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  1. No matter the language, my inner voice is far more eloquent and flawless than my tongue can ever account for. But I know what you're describing very well....I think the trick is to force yourself to speak it. Gain some muscle memory. Even if it's as simple as thinking of replies/thoughts to an article or discussion thread and "replying" a bit outloud to get some spoken word in there, or singing in that language, etc.
  2. I want to learn as many as possible, though I don't necessarily have it down to an exact science enough to have a number. I have to admit though, knowing 6+ fluently would be pretty incredible...and a great challenge, as well.
  3. If you enjoy video games, then I think they can be a great tool to use to help learn a language. I think it's crucial to immerse yourself in the language and culture you're learning about, and what better start than forms of media and entertainment? Video games, TV shows/movies, news and books in other languages are all great tools to be used and readily available.
  4. I think anything you'd want to be able to communicate, both in an emergency and in frequent expected use, should be considered. Consider different emergencies, medical, legal, etc. and what you would need in order to navigate those...perhaps you're lost and need to know a few key locations and directional phrases. Perhaps you want to know more about something or how to get somewhere. I just try to run through the scenarios in my head and prepare for 1. the most likely to happen a good bit. and 2. the most crucial in case of unexpected events.
  5. I've always been partial to the way Italian sounds...so romantic and lovely to speak and write. It sounds the best, in my opinion.
  6. I'm cognizant of some of the differences but never had them all pinned down before...thanks for the excellent link!!
  7. I know if you look on the internet it seems very bleak, but I'm not sure about in real life examples. I know many people who struggle with spelling, and just rely on spell check to fix things for them if they really need things to be flawless.
  8. Raining cats and dogs a wolf in sheep's clothing a snake in the grass
  9. Quite agreed....add to it that depend upon where you go, regionally things can be used or understood in very different ways. What might be acceptable or even amusing in one area could be misunderstood or offensive in another- and this is among speakers of the same language!
  10. Incandescent and iridescent are both quite beautiful to me as well.
  11. I've thought about it before...but perhaps in a slightly different sense. For me, language (even multiple ones that can express concepts that some may not be able to) is highly flawed and imperfect. My thoughts go so much further than just words in the first place, and sometimes trying to capture concepts in words and then express them ruins the essence of the concept in the first place. Imagine if we could perfectly share the things that go on in our head? Would things be better? Would we be more empathetic and understanding...more advanced? It's a curious topic.
  12. I can't say that it's "come in handy" in that way yet but I'm still glad it's a skill that I have acquired. Med schools tend to like multilingual students, and there have been times when it's been useful in other ways aside from job searches.
  13. If I had to pick something, I suppose just the conjugation of verbs but even that wasn't too hard. I had a very easy time learning Spanish, keeping up with it has been another beast altogether.
  14. Well they are all romance languages, so it stands to reason that there will be many similarities. However, I wouldn't go so far as to say they're "roughly the same"...there are key and crucial differences between the three. I would say that Italian and Spanish are far more closely related than French by comparison.
  15. Unfortunately that's the very thing I've had the most trouble with myself. Like you, I was an excellent student in the language. I learned quickly and easily and when I spoke it everyday, had no trouble accumulating more and more information. Speaking everyday IS the biggest thing for me. Also, listening (music, tv, movies, etc.) and reading frequently are helpful as well. Perhaps do one of those email word a day things, except in spanish, and commit to using whatever word you get in some way? Even if it's just in your own brainstorming or verbal practice, it could be helpful to keep integrati
  16. I haven't personally had much luck with online translators...google based or otherwise. I guess you get what you pay for though, right?
  17. For a variety of reasons ranging from personal associations to just liking the sound/feel....galaxy, celestial, intricate, infinite, paradoxical, requiem, empathetic, sublime.
  18. I can't think of too many that still give me trouble...I used to have a hard time with calendar, lavender, zealous, physicist and license.
  19. Exactly! It is not logical at all. Not to mention, it makes the speaker sound like a complete tool.
  20. It definitely does seem to be the exception to the rule most often, but it seems quite a few of us were taught contrary in school. Not a very good mnemonic if it's so inherently flawed to begin with.
  21. Speaking/listening tend to be the hardest for me....writing and reading are easier to process.
  22. I learned Spanish with a class of about 30, learning Latin and Italian with just my husband and myself.
  23. Motivation is key, but so is consistency. The more you do it and find different ways to incorporate it daily, the easier it becomes. That's been my experience, anyway.
  24. Well obviously it's possible, but I imagine it would be extremely challenging. I really want to know a minimum of 5 languages, I'm on my third so far. It's hard to learn more than one at once, and it's hard if you don't keep up with them consistently.
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