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“Thank you for dinner” Notes for Friends, Family & Business

“Thank you for dinner” Notes for Friends, Family & Business

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It’s often easy to think of big gestures and plan them, especially if they are for someone dear.

However, small gestures are often overlooked and these are the acts that make all the difference.

One such seemingly small gesture is writing a ‘thank you’ note after attending a dinner. 

It is only fair to admit that arranging a dinner, even for two, can be quite a hassle.

Picking the right menu, décor, theme, and venue is a tough job.

Apart from putting together the correct dishes, ensuring each tastes differently and is made to perfection are other critical parts of the whole arrangement. 

Therefore, if someone is kind and hospitable enough to offer you a fancy, well-planned dinner, the least you can do is write them a heartfelt thank you dinner note.

Letting your host know how much you appreciate and cherish their efforts is important. Such gestures make a significant impression and help strengthen the bond.

What are the Best Thank You Notes to Say “Thank you for dinner”?

When thanking someone for dinner, mention what a lovely evening you had. Tell them all items, including the appetizer, dessert, and drinks tasted divine. Talk about how good your host is at entertaining guests. Share how you’d love to meet up again and extend an invitation for a dinner.


Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Thank You Note for Dinner

When you are writing a thank you note to a friend, colleague, or a formal fellow, be sure to thank them for the following:

  • Their time: Making dinner and organizing everything in a way that suits all is a time-consuming process.
  • Their effort: Setting the table, clearing the table, ensuring all items are prepared and refilled at the right time are all difficult tasks. 
  • The food: compliment them on all the dishes and mention one that you enjoyed the most. You can also ask for the recipe.
  • Their hospitality: Thank them for opening up their home to you.
  • Their attention to your diet and any possible allergies: The host was kind enough to make food in line with your dietary requirements and limitations and ensured they don’t use ingredients that may be allergic to you.
  • Gathering everyone together: A dinner does not simply mean food. It also includes sitting together, talking, and building stronger relationships.
  • Taking care of details other than food: Details such as greetings, comfortable seating, etc., have to be taken care of when arranging a dinner.


The 28 Best Thank You Notes to Say “Thank You for Dinner”

The 28 Best Thank You Notes to Say “Thank You for Dinner”

There are several ways to thank someone, such as a phone call, sending a gift, or as in this case, writing a note.

However, picking the right words and presenting them in the right way is what makes matters the most.

One of the greatest ways to thank someone for dinner is to write them a ‘Thank You’ note, expressing how enjoyable their company was and how excellent the food tasted. 

Here are 25 heartfelt thank you notes that you can send for casual and formal dinner invitations:

Everyday language ‘Thank You for Dinner’ Notes for family and close friends


These thank you dinner notes are great for sending to family and friends. They are sweet and also contain an element of light-hearted jokes. Such notes will bring you and your loved ones closer and also get your message across clearly. 


Dear Emily, 

Just wanted to share how delighted I am to have come to your house for dinner. Every moment was worth remembering and, as you could tell by how much I ate, each dish was spot-on. Your company and hospitality were great and I only hope to be a host as good as you. Glad we took out the time to catch up. 

Thank you for the lovely dinner. 





Dear Maria, 

As always, it felt amazing to get together and talk about everything. Your hospitality and kindness never cease to amaze me. The menu was very well planned and each dish tasted better than the other. However, my highlight was spending time with you (and perhaps devouring the sweet dish with the pineapples). 

I am so glad I have a friend/family member who can cook as well as you. Hoping we can do something similar soon, this time at my house. 





Hi Steve,

I am writing this letter to express how much I appreciate your efforts, from the perfect décor to the most delicious menu, great music to the nicest theme, everything was remarkable. Thank you for inviting me and making such wonderful arrangements. I loved catching up and spending time with you. 

I’m not sure what makes me happier-that I have a beautiful friend who makes mouth-watering food or that I can eat as much of it as possible whenever I like. I hope I can be a good host to you soon. My wife extends her apology for not being able to attend




Dearest Theresa,

I usually love the weekend because I have two days off, but this time my love was so much greater because a friend and host as wonderful as you invited me over for dinner. Thank you for taking care of the smallest details and preparing the most delicious meal. The appetizer, main course, sweet dish, and coffee were all made to perfection. 

Hope I can be a host to you soon. I will be traveling on business this week, please grace us with your presence next week. 




Dear Peter,

The dinner you made yesterday — I wish I could have it for a few more days. It was most definitely the weekend’s highlight for us. My husband and I are still amazed by how good of a host you are and how well you planned each detail. I sincerely hope we can do this again in the near future.

You are an amazing friend and an even more amazing cook. Please come over soon. 



The Best Thank You Notes to Say Thank You For Dinner Pin


Dear Ali,

It was absolutely amazing last night. Each dish was delicious and made just how we like it. I thought you’re a great friend but turns out you are a cook just as amazing. I would love to do this again soon, hopefully at my place this time around. 

I’ll try my best to cook as well as you, but no promises. Hope you will accept our invitation and plan a meetup soon. If you are too busy for dinner, please come over for tea sometime, we’ll be waiting. 

Thank you for everything,



Hi John,

We are still talking about how well you prepared each dish and how you arranged everything to such perfection in such little time. The appetizer, main course, and dessert, especially the chocolate fountain- I am still in heaven. 

Thank you for the most wonderful evening. Please come to our house soon so that I can be a host as good as you. Lots of love from our side.


the Johnson family


Dear Marcel,

Thank you for the lovely dinner last night. Everything was so well cooked and the flavors were so well balanced, we are still in awe. I don’t think there is anything you can’t do if you put your mind to it. Apart from handling your job so well, it’s unbelievable how you also manage everything else so effortlessly.

Please give us a chance to become hosts as lovely as you. Let us know whenever you are free. 

Best wishes,




Just wanted to let you know, you did a wonderful job hosting our dinner the other night, as usual. I wanted to thank you for being a great host and making the yummiest dishes. It is always a pleasure to spend time with you in your welcoming and warm home. 

I am looking forward to having such a pleasant evening soon, preferably at my home this time. Please let us know whenever you are free. 


the Parker family.


Dear John,

I am writing this note to extend my gratitude and appreciation for the lovely dinner last night. Your hospitality is unmatched, as expected. We want to thank you especially for preparing a menu keeping in mind my allergies and oversensitivity to certain ingredients.

I hope you know you are so cherished and welcome at our home any time of the day. Come soon!




Hello Bob,

Thank you so much for having us over for dinner the other night. Everything was so well prepared, I’m literally inspired. We had a great time and cannot wait till we do this again. Hopefully, you will give us a chance to host you next time. 

I hope this simple thank you note makes you smile and is enough to convey how much we appreciate you. 

Thank you for everything, Jill.


Dear Jill,

I am so thankful to have you in my life. Even more so from last night now that I know what a wonderful cook you are. Each dish was made to perfection and I must say you’re very talented. Please come over soon so I can be as good of a host as you. 

Eagerly waiting to catch up again. 




Dear Joanna, 

Thank you for such a pleasant evening. My boyfriend and I had a great time and are still discussing how well you prepared the menu. If you could please share your meringue recipe with me, I would be ecstatic. 

Please come over soon so we can also entertain you. I will bake my special chocolate chip cookies just for you!




Dear Robina

Last night was no less than magical. The appetizers, main course, drinks, and cookies were so well thought out. Just like everything else, you are also amazing at cooking and your hospitality is enviable. Please give us a chance to host you soon and plan a get-together.

With lots of love,



Dearest Philip,

We don’t get together too often so I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for arranging the dinner last night. It was great to see all of us together like old times, laughing and enjoying ourselves. We appreciate you and your efforts.

I really loved your (insert your favorite item here) and would be delighted if you could share the recipe. Can’t wait till we get together again, hopefully at my place next. Until then, take care.

With love,



Hello David,

It was lovely seeing you again after so long. It felt like nothing had changed and we were still in our old days. Thank youuu for taking the time to plan everything out so smoothly. The menu was excellent and the ambiance was unmatched.

Please come over to our house soon for dinner. We would love nothing more! Take care, lovely.




Formal or Semi-Formal ‘Thank You for Dinner’ Notes

Formal or Semi-Formal ‘Thank You for Dinner’ Notes

Dinner invitations are not necessarily from close friends or family members.

They may be from friends you haven’t seen in a long time, distant relatives you rarely meet, new friends, acquaintances or business-related invitations from your boss or work colleague. 

However, the general rule remains the same for everyone.

When writing a thank you note for a formal or semi-formal dinner, include details like the well-thought menu, the pleasant ambiance, and the nice décor.

For brownie points, you can complement their house or the effort they put into small details like soft music or fancy cutlery. 

Let’s look at some examples:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wilson 

We are writing this to express how grateful we are for the well-thought dinner the other night. The menu along with the other details was wonderful. Your home is lovely and welcoming. We had a great evening in your company. 


the Parker family


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scott

The Thanksgiving/ Christmas dinner was amazing. Thank you for having us over and showing your great hospitality. We hope you will grace us with your presence soon and come over for dinner or lunch, whatever suits you best. 


Jim and Pam


To Mr. and Mrs. Hudson

We are writing this to extend our heartfelt thanks for the lovely dinner the other night. We had a great time and so did the kids. The menu was very well crafted and each dish complemented the other. We are hoping to host you soon as the kids keep asking when we will be seeing you again. 

We are eagerly waiting for you. 

Best Regards, 

Kevin Malone


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor 

We wanted to let you know what a delightful time we had at your place for dinner last night. The amount of effort and time you put into each detail was clearly evident. Besides a beautiful family, you also have a lovely house. The view from your living room is stunning.

We are hoping to entertain you soon if you give us the chance. Until then, take care.


Dwight Shcrute


To Mr. and Mrs. Beesly

Thank you for having us over for such a pleasant meal. Everything was delicious and we, along with the kids, had a spectacular time. You have a very welcoming house and your hospitality is enviable. 

Please give us a chance to host you soon. 


the Scott family


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bratton

I am having trouble finding words to express how delightful it was to visit you the other night. The menu, décor, and especially the ambiance with that balcony view were brilliant. My favorite was (insert your favorite item here), but everything else was also just as delicious. 

I would be delighted if you could share your recipe with me. Moreover, please give us a chance to host you soon. Until then, take care.




Mrs. Trump, 

Thank you for the lovely dinner last week. The kids, husband and I still cannot stop discussing the well-thought menu and your beautiful home. We highly appreciate your kindness and generosity.

We also cordially invite you for dinner over at our house anytime next week. Please let us know whenever you are free and we will plan accordingly. Thank you so much once again.


Michelle and Joe. 


To Mr. and Mrs. Stark

Thank you for making us a part of your lovely dinner the other night. The homemade meal, especially the (insert your favorite item here) was excellent. The wine and the appetizers were wonderful as well. We greatly enjoyed spending time with all of you guys and hope we can plan yet another get-together soon. 

Next time, we would like to host you for a dinner, which is hopefully as lovely as yours. 

Kind Regards,

Jamie Lannister


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hudson

Your ability in the kitchen, efforts, and unparalleled kindness is much appreciated. Thank you so much for having us over for dinner. Everything was very well managed and your attention to each detail was clearly evident. You have a lovely house and family.

We hope to host you soon at our house. Until then, take care.


Roxanne and Peter Parker

A few more examples when thanking for a semi-formal dinner include the following:

Dear Aunt Theresa,

Thank you again for hosting us. We greatly enjoyed the entire weekend, but we especially wanted to thank you for the lovely dinner on Saturday night. You and uncle Jo are both amazing hosts. It was one of the most joyful experiences we have had in a long time. 

We also hope to serve you soon at our house. 

Best wishes,

your nephew


Dear Uncle Moses

Thank you for your great generosity and kindness. We had a wonderful time at your lovely house. All the food, including the appetizers, main course, and dessert. You made us and the kids feel very welcome and special. 

We would like to host you soon at our place for dinner. Please let us know whenever you are free. 




Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scholes,

Thank you for being the kindest and most generous hosts. The menu was excellent and you have a lovely home. Our highlight was spending time with you and your beautiful family. 

Hope we can meet again soon. Until then, take care. 





Appreciation for someone for their efforts, no matter how big or small, never goes out of style. If you want to thank someone for hosting you for dinner, remember to complement the food, arrangement, house, and effort sincerely.

For a stronger bond, invite them over to your house next. 

Maybe your small note will earn you another dinner invitation!