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  1. It would be correctly written as "He always sits in the corner". The word "sit" would be used as in "Come sit by me" or "I told my dog to sit". Sits is used in the present tense; as in "She sits next to the fountain" or "He sits at his computer".
  2. I want to learn Spanish and Japanese. I mainly want to learn Japanese because I find their culture beautiful. I also like a lot of songs that are sang in Japanese and I love singing along to them but I would love to know what they mean. I want to learn (rather, I NEED to learn) Spanish, because my boyfriend is Mexican and his family only speaks Spanish. I would like to be able to communicate fluently with them, as it seems every time we try talking one of us ends up confused.
  3. Hi, littleJ. Welcome to Linguaholic! I'm Shannon and sadly I only speak English fluently, but I'm trying to learn Spanish and Japanese.
  4. This might be off topic, but does anyone else view what they're thinking as words written in their head? Back on topic now: words come naturally to me when I'm speaking and less naturally when I am writing. If I am speaking to someone about a topic I'm especially fond of, I could go on for hours. However, if I'm trying to write my novel (which I have been trying to do of late), I end up losing my train of thought and sit there for a good 10 minutes wondering what to write next.
  5. I always figured it would be incorrect to use "however" in the middle of a sentence, since that's what "but" is for. However, I've seen it in the middle of sentences before, with a comma. Such as, "I was walking and was aimed towards going to get the mail, however I ended up at a strange garden instead". I've actually seen that, in books and in news, etc. I've always wondered if it was correct. However, I stick to using "however" in the beginning of sentences.
  6. I never though about this before, but now that I am, I'm beginning to wonder... I always thought I wrote well to satisfy my own grammar Nazism, but maybe (just maybe) I've subconsciously been trying to impress other people(?). This is a very interesting topic indeed.
  7. I never thought about this and I never knew what they're called! But I find these fascinating (and I'm always making up my own)
  8. Thousandths. I always end up saying "Thouthanths". Not because I have a lisp or anything, but that word just gets me tongue-tied.
  9. Eloquent and resplendent have always been 2 of my favorite words.
  10. Oh, gosh, "Foofing". I have a dog that lives upstairs and he's always howling, day and night. Now I feel like telling the owner to stop her dog from "foofing". xD
  11. I usually use simple words, but it really depends on what I'm writing. For example, if I'm writing an essay I tend to gravitate towards bigger words; however, if I'm talking to friends, I'll keep it simple (mostly because I don't want to confuse them).
  12. This is one thing I'm having a really hard time with! When learning other languages, I just can't get the sentence structures down.
  13. I do not like Google Translate at all. It might translate the words, but the grammar is all jumbled. I've tried using it to communicate with friends and they ended up more confused than I was.
  14. I actually never noticed this! This post made me want to learn German, just for the fun of it (That, and, I'm German, so I should learn it soon anyway).
  15. I started using Duolingo to learn Spanish. It's an app for Ipod, Iphone and maybe Android. I've found that to be really helpful, because it learns what words you need help with and shows them more often.
  16. Dachshund. I hear it pronounced so many different ways. "Dox-hound" "Dash-hund" "Dash-ind" "Dox-hound" "Dax-shund" "Dosh-hound" I swear, NO ONE can pronounce this (except those who can). It's one mistake that's been bothering be for a while.
  17. I've caught this in books, believe it or not. I was reading once, a book that was written in perfect English, and one sentence caught my eye: "He didn't notice that his keys was not there". The correct way to write that would've been "He didn't notice that his keys weren't/were not there". I'm surprised the editor didn't catch that mistake! Also, my mom finds typos/grammar mistakes in online news articles all the time.
  18. I try not to use it at all. Usually, if something is funny, I'll say "Haha" or "Omg lmao" or "Lmfao" or just the "XD" face. I do this because to me, it's really annoying when someone overuses "LOL". Like, "Lol, I just got home, lol, sorry." Or "Lol, that's funny, lol hahaha".
  19. "Irregardless Used by people who ignorantly mean to say regardless. According to webster, it is a word, but since the prefix "ir" and the suffx "less" both mean "not or with" they cancel each other out, so what you end up with is regard. When you use this to try to say you don't care about something, you end up saying that you do. Of course everyone knows what you mean to say and only a pompous,rude asshole will correct you." This made me laugh. In all honesty, I've never heard someone use the word "Irregardless", but as soon as I read it on this page, I knew there was something wrong. It's like double negatives in one word, like "Never don't" and "Don't have none". I am a grammar fanatic and things like these just.. bother me. UGH.
  20. Being a writer and a poet, I have to say, this happens to me all the time. I'll be sitting here, pencil in hand, paper on lap and I'll stay like that for hours just trying to come up with the next sentence. It makes me wonder if all writers have this problem... It also happens during essays; actually, that's where it happens the most. Especially because during essays you're strapped for time and I think that just adds on to the stress of your writers' block.
  21. Oh, my gosh, this. I am always extremely bothered by this! I constantly hear people saying "I could care less" and I always think "So you do care!". A couple of times, I actually said that, and they got mad at me and corrected me. However, I've always thought it should be "I couldn't care less". It just makes sense, as in you care so little about it that it is just physically impossible for you to care any less.
  22. Most people in this day and age use texting language, I.e. "How r u?" and "Y r u l8?". This might be irrelevant, but I just had to say how much I hate texting language. ANYWAY, I am a poet and a writer, so for me, perfect spelling and grammar is extremely important. In fact, I find myself correcting my friends all the time (which usually gets me in trouble).
  23. I really want to learn Japanese! I know I should say I have relatives there and this way I can talk to them, but in all honesty, I just LOVE how Japanese sounds. It's such a cute, interesting language. I love it. I tried learning it a while ago, and I can read it and pronounce it just fine, but I can't remember phrases and words.
  24. I prefer to write in simple English. Not because it's hard to write in big words, because I am a writer and a poet and big words are my best friend, but because I don't wish to confuse the person I'm writing to.
  25. Hi, everyone! My name is Shannon and I live in the USA. I only speak fluently when it comes to English, but I'm trying to learn Spanish and Japanese.
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