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Looking for translation from possibly German dialect

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I had this sign on my house covered by another sign. I tried doing Google searches & translation pages, but no one seems to be able to help me. To me, it looks German or an off dialect incorporating German... but IDK. Here's the image link, I couldn't upload it directly: 


Thanks for looking. Also, thanks in advance for any assistance. :)

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I'm German but I don't have ever heard of this. I'm speaking a dialect myself, so I can say that it's not Bavarian. You're right, it kinda looks like German, so it's maybe another dialect, or a language sounding similar.

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I would like to have a look at it, but I can't access the link. Maybe someone else who is able to access the link could upload this as a picture here in the forum? I am in China and all the Google Services are blocked, so I can't access it at the moment :(

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