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Need help with a Chinese sentence

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I am not sure to be honest...

I can not figure out what the 采 stands for in the last part. Usually it means "to pick, gather, collect".

The last sentence 这个职业并不陌生,它与中国的采极其相似, might mean something like:

According to Chinese, the profession "clothes designer" is not something that they are unfamiliar with, on the contrary, it resembles to a high degree to the name that Chinese people give to this kind of profession in China.

The English Translation is horrible, but I hope you will understand what I mean here :=) I might think about a better translation in the meantime :=)

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What do you mean by 采极其? I haven't heard of any word like this. Where did you find these words from? I believe you speak Mandarin, right? I would want to know where did you get that source from. Did you just translate into Chinese from a different language or something?

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