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How to Write a Thank You Note to the Mailman (with Examples)

How to Write a Thank You Note to the Mailman (with Examples)

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Your mail carrier is one of those people who you probably depend on more than you realize.

You might not even think about the mailman very much, but you always know that they will reliably bring you packages, postcards and anything else you’re expecting in the mail.

In fact, some people only give their mail carrier any thought when they’ve done something wrong and they have something to complain about.
A good habit to cultivate in life is letting people know when they’re doing a fantastic job without being prompted.

Writing a thank you letter to the mail carrier is a great way to show your appreciation.


How to prepare a thank you note to the mailman

Your letter should be handwritten.

If your handwriting is hard to read, just try hard to print as carefully as possible. In a letter like this, writing by hand really is better than a letter printed from a computer because it is more personal.
One good way to present the letter is in a card. If you don’t have a card, a piece of nice stationery is a good alternative.
However, if you don’t have either of these things, a regular piece of paper is fine too. It’s the thought that counts.
It’s a good idea to write the note out ahead of time on a separate sheet of paper.
That way, you can proofread it for mistakes and make any changes that you need to.

Only get out the card or special stationery when you’re sure you have your message just right.

What to put in a thank you note to the mailman

People write thank you letters for many different reasons. For example, you might write thank you for dinner notes, or you might write a thank you letter for a scholarship.

Looking at those examples can help you get an idea of the many different types of thank you letters that you can write.

One thing you may notice about those notes is that they are specific about the thing or event that prompted the letter.

When you write a thank you note to your mailman, be specific about the things they have done that you appreciate, such as always making sure to put your packages in a certain place, delivering heavy things or leaving you stamps in exchange for cash in the mailbox.

Maybe your mail carrier has gone above and beyond in some other way. Whatever it is, be sure to mention it in your thank you letter.

A thank you letter to the mail carrier should be written in a tone that is warm, friendly and not too formal.

How to start your thank-you letter to the mailman

Since this is an informal note, you don’t need any kind of heading. You may want to include the date at the top, but you don’t need anything else.

Some people are on a first-name basis with their mail carrier.

If you and your mail carrier call each other by your first names, you can begin with that.

If you don’t know their name, a casual greeting, such as “Hello” or “Hi” is fine.

You can read about how to use a comma after salutations like hi, hello or dear if you aren’t sure about the punctuation here.

Start the body of your letter on the next line.

You can start out with a phrase like “I am writing to thank you for…” or “I wanted to say thank you for…”

You could also say “Thank you kindly for…”

Sentences like these can end one of two ways.

You could write something general, such as “your great service.”

Or you could put something very specific, such as “for always making sure to leave my packages on the porch so they don’t get wet.”

What to put in the body of your thank you note to the mailman

Here, you should elaborate the things that the mail carrier has done.

If you’re thanking them for leaving packages on the porch, you might add something like “I really appreciate your taking this extra step of putting packages on the porch.”

You could also say something like “a huge thank you” or another variation on that phrase.

Try to add at least two or three sentences where you name concrete things your mail carrier does that you appreciate.

Specific details instead of just a generic “thank you” let a person know that you notice the helpful things they do.

How to end a thank you note to your mailman

At the end of the note, reinforce your thanks.


It can be tough to figure out how to sign off. Something like “sincerely” is too formal.

You need a closing that is not too familiar but that doesn’t sound like a business letter either.

A phrase like “All the best,” “Best” or even just a “Thank you” followed by a comma and your name will all work here.

How to deliver your thank you note to the mailman

You can give your thank you letter directly to your mail carrier.

You could also leave it in the mailbox with the mail carrier’s name on it or “mail carrier” if you don’t know their name.

One thing you should be aware of is that your regular mailman probably doesn’t work every single day.

On some days, there is probably a substitute mail carrier.

Therefore, you should try to make sure that if you are leaving the letter in the mailbox, you’re doing it on a day when your mailman is working.

Example 1 of a thank you note to your mailman

Here’s a letter someone who is on a friendly first-name basis with the mail carrier.

Hi Donna,
I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work this Christmas. You really went above and beyond in delivering all the packages that I ordered.
I usually really enjoy Christmas shopping, but I just didn’t have any time this year! Thanks so much for getting each one to me and putting it on the porch so I never had to worry about it getting rained on.
I also want to say thanks for your patience in answering all of Micah’s questions about being a mail carrier. He loves talking to you, and he always says that he’s going to “deliver mail like Donna” when he grows up!
Your friendliness and reliability are such an asset to our community. I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year and that you enjoy these homemade cookies Micah and I made for you.
All my best,


Example 2 of a thank you note to your mailman

In the example below, the letter write doesn’t know the mail carrier well but still wants to thank them.

Feb. 11
Thank you so much for leaving my package with my next door neighbor yesterday instead of taking it back to the post office with you!
The hours I work mean that it’s really hard for me to make it over there to pick it up, and I really needed this item immediately.
I know it’s customary to just leave a note and attempt delivery again later, but I’m never home during the week.
It was just really thoughtful of you to save me the worry and hassle of trying to retrieve the package myself.
Thanks again,


Example 3 of a thank you note to the mailman

The letter writer below knows the mail carrier’s name, but doesn’t know him as well as the letter writer in example 1. Still, she has a lot to thank him for.

Dear Brian,
Thank you so much for bringing my puppy back to the house after he got out yesterday! I’ve only had him for three weeks, and we’re still working on training him.
I nearly had a heart attack when he ran past me. I thought he’d go straight into the road. I also know that dogs and mailmen don’t always have the best relationship, haha. Here’s hoping that your heroic actions today mean that he will remember you fondly in the years ahead.
I should add that I’ve really appreciated your service this past year in general. We used to get a lot of misdelivered mail here, but that entirely stopped when you took over the route. I know how hard the job must be and how easy it must be to mix up the mail sometimes, so I really appreciate your conscientiousness in this.
Thanks again for everything. You’re a great mailman!
All the best,


Frequently Asked Questions About Writing a Thank You Letter to Your Mailman


Can I give the mailman a gift?

This varies depending on your location, but in the U.S., you can give your mail carrier a small gift. However, it cannot be worth more than $20, and it cannot be cash.

Is there a particular day when you should thank your mail carrier?

February 4 is Thank Your Mail Carrier Day in the United States, but your mailman will appreciate a thank you letter any day of the year.