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Looking for feedback on new web app for language learners and teachers

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I'd like to share with you https://words-keeper.com - web app(available in browser from any device) for foreign language learners and teachers. It allows to build your own vocabulary, keep words, phrases, notes(articles, pictures, rules, teacher's worksheets etc), create learning groups, share with other people, train. Will it be useful for you? What do you think? I need your feedback. 

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The site is very scarce in information, so it is hard to tell what it is about before it asks you to sing in for a free trial, you should beef up the front page a little more just to let people know what your whole thing is about, you could leave the call to action button right where it is, but try to describe your product more.

You are collecting information, like emails and full names, so I would advice you to add a privacy policy to your site, there are plenty of sites were you can generate one for free depending on the type of information that you will eventually collect, if it includes, I presume, credit card information then make sure that you add one ASAP.

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I will try to sign up later tonight when I have more time. But from my first impression, I will say your landing page needs a lot more work. The landing page doesn't provide much useful information and design wise it looks very empty. I like a minimalist design, but this one looks like the cover of a word document. If I am stumbling onto the page from Google, I wouldn't spend much time and it wouldn't make me want to check it out. I think you should divulge a little more detail about the app and also throw in a few screenshots.

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