resources are there but the brain just rejects these information you are trying to retain. What can you do in such a situation?
  5. It depends on how you take the complement because I think people express themselves in ways they think is right. If you misinterpreted it, which I think you did, then you just have to put yourself in the other person's shoes. Some people are not as smart as others and my term it as a gift, especially when it seems effortless to you to achieve something.
  6. I realized recently how inaccurate google translate is. I was translating a sentence to communicate with my sister in French and she was like there are so many errors in my statement. That was when I realized you cannot use it to learn a language or even communicate; maybe except in rare cases. I wonder why the software is not as accurate as it should be. Though I do not know for certain if it applies to other languages.
  7. I guess the person is just excited to speak English. Encourage him to relax and take time to say his words clearly, be ready to correct and assist. It is normal for someone learning a language and then given the opportunity to speak publicly. You could make the embarrassing moment a chatty one to amuse everyone but not to discourage the new speaker.
  8. I guess I'm experiencing similar annoyance. Just two hours ago, someone called me stupid as well but in the language I understand. I do not like people calling me names in a language I do not understand; neither do I like being in a company of friends or colleagues and suddenly, they start speaking their own language. Knowing I do not understand it. I think it is rude and disrespectful to speak or insult in a language to someone who does not understand.
  9. It would be nice if there was one language everybody understood and others were minors. I think there would be more unity than the diversity we do have now. I wouldn't mind a unified language, I think it will make this easy and interesting.
  10. In my opinion I think focus should be on the purpose of the Test. If you aim for a job or schooling in Europe, they have their requirements as well as other countries. But there are online English general Tests that can help generally in preparation or to test their language proficiency.
  11. My inspiration comes from the fact that I am surrounded by Arabic speakers and within two months, my husband has learned how to read and speak a little with YouTube videos. I feel slow and dull for not picking up much but I have conditioned my mind that I have no choice but to learn to speak, read and write Arabic.
  12. I totally agree with you on the fact that 'you must love the culture to be able to learn the language'. It makes things easier; it makes the mind open for something new, something creative. It is like a spark of fire ignited and burns in the heart like a passion; sometimes making it unbearable to breathe because you are overwhelmed to learn this new language.
  13. I don't think you should worry about teaching her like an American or her native; as long as you know how to speak and write the language successfully, then just flow through the same way you learned yours. Like it was suggested, repetition is key in teaching; when you over emphasize a point it is easily retained for longer periods of time than under emphasized words. Wishing you and Clara the best.
  14. I would suggest you pick words while trying to translate. I realized people who speak foreign languages would rather you take it slow with them; one word at a time. Too many long and complicated sentences can confuse the translate itself; though there is nothing better like having a native speaker interpret for you.
  15. Thank you for sharing. The benefit of forums like these is we can get to help each other. I basically crawl at learning languages but more effort will make me become a better student.
  16. Flash cards are very useful ways of learning basic words in a new language. Movies can help a lot as well; friends online can be helpful when they communicate constantly to you with the language you are trying to learn. Dedication and perseverance helps people learn a new language in their adult level; it really is not an easy task.
  17. Many language speakers have one accent or the other; has anyone been mocked or laughed at because of your accent and how did it make you feel? How easily did you fit in after the mockery? At work, with friends or on a holiday.
  18. I do admire people who can speak two or more languages; it seems they have been particularly blessed with multiple tongues. It takes me eternity to learn a language and I always feel sorry for my instructors. They do have patience but there is a limit to a teacher's patience.
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