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  1. I don't usually correct anyone. It doesn't turn out well.
  2. I was never confused by any figures of speech as a child. I'm not touting this above anybody, actually I think it made me a bit boring.
  3. I love the little foreign phrases that we use. It adds an air of mystery to our speech.
  4. When you have an entire desk covered in books about the language you're learning!
  5. They're just sounds made with the mouth. They have their place, though.
  6. Grammar is quite important. I find it to be a good determiner of intellect.
  7. Yeah, phones definitely screw with things in a classroom setting. I'd suggest the above methods.
  8. Oh my god, this thread is still making me cringe. Ugh! Good thread, though.
  9. I'm learning Spanish right now, so I don't really want to think of learning anything else. But, I guess I'd look into something like Latin.
  10. Shorthand has been around far before the 21st century. And I use shorthand when I text. It doesn't matter too much. Chill out.
  11. I thought of another one. Optical. I think I have an odd sense of humor.
  12. Apparently mine were "dada." I prefer surrealism, though.
  13. Ugh! Gah! All of these are making me really angry for some illogical reason.
  14. Haha! Those are funny. I'm glad that I understood a few of 'em!
  15. I feel somewhat anxious. I could probably just call that being alert, though.
  16. Not really. It's not needed unless you're writing or in a more formal situation. Talking in formal, correct English with your friends just seems awkward and geeky.
  17. Definitely not too good of a way to learn sentence structure. Anyone could tell you that to get your message through to the listener through music, you have to change it up a bit. I think listening to the music of a language/culture would be best used as a supplement to a formal learning experience.
  18. Wow, these are pretty funny, but mostly quite interesting. I love seeing how the different cultures interpret the many sounds of the animals.
  19. I think 'Tums' is pretty funny. Well, it's technically a brand name, but I like it.
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