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  1. Yes, most of us here are familiar with Duolingo. It's great to know it is serving you well on your language learning journey. Let us know how it goes in the long run.
  2. Hello Amanda! I like your passion for language learning and would like to encourage you on achieving your language goals. Stay focused and remember persistence pays
  3. Hello Kavita! Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you interact on your language goals and challenges. Great to have you on board!
  4. This is a brilliant question and topic of discussion. But to be honest, when I dream, I do communicate but I have never noticed in what language because I believe language in dreams is like mind-reading. I doubt if I use a particular language because I presently speak two languages and I dream every time I fall asleep but the language is not defined.
  5. In my opinion, I think it is best to choose a language that directly affects us. Like traveling to a particular country or having friends in the target language that we communicate often on social media or Skype. It does not necessarily have to be an internationally accepted language, as long as it meets the goal of the person learning the language.
  6. The languages I would love to learn are French, German, Russian and Chinese but I am a slow learner. My younger sister speaks French fluently and has tried to help me but I'm not as sharp in languages as I am with calculations. I decided to learn Arabic because I am currently residing in UAE but that has not been successful either. I think I need a miracle
  7. Seriously? This is amazing discovery! It's like finding gold in your backyard. Thanks for sharing, I'm sure it will be helpful to many of us.
  8. Hello Amanda! This is the right place to mingle with great people of common interest and also to achieve your language learning goals. There are so many here learning Japanese and all you have to do is find out how it works for them so you can follow the same path. Great to have you on board
  9. Hi Ginger! Wishing you the best in your French Language quest. I do hope you are able to travel to France to achieve your aim; it would be good for you. Nice to have you here...
  10. Hello, It's great to have you here. Can't wait for you to interact with your language experiences and ideas. Have fun touring the forum
  11. Thanks for sharing! This is very good information I will pass to some neighbors of mine who are struggling with English Learning.
  12. That's cool! I hope the English Learners would learn a great deal from you.
  13. Hi Elizabeth! I think you are super talented to be fluent in so many languages. We hope to learn how you achieved these through your techniques and what motivates you. Please share your secret with us.
  14. We used to watch Indian movies when I was a child and my neighbors kept on mimicking the conversations that were made in the movies. They grew up to speak Hindi from continuous viewing of Indian movies and mimicking the language. I experienced the same by watching South African TV Series. Whenever I mimic, the words tend to stick to memory. I intend doing the same for Arabic that I am learning. Has anyone experienced this as well?
  15. In my opinion, I think it takes determination to stick to a language and complete the learning process. The best idea would be to have something that motivates you to learn; like music in the target language and movies; these help a great deal in language learning.
  16. I also think when you arrive there, try to join local communities or groups to inquire how you can achieve this. I'm sure combining both physical and online teaching will help you through. Wish you the best.
  17. Sounds fun. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing!
  18. That is great to know. You never know when you'll need these languages to communicate. Thanks for sharing!
  19. Wow! That is so much for one person already; I think you are a genius to know how to speak so many languages. I think French would be great for you but I'm sure it would not be a challenge sine you already know how to learn foreign languages. Great job
  20. Welcome to the forum! I think you are going to overcome your challenges with more practice. There are many Spanish speakers and learners here. Feel free to discuss to improve your language learning. Wish you the best!
  21. Hi Cece, It's nice to meet you. Do you live in Brazil? How is the preparation for the Rio Olympics? It's great to have you around.
  22. I totally agree with @John Snort there is so much that needs to be learnt from kids. Many things we learnt as kids like anthems and prayers are automatically remembered without even thinking about it.
  23. That sounds strange to me but I cannot conclude because I rarely or never write in another language other than English and I have a habit of holding my pens in an Italic fashion so my words slant to the right. I'm sure my writings would not differ between languages.
  24. This is the first time I am learning sign languages differ among countries. I have never tried except when I was little and would watch Sesame Street, we used to mimic the sign languages occasionally done.
  25. Wow! I never thought numbers were most important; I always thought it was greetings. I would do that and thanks so much for sharing. I know it's going to help a lot of us.
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