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  1. trust me, it's not a biological thing. It's just that we are trained to pronounce when we are kids so it get's stuck. I personally don't have a problem with the rough Rs because they are pronounced the same way in my native language
  2. Hello folks. As the title says, i speak English and it was taught to me from when i was small but whenever i speak it i never feel the same as when i'm speaking my native language. Does anyone else feel the same way when speaking a language that is not their native language?
  3. Hello guys, when talking about languages most people are only concerned with the more popular languages like English, Spanish, Mandarin etc. But i wanted to know if any of you speak a rare or unpopular local language. What is your local language that we may not know? My local language is called kikuyu and is only spoken in my country by a specific tribe.
  4. Hi guys, so.. what are the most widely spoken languages in the world? I reckon English is one of them but it certainly isn't the most popular because mandarin has more speakers. Apart from English and Mandarin, what other languages are widely spoken?
  5. Hi guys, i was just wondering how many language families exist and also what they are. How do people know which languages are related and which ones are not?
  6. I can only speak for spanishdict. I used it when i was a complete beginner and it helped so much. I remember those days, it was about 3 years ago. I don't know about duolingo maybe it's nice as well.
  7. I was wondering if biracial children prefer one language to the other. sometimes i'm surprised that some biracial kids can only speak the language of one parent. is it because the parents prefer to expose them to just one of the languages?
  8. hello guys, i was wondering if you guys have a friend that speaks the language you're learning. i have a friend who speaks spanish but it's long since we spoke. He has been so helpful. what do you guys do, do you go seeking out people who speak that language and make friends with themfor the sole reason of learning the language? that kind os seems unfair.
  9. I'm going to say how it's said in all the languages I speak. In English it's "i'm yours", in Spanish it's "soy tuyo", in Swahili it's "Mimi ni wako" and finally in Kikuyu it's "Ndí waku".
  10. What do you think of the many accents of English? Do you have a particular accent you like? Have you ever tried to change your accent?
  11. Yes i have. My first misconception was that all deaf people use the same sign language. I have to admit that was ignorance on my part. After learning that there were different sign languages, i decided to learn the american one (ASL). Unfortunately i didnt have enough interest to stick it out to the end.
  12. I think since you're his friend you should just do it. The next time you're teaching him a language tell him that instead of learning new languages he should work on the current language. If he takes it the wrong way then clearly he's not as enthusiastic to learn as you think.
  13. I think google translate should just be used to get a rough idea of what the sentence is about. I think they should put a visible notice saying that. It has tremendously helped me in the past while i was beginning to learn spanish.
  14. The language i like the most is spanish. I like it because i think it sounds really beautiful. To be honest i really don't like English that much. The language i like the least is probably my own mother tongue. Unfortunately growing up, we were conditioned to think speaking our mother tongue was embarassing.
  15. I learnt spanish by far less effective methods, so if i had a how-to guide book to help me learn spanish, i would have been so grateful. You can easily look up the pronunciation online. I have a french guide at home and when i start learning french thats what i'll use. The guide book comes with audio CDs.
  16. believe it or not, most people in my country have a very difficult time reading and writing their local languages because more emphasis is put on learning English and the national language Swahili. so they can speak their languages naturally but they cant write or read it, but they can write/read english but cant speak it very well. so i would say you have to be in an environment that encourages the learning of all aspects of that language.
  17. well it all depends on the person. if you're learning multiple languages for your job, then clearly a lot is riding on that. for me its just for fun and trying something new. i also have a wonderful friend from venezuela who i would love to be able to communicate with.
  18. i dont mind if someone uses text speak when they're talking especially if it's something vulgar. for example i was watching CNN and this guy said "he should STFU" because obviously he couldn't have said the F word.
  19. i do! lol. i speak English, two regional languages and spanish but my spanish is not as good as the other three. but for me its easy because i was raised to speak two languages, then learnt English from when i was little and spanish when i was a little older.
  20. for me it's a little different, the fictional language i speak is not spoken by anyone else other than my two sisters and i. when we were kids, me and my sisters sort od formed our own language. we no longer use it that much anymore but if we want to we can.
  21. i very rarely use text speak when texting someone and when i use it, i do it sparingly. i get annoyed at people who use it to the extent that you have to text them back asking what they meant in the previous text. some of it doesn't even reduce the number of words you will write yet people use it for the hell of it. very annoying.
  22. i'm not a big fan of quotes but there are some quotes i love. i love a quote as long as it has some meaningful advice in it. one i like is: "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." -mandela
  23. haha, i'm laughing so hard!! i LOVE puns. i love recognizing/noticing puns when people are talking. as long as a pun is not offensive then i'm game! i also like it when i inadvertently make a pun in my statements.
  24. i definitely over use it. but most of the tyme i'll just write "haha" i think its because i laugh a lot in real life so it just has to come out like that. whats worse is that sometimes you'll catch me actually verbalising the word 'lol' when i'm talkng to myself haha. hey, i just said 'haha' lol, and 'lol'!
  25. i had a problem with this as well but now i'm really good. we all sort of tend to ignore the subjunctive and assume its difficult but i can assure you you'll get the hang of it if you start to practise. what you should do is go on yahoo answers mexico and read the questions and answers there and you'll understand how they're used. that's how i learnt them.
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