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  1. I have heard of people doing this in conjunction with their town hall and they do it for small businesses in the area. Try going to your town hall or even a local high school and see if they would be interested in your services. You can teach night school for adults.
  2. Hello and bienvenidos! I am from the USA and I am brushing up on my Spanish. How are your translation jobs? How are you finding them here in the USA? I am just curious! Have fun on the forum!!! :grin:
  3. Great job Trellum! You have made a ton of progress on your languages on Duolingo! I am at like 10% on French here. If only I had a little more time! I am using the mobile app though and it is fun to do on the train.
  4. I also gave up on learning more ASL. I was into it for a while when I wanted to teach, but once I had a career shift then I stopped learning it. I don't use it that much anymore too. I do miss it though. :shy:
  5. That is very fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing that! I have always wanted to study primates and I am so impressed by how they communicate with each other. It is simply just amazing.
  6. I have a hard time with Japanese and French. Right now I am having troubles with my Rs in French. I just can't get that sound that is in the back of your throat. That French R is very hard for American's to pronounce.
  7. I had a high school English teacher make me learn prefix, suffix and root words in Greek and Latin. It helped me learn a lot of different languages because the words are all so similar. It helped me learn the romance languages very quickly.
  8. Yes! I find that it makes learning easier when you have someone to talk to! You can feel comfortable learning and your new friend can help you learn new words. They are always willing to help with clarification.
  9. I would watch Spanish soap operas and not know what they were saying, but I am starting to get it after watching for a long time. I sometimes watch with Google Translate open and I translate words that I do not get at all. It helps to build up my vocabulary.
  10. I always have to read and then listen in order to learn. If I don't see the spelling of the word then it just does not click in my brain. I am a visual learner so seeing the word first helps me retain it. I then listen and try immersion in order for it to really stick.
  11. I really learned a lot in my high school Spanish class. I learned enough to graduate with honors from the Golden State Exam in California. That was from only 2 years of Spanish. I still speak it to this day and I also got employment for knowing Spanish. It goes a long way. How many electives can get you a job?
  12. I love how it is easy to check out an ebook from my library website, but they will never replace printed books for me. I just love to hold and feel them. It is so much easier to flip through a book than to scroll through an ebook.
  13. Wow, that is a very old age for someone to forget their native tongue. I was around 5 when I only spoke English and I did forget Spanish completely. I couldn't imagine forgetting after leaving home at the age of 18 though.
  14. Cool! I am with VNTomboy. How are you going to keep the spammers off of it? Any roulette type of site always brings out the worst in people. It sounds like such a cool project though!
  15. I have always wanted to learn Latin! :grin: My best friend studied Latin in high school and he writes some really cool things in Latin all the time on his online profiles. Some people think it is nerdy, but I think it is cool!
  16. Thanks for the heads up! I like ChatRoulette before it got to X rated. I hope this doesn't happen to this site. :confused: I like the idea of people who want to seriously try learning new languages together online. Great resource!!
  17. I feel like it is very easy for me to acquire new vocabulary, but retention and learning what the words means will go out of the window in a day or so. The only way I can really learn is with repetition. Repetition is the key to learning for me.
  18. I plan on learning French and staying committed to practicing and reading it every day. I bought a lot of books and software over the years. Now I have to buckle down and do it!
  19. They have a different alphabet than English. Remember that they have an extra letter too with the ñ. Some letters are going to sound different than the way they do in English.
  20. Yes!! Don't see that apostrophe as possessive! Think of it as "It is" just like "He's now home." Is "He is not home." I hope that helps too!
  21. I like to think of it as a more accepting and less violent melting pot. Racism is still alive and well, but there are less violent outbursts. It seems like now there are more violent racial tensions between the police and citizens compared to just different races going at it.
  22. I think it s possible. There are some sounds that I just can not pronounce. It is like my mouth doesn't have the space or I do not understand how tongue placement works for certain words. It could be that wider jaws produce different sounds. It sounds about right.
  23. I didn't fall in love because I need a deeper connection than just looks to fall in love. I can say that I have fallen in lust with some Italian and French men thought. They can be talking about the weather for all I know, but they just make me melt. :love:
  24. I think it is because you hear it on a regular basis when you have people from the other country move into your own. It is hard to get used to at first, but if you are immersed in it then it just comes to you. I find it easier to pick up things that way.
  25. I find that apps help me more than traditional classroom settings. I do not focus in classrooms, but if I use an app it is on my own initiative and therefore I tend to focus more. I also like apps that track my progress.
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