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  1. For me its all about opportunities. I would love to lean french if it help me in the growth of my profession.
  2. Although "Hindi" is my native and first language, I like English the most instead. I love the beauty which emerges when I talk to someone who is not of my nation. I feel that everyone should be as comfortable in its second language as in its own. so I may end up concluding no, I don't feel different but oneness.
  3. There are lot many languages which are meant to be studied without considering its importance. I remember when I used to learn "Sanskrit" a couple of years back but now I do realize that it was nothing but simply the wastage of time. I think it all exist just to keep it alive as "Sanskrit" was a very popular language written and spoken in the ancient time.
  4. Of course, all these frills is going to make a way for its success. Now a days every single person is connected to social media site like Facebook, twitter and Google+. I think we should forecast our forum as much as possible and so I am going to invite all of my friends to get connected.
  5. Mujhe apki hindi kafi pasand aai, khas taur par jo aap kehti hai "mai sochti hu", mujhe aisa lagta hai k aap bharat desh(India) se nahi hai. Kya mai sahi hu?
  6. Ji haan, mujhe hindi gane bahut pasand hai. Mai khaskar sonu nigam, md. rafi saahb, kk, shaan inke gane jyda sunta hu. Mere sabse priye gayak sonu nigam ji hai.
  7. Kritghan, arthat kisi ki ki gai madad ko nazarandaz kar dena, aise manushya bahut bure hote hai.
  8. I was wondering if I could enhance my reading speed as I am not at all satisfied with the current reading speed :cry:, some of the way I tried is reading aloud, reading almost anything but all proved to be useless. I don't know what exactly the problem is, I think I can write even faster but not reading. One thing I would like to mention that once I am into reading for longer than five minutes, then its normal and I can read very fluent.
  9. Warm welcome to you, of course we are going to have lots of fun together. Hey I was running through your profile while I encountered your native language as "Swahili", to be very frank I never heard about that language. Will you be kind enough to introduce little bit about that language. :clown:
  10. I would say there are two. one is French and another one is Italian language apart from my native language Hindi which I find the most romantic language, specially when a girl speaks. :kiss:
  11. I think it all rely upon your interest. Apart from Hindi, English and a bit of french I have learnt "Punjabi" which is among very famous languages spoken in India. I learned the basic of it in just three days, all I was left with the improvement which for sure I did along time passed and guess what. I topped the school also scored high marks in "Punjabi" among those students.
  12. Wow that's something unique you are going to start with, let me let you that my grandpa has gained glory of success in Sanskrit. However, in my opinion I don't think it is worth learning now as the influence of Sanskrit is slowly fading away, rather you work on other languages. Still if you don't want to move on, I would suggest you to start by taking help of school books and internet.
  13. The most funny thing happened to me is when I flashed the firmware of my android, when switched on it was in different language which I was not familiar with. That took me more than half an hour to set back on English...
  14. It depends on what kind of tuition you are talking about, I mean if it is about just learning and needs no particular visual demonstration or anything else. If I talk about myself, I am a CA student and most of my classes are being uploaded to the website and we are allowed to watch them by streaming the video, it is also an online tuition. So if you ask my opinion I would say yes its great as it saves time and lots of money.
  15. Grammar is the most important think to take care specially while writing. I did't pay considerable attention to grammar until matric, but then after I realized the importance of grammar. Now that I love writing and own a blog as well I need to make my grammar more healthy:-),and that is the reason I have joined this forum.
  16. Its for sure that I don't remember my first word as I was too young to recall that, however it should be "A for apple" I reckon.
  17. Writing is the most simple part I guess as you don't have to be worried about the accent and all, and of course reading, the same, but sometimes I feel that I am bit slow in reading any language whether it is my native language or any foreign language. Speaking is bit tough job for me as there needs to be matching with the accent.
  18. I always wanted to learn french, in fact I was prepare to opt for french language in the university but unfortunately there was no option for french in the syllabus. Actually I have decided to learn french when I was a school kid but now I am graduate and did't get the time as well as the opportunity to learn the same.
  19. Although I have not used it for a considerable time period but all I found from the "Google translate" is that its good, yeah its good and not awesome as sometimes it translate with totally wrong meaning and its subtle sometimes. I think they need to work upon it to make it more dynamic and useful. All I can say eventually is, its useful as you can download the application and use it anywhere by just clicking a picture and it will translate in the desired language.
  20. Of course it worked for me, I have learned lots of new words and their pronunciation. What can be better way of learning other than music as I am the music lover. This method not only helps me leaning new words but also with the accent thereof.
  21. I think I reached to the right thread as I have the perfect answer you are looking for. Well learning new words should be like a game i guess and I know the similar website which for sure will take anyone from bottom to top in just few weeks. The name of the website is https://www.vocabulary.com/ This site is the best site I have came to know so far.
  22. I used to use "vocabulary.com" to grab some words, no doubt it helped me a lot. I have learned so many words and some beautiful words among them are Bourgeois, futile, subtle, vapid and lots more... :speechless:
  23. Haha, I am still learning to pronounce that lol. Okay now gimme the meaning of "Hoosegow", I bet you will laugh your ass of googling the meaning as its horrible man.
  24. I am damn agreed with you man, this is not just thread but its a source to learn some more... I guess threre is nothing about being favourite and all, some of them I generally use is as follows After all is said and done, more is said than done "The secret of life is not to do what you like, but to like what you do" (this one I used day before yesterday in my class) "A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks" out "Education is the best provision for the journey to old age" (well this is my favorite, if you ask me seriously) "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work" And lots more which can be recalled upon the situation.
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