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Basisexamen inburgering (A1) resources


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I've found some really useful resources that might come in handy for people getting ready for the basisexamen inburgering (A1).    Most of them give you a clue of what you will see in the actual exam, but I must admit I'm not sure  if all those exercises (in that modality) are present in the real exam.


The naar Nederland practice exams: http://www.naarnederland.nl/en/category/voorbeeldexamens

Perfect to get ready for the KNS: http://toetskns.nl/

Ad Appel material (reading): http://adappel.nl/lesmateriaal-2/

Taalspot: http://www.taalspot.nl/

My favorite one: https://basisexameninburgering.nl/


I hope someone finds those useful!  I might post more later :) 


UPDATE:   It's confirmed, Mr. Thijsebaard himself told me (via e-mail) the real exam contains the same exercises as the ones seen in the practice exams (the modality - not the actual questions). The exam was completey revamped back in December 2014!!  So yes, its structure and content has changed. THANK GOD!!!!



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"Inburgering" typically means like "to become naturalised", so I assume this exam is especially designed for immigrants.
But I might be wrong, I never had to get through any official language exams before.

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You are lucky, I have an appointment at my local Dutch embassy... just 6 weeks away!   I need to go there and take the exam, I was told this exam is now done on a computer and no longer done with a phone.  The exam was totally revamped back in December 2014, so now it's supposed to be easier. The exams consist of 3 different parts: 1) Dutch society knowledge.  2) Reading. 3) Speaking.  I heard you only have 60 seconds to answer.  I might not be seen on here at all during November, because I will go hardcore on this ^_^

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