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  1. In my current area, I don't find it too useful in my daily life. I do plan on moving to an area that speaks more spanish however, which will make it more useful
  2. It really depends on the method of teaching and the person's persistence. I've used some good ones and some terrible ones before, but if you stick with it you'll experience much better dividends.
  3. Pretty sure "an" is used before words starting with h. It just sounds smoother/cooler too
  4. The word "epic" has already been proven to be used way too much in today's society, so bringing it up in this thread will probably roll some eyes. It's taken an otherwise amazing word for describing something unreal and totally made it just annoying to hear. Unfortunate.
  5. English was integral to my education growing up. I always had a knack for grammar and spelling, which definitely helped as I progressed through the school system.
  6. I don't think so. I think other languages are so prevalent in cultures that forcing a new language upon people will be something akin to a religious takeover. Which we all know is not happening
  7. I really don't care how others view my grammar unless it's an upper-level official at my job. They can all go to hell though
  8. People who don't know/don't use them in the right way irk the heck out of me. It takes two minutes to definitively learn the difference. I guess some people are just lazy.
  9. Mine is looking at various word lists. I find this expands it fairly easily!
  10. Hey all, My name's Lincoln, and I'm a Sociology student at Duke University. Linguaholic appealed to me because I enjoy discussing the various nuances that come with the way we humans communicate! I have taken Spanish at school and can listen and speak very well. Look for me on the english and spanish discussion forums!
  11. Grammar Nazis just flat out stink... Especially if they're going out of their way to correct someone. It just irks me what some people will do to prove a point. The point of tone they use oftentimes is what upsets me the most.
  12. Mine may be Titanic... Although it may be just because it takes place in England and features a number of english accents... :party: Terrible ending to the movie though... So sad jack had to die. Oh well.
  13. That's just flat out using the wrong word... No excuse for that in m opinion. They need to learn to use the right word. Educate themselves.
  14. Whenever I read I generally read slowly. Whenever I read fast I find that I skim over important facts that may come into play later in a novel... Which is never good! For this reason I force myself to take in each and every word so I don't miss anything.
  15. It's all in the recipients eyes. If someone looks at you, talks to someone, then the person they talked to looks at you right away, they're talking of you. Simple, yet effective.
  16. Mine is definitely Italian. I actually took intro to italian but decided Spanish would be more useful for me in the long term, so switched out. Now that I'm done with Spanish, I kind of want to pick it back up so I can eventually visit there when I'm older...
  17. I try to... I have quite a few friends who are grammar nazis so I find myself thinking about whatever I'm about to say before I say it. I guess it's good practice for me!
  18. Totally depends what context it's in. If I'm reading an instruction manual, I appreciate short and succinct text. Fiction writing, a combination of the two is nice. Not EVERYTHING deserves a long-ass description (I.E. Game of Thrones). Non-fiction any of the two works I guess. Just tell it as it is!
  19. I find that since I'm able to communicate my feelings through my own body language, I'm also able to read others' body language well. Once you realize the tricks and tips to reading someone's thoughts, body language can only improve your ability to read someone. Through that combination, I find it interesting to people watch often!
  20. Poetry to me has evolved much over the years. Around age 13 :emo: I started to listen to rap music, and as my discography library expanded as I aged, I gained a new respect for those with the ability to rap poetry to a beat. Today some of my favorite lyricists are J. Cole and Kanye. A lot of people hate Kanye or don't call his music poetry. Those people are idiots, I'm sorry. The dude has over 20 grammys and is amazing at stringing words together into poetry. Just my two cents. :kiss:
  21. Pretty sure my first words were "insane" I have no reason why! That's what my parents told me, although the could have been joking... In fact they probably were... Lol
  22. This thread is hilarious! I love little language differences like this. So many english speakers are naive to the variety that many languages bring into the world. Especially how limiting the english language is!
  23. I generally don't do breathing exercises to improve my speech. After reading a few posts on here however, I may try some! I played the saxophone earlier in life and that definitely expanded my lung capacity a lot.
  24. I generally think of myself as a good listener. I often times find myself paying extra-special attention to people who are talking to me. I do this because I expect them to afford me the same luxury when I am talking to them!
  25. I definitely agree with the general consensus here. Animals most definitely are able to communicate well, otherwise they wouldn't be able to survive. Humans no doubt did this as well before they developed language.
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