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The Meaning of “PSS” (at the End of a Letter)

The Meaning of “PSS” (at the End of a Letter)

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In English, there are plenty of abbreviations and acronyms that come from Latin.

For instance, “MO” stands for “Modus Operandi,” which means way or method of operating. Also, “etc.” is an abbreviation of “Et cetera,” a Latin expression that is used to convey the meaning of “and so forth.”

We have already seen one example, the abbreviation “PS.” We talked about its meaning, how to use it in letter writing, and how it has affected pop culture among other things.

Today, we will look at a similar word, one that is very similar to “PS.”

Today, we will talk about “PSS.”


What is the meaning of “PSS”?

“PSS” is an abbreviation that can have many meanings. However, the main one that comes to mind is “Postscriptum scriptum,” which seems to be a natural extension of the original “PS,” short for “postscriptum.” Ergo, some people believe that it should be used during letter writing if you have something to say after your first “PS.”

Other possible meanings of “PSS” include “Perceived Stress Scale,” “Personal Social Services,” and “Product Support Specialist.”


The meaning of “PSS” at the end of a letter

“PSS” mainly stands for “Postscriptum scriptum.” It is an abbreviation that, some will argue, is taught in American schools, especially during the sixties and seventies. It is a way of adding information at the end of a letter, especially when you’ve already used “PS.”



Imagine you’re writing a letter to your cousin, telling them about what life has been like after your new job. This is what the end of your letter might look like.


“Overall, I am grateful for this opportunity, and I will do everything in my power to make the most of it.

Wish me well.

Your cousin.

PS, If you want, there is a job opening at our company that I think would be perfect for you. I can try to put in a good word for you.

PSS, It’s grandma’s birthday next week, and she’s expecting all of us to visit. Don’t forget to show up with a present.”


As you can tell, “PSS” is used to add extra information as an afterthought.


”PSS” vs. “PPS”

Even though “PSS” seems natural, some will argue that it is actually wrong.

Their argument is that “PSS” stands for “postscript script,” which doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense.

Alternatively, they believe that the correct abbreviation should be “PPS,” which is short for “post postscriptum.”

This refers to what comes after the initial “PS,” explaining why they believe it is the correct continuation.

Extending the above logic, if you wanted to add something else after a “PPS,” you should use “PPPS” instead of “PSSS.”



Let’s say that you are sending an email to your friend, inviting him over to your Christmas party:


“Looking forward to seeing you there.


PS, be sure to bring the kids with you. My daughter has been asking about them for a few weeks now, and I’m sure they can all have fun playing together.

PPS, the weather forecast says that it might get a little chilly at night. So, make sure that you and your lovely family bring a few jackets with you just in case.

PPPS, my wife also wanted me to remind you to ask Susan to bring with her the recipe for the casserole she brought to last month’s office dish party.”


So, which option should you go with?

As attractive as “PSS” may seem, I believe that “PPS” is a better choice. It makes more sense, and it is the option that seems to garner more consensus.

In short, most resources agree that it is “PPS,” so you’re better off following conventional wisdom on this one.


Other meanings of “PSS”

Like most acronyms and abbreviations, “PSS” can have a plethora of meanings, each of which makes sense to a specific group. What’s more, new meanings can sprout up every day.

So, rather than looking at every possible meaning, let’s just discuss a few of the more prominent ones.


”PSS” meaning “Perceived Stress Scale”

The Perceived Stress Scale is a psychological tool that helps in the measurement of stress. It highlights how much certain situations are stressful for a certain subject.


”PSS” meaning “Personal Social Services”

This is a term used in the United Kingdom, and it describes a set of services that local authorities provide to help vulnerable groups. These groups can include mentally or physically handicapped individuals, senior citizens, and abandoned children.


”PSS” meaning “Product Support Specialist”

This is a paid position that you may find in several companies. The Product Support Specialist, or PSS for short, is responsible for providing the second tier of support necessary for both customers and field representatives.