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What is the sexiest language accent?


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I don't know how to answer this. I've always felt "sexyness" (whatever that might be) lies more in the tone of voice used than the language (the same way as a calm, soothing voice does wonders for babies even if you're just reading out sports results). If the tone is right, any language will sound sexy.

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I would have to agree with Kotro here, a lot of the "sexiness" has to do with a person's actual voice. That aside, I like accents that flow well and aren't clipped and harsh all the time. I have a thing for guttural sounds and rolled/trilled r's just because I can't do them myself personally!

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I have never heard how Swedish sounds really and I have found that is not the language itself what makes it sexy is people's voice and perhaps the combination of a native accent with a second language.

In example, there is German-born actor naturalized Mexican, Fernando Wagner, who speaks Spanish with a remarkable German accent that sound great really sexy to me but I think is more likely because of his voice.

He's the tallest man in this scene


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I've always heard that people find French sexy, but I think Spanish is also sexy sounding. English can be a sexy language, but you have to be in your bedroom voice and choose the right words for it to sound sexy. lol.

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