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  1. Just try to ignore everything around you. Remember nobody is judging you. No one can't even hear you everyone is focusing on his exam and not everyone is a great speaker and even though they are and you are not you are trying your best! There is nothing wrong of speaking not perfectly.
  2. They will start integrating more languages that's why they added something new that users themselves can come together and start making their own levels and quizzes for new languages!
  3. Yes. Most of the Germans that I know really want to help me improve my German. When I talk to them in English they always tell me to talk in German so I can get better.
  4. If you mean grammar tutorials for languages then yes. I have been studying a lot of grammar from online websites and it really helped me. It's like learning it from books but even better!
  5. I used to worry and think about it a lot before I go to any exam, but now I stopped. I learned that the more you worry the more you forget. So now I just say well I studied and I will do good and go in the exam with full faith that i will pass. It helps a lot.
  6. Thank you so much! I really needed this always wanted to exchange languages and learn some German. Hope someone wants to learn Arabic and teach me German! Can't wait to use it.
  7. I tried to learn a language my friends made up which is pegion language. You use english words but you put vg in between the words. So How is Hvgow. It's pretty confusing!
  8. Ughh Speaking. For me I've been studying German for the past 2 years and yet I can't speak really well because of the pronunciation and the fear of making a mistake while talking! I can ready and write well and even listen but not speak!
  9. I think the best combination for translation is a person with a lot of knowledge of english and the combination of that with Google Translate. GT has developed really well in the past years. It really translates perfectly now.
  10. I am a really fast reader to the point that I read it fast that I can't even understand my own self! I just read really fast that I just don't care what is the meaning of the words that I am reading so I have to go back again and go slower.
  11. I took the PreSAT in high school and I didn't really prepare for it. The biggest tip everyone told me is that get maximum marks on the Math section as it's the easiest way to get points in there rather than in the Englisch language section.
  12. Right now at this point of my life I don't need English at all as I am living in Germany and studying in German. English grammar isn't that important as it's a really easy language which anyone can understand what you are saying. I don't mean you you don't need to know grammar but you don't need as much as let's say German to be understood.
  13. I'd go with thousands because you are talking about documents which is plural form so you cant say one documentS can you? No so always go for thousandS.
  14. It depends which country you are talking about there are more than 2 countries which their native language is different and they have similar cultures or habits yet a bit different, so it's hard to say the stereotypes of all of them
  15. I always try to memorise the gender of the Nouns in a weird way. Like for example die Nase I would think of it as woman have nice noses or whatever. It's a really weird way of me doing it another word would be der Tisch, because the man likes his food on the table after he comes back from work.
  16. Well I personally just thought wouldn't it be so cool If I studied abroad in a country that I don't know their language! So I picked Germany to be that country and I've been learning the language so I am able to study here and live too
  17. What I did is I changed my keyboard to a German one and just got used to it when typing in German or English. I memorised the letter places and everything really helps
  18. That would be Scottish and Irish but I prefer Scottish over everything the way they pronounced some words in a thick accent just love it!
  19. Oh sure they are! Try Duolingo it's amazing! It's available on iPhone/Android and even on your browser!
  20. I never heard I could careless.. Don't know if it is grammatically correct but doesn't sound right to me because I never heard it yet. I heard couldn't care less many times but not the other one. It might be correct grammatically but no one uses it for reasons?
  21. That would be Dutch. That would be because I studied German and Dutch is kind of the same as German and much related so that would be for me really easy to start studying it.
  22. I don't use it at all with friends. The only place where I use it is on the internet in chat rooms or forums. On whatsapp or wte I just use hahaha or something similar. I think over using lol is annoying and rude :x
  23. Thank you for the list Always liked reading German newspapers. Only get to read on Sundays because that's the day they give free newspapers
  24. To me it would be about anything that I am having interest in right now. For example I am interested in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. If I walk near a book that talks about Bitcoin or something related to it I would just grab it and start reading it.
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