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  1. I am an kinesthetic learner. In order for my to memorize things I have to write them down multiple times. It has never failed me. Thanks for sharing this.
  2. It's a great way to lean new things, no doubt. I wouldn't say it's a pleasure compared to fiction books, but it's always good to read. I would, however, prefer to read fiction for pleasure.
  3. This word is honestly stupid. I refuse to ever say it, since it's so stupid.
  4. I too have difficulty spelling "tomorrow". I could have sworn my elementary teacher taught us all to spell it with two "m" ending up looking like this "tommorow". I usually catch myself, but I've been writing it that way for too long now that it's a habit.
  5. I don't even consider this word an actual word. It looks and sounds stupid. I'm not going to lie, I have taken numerous "selfies".
  6. I consider myself a pretty fast reader, but when I was a kid I could read even faster. Reading was my hobby back then, so I would read books all the time.
  7. I would have to say that learning one language at a time is the better option. Just like that old proverb: "slow and steady wins the race". If you concentrate on one language at a time you won't mix up meanings, pronounce wrong, etc. It's basically multitasking and you don't really concentrate when doing that.
  8. I usually watch movies with subtitles on. Mainly due to the fact that the chips that I am munching on make too much noise for my to hear what the actors are saying. Also, if something gets said to fast for my understanding I can see what was supposedly said.
  9. I found another one. I can say it correctly the first time, but the more I say it I am prone to just screw it up. "Sheena leads, Sheila needs"
  10. I'm notorious for misspelling "tomorrow". I don't know why, but I always put two "m"s. I think I grew up doing it that way in years and no teacher ever caught it. I'll see the spell check error when typing, but when i'm hand writing i'll miss it for sure.
  11. One word I never get to use is "tapestry". This was my first word in my first Spelling Bee so it stuck with me ever since. Tapestry is more synonymous to medieval times and I never have any conversations about that era. I guess I will have to just keep the word with me as long as I live.
  12. My English class uses a lot of example from this site. It has helped me a great deal in understanding many things. It's a great site, and I suggest anyone to use it.
  13. I get a little worried, but nothing that's overboard. I usually always do good on tests and I rarely fail them. As long as I study even just a little bit I will do just fine. To be honest, I just pray before any test. It calms me down and allows me to fully concentrate and take the test.
  14. Those are some classic tongue twisters. Here's one I always have trouble saying: "Seven selfish shellfish". It gets me every time. I can't even get it down to this day.
  15. I see myself as a pretty fast reader, and I can read it aloud at a fast pace as well. I guess the more you read, the faster you read the text. Sometimes you can just breeze through it and not even understand what you're reading. That happens a lot with me.
  16. I did not, but I believe that's a great way to master the language quicker. Most of the time you are trying to understand what people are saying around you. I feel like trying that out when I plan on learning another new language.
  17. You can curse at people right in front of you in a different language! I'm kidding. A great benefit of being bilingual or even multilingual is that people don't look down on you. It shows that you were proactive and learned a new language. Also, there's the other additional benefits of being able to speak to others in their native language and learning their culture.
  18. This made my day. I laughed when I read "Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni". If only learning Chinese were that easy. Anyways, thanks for sharing.
  19. Chinese is pretty useful in my life. Most of my friends are Chinese, so it's only natural that they talk in their native language more. I ended up taking it upon myself to learn Chinese eventually. I use it everyday since I live pretty close to Chinese markets and do a substantial amount of shopping there.
  20. I have a lot of friends that are Chinese. It would be nice to talk to them in their own native language for once. Plus, I plan on going back with a handful of them to China. It would be beneficial for me to know the language over there.
  21. Just tried it out again. It gets pretty crazy difficult at the higher levels of 50+. I have never even heard of most of the words they quiz you on. However, it's great to know you're practicing for a good cause. I'll try to use this daily now.
  22. A quote that really gets to me. “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss It's such an inspiring quote for motivation and moving forward in life. Whenever I'm feeling down about something, I just think about that quote and it gets me through the day.
  23. I care a lot about these things. I don't want to be looked down upon and be thought of that guy with the terrible grammar. I feel that using the correct grammar shows that you are a respectable and responsible person. I want to give off a good first impression, and the way you talk is an important aspect.
  24. I'll admit I use it when texting, but I don't go overkill and say it after every sentence.The only time I really overdo using "lol" is when i'm playing games online. After every sentence i'll type "lol" even though it's not even funny. I guess i'm weird like that.
  25. Although it's a common mistake, I never really hear it said when talking to others. I only see it online in text. I feel that you catch yourself when you say it out loud rather than typing.
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