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  1. same here bro, I'm still learning English for my TOEFL exam and the more I think I'm close to perfection, the more I feel deceived. But still, I cannot lose hope and give up, I am working hard to learn it and I never thought that It'd be easy. So, let's see how much time will I take to completely prepare for the exam :punk:
  2. I'm always dream about travelling. I'm learning foreign language so that I can communicate with the people during my travel and have some memorable moments with them, maybe make some friends here and there too
  3. I started learning a second language when I was in grade 8 and I learned it pretty fast, thanks to the teacher who gave me special attention. Without her I think I wouldn't be able to learn that language =)
  4. hehe, well it's the best technique till date I myself learn words in batches and repeat them, I then move on to the next batch and then come back to the previous batch to see if I still remember the words or not. Practice makes a man perfect, so I practice until I learn the word :devil:
  5. Hi Valerie, welcome to the forum dear :kiss: You really know a lot of languages, kind of awesome I wish I can only learn good English,lol
  6. it's better to concentrate on one language at a time. you cannot do two things at a time, u'll have to do one thing now and the other one sometime later.So, learn one language first and then go with the second language. It's easier this way rather than learning two languages at a time
  7. yeah, i do feel the same way sometimes but you cannot do anything about it. You can practice to make yourself better but it'll take time, and in the meantime you cannot always stay quite. So you have to talk even if you don't want to, even if you are shy
  8. I won't ever move to a country where you cannot communicate with the locals. At least you should know how to convey your thoughts if you cannot talk fluently it's okay, you'll learn over time. But if you don't know a thing about their language then what are you going to do there?
  9. me too I always watch movies with subtitles,increases my reading speed plus I don't miss any conversation
  10. I'm also thinking to take TOEFL this month. The main differences between TOEFL and IELTS are- -IELTS uses different accents (British accent,Australian accent) in the understanding section, where you have to listen to a conversation. On the other hand TOEFL only uses US accent. So you should take TOEFL if you watch a lot of hollywood movies(like me) and listen to English songs. -The other main difference is the speaking part. In IELTS you will be interviewed by the examiner face-to-face. And they ask questions like "What do you like to have as a birthday present" and similar questions like that
  11. It's "an hour" and yeah, people get confused sometimes about what they are going to talk next or how are they going to explain themselves, but this is just basic. So, I don't think that someone is confused about "an hour"
  12. Read as much books as you can, this is the best and easiest method. Although, I used a different approach for me. I watch a lot of Hollywood movies and TV series, so what I do is I download English subtitles and read them while watching the movies/series. It's like a challenge, where I think am I going to read it before the subtitle changes or the next sentence is going to be shown. So, this is how I increased my reading speed. You can try it too
  13. Well, getting stressful is not my style I don't get nervous during exams. I'm always cool, don't think much about the exam because if you think what's going to happen next then you might get freaked. My parents are always worried about me, they say "He has no effect of exams on him. What is he going to do? He didn't prepare for the exam" , and all that but I never worry
  14. In our country we are taught British English from the beginning, but we have a different accent here than British accent. I don't like British accent very much, kind of hard for me to understand it. I prefer American accent more because it's quite easy to understand than British accent, plus I watch a lot of Hollywood movies so I'm pretty good at understanding American accent
  15. Yes, In my country we have all the coursework in English. The medium of teaching is our mother tongue but that too is changing with time, more and more people are attracted to schools where the medium of teaching is English. Well, learning English is very important as it helps you to communicate with the rest of the world, but you should not forget about your mother tongue. You should respect it , and at least learn it.
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