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  1. It would be way to hard to learn it that way without any guidance.
  2. German has a natural learning flow for enlgish speakers in my opinion.
  3. German is starting to seem like a great language to learn for me.
  4. Great sources here! I think youtube is becoming a great online free university in a way.
  5. Mastering slang is essential to really have great command of a language.
  6. They sound very differently. I think asian languages specially are all about the tone not so much the words.
  7. The most reffers to something individually while most is more generalized.
  8. I was very young when I was introduced to english, it hasd basicallty become sedcond nature to me, alsmot native.
  9. They are very helpful for enlgish specially, I think it's a very practical language that can be learned easily by listening to it a lot.
  10. Yes, it's an integral prt of the education system I was raised with.
  11. “There is no dishonor in losing the race. There is only dishonor in not racing because you are afraid to lose.” So true!
  12. It seems like aa good idea if you get enough close family and friends to learn it, this way you can all communicate certain things and only you'd know.
  13. For me it was easy to learn portuguese because I speak spanish and the similatiries are huge. It's a relatively easy language to learn for those that speak spanish.
  14. She brings whole new approach for mandarin. Might seem like only kids would benefit from this, but not really lol.
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