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  1. has anybody else been taught using this approach where the spanish teacher always teaches in spanish and never in english? my friend told me that that's what his teacher does. i heard that it's a very effective method. have you had a spanish teacher that never spoke english?
  2. i am an enlish speaker learning spanish and was wondering is it more difficult for a native Spanish speaker to learn English, or more difficult for a native English speaker to learn Spanish? I know both are challenging to learn but generally speaking, which scenario would be more difficult?
  3. i agree with kristi with this one, when you start dreaming in a foreign language even if you barely have the basics down. its so frustrating when you wake up and realise it was all a dream.
  4. i really have no idea. i would imagine its many thousands and if i had to take a stab at it i would say probably 50,000 not sure though. but i think there are just very many languages considering in africa we have a language for every tribe.
  5. the strictest teacher i ever had was my English teacher in primary school. he was very strict and punished you for very small mistakes which in my opinion was abuse. one day i got one question wrong and i got the most punishment compared to those who had gotten most of the questions wrong.
  6. i'm learning spanish as well and i have all the tenses down. dont worry with time you will learn them. what i did was to make friends with a spanish speaking person and started chatting on whatsapp. i watched how he constructed his sentences and watched the tenses he used. i also watched a telenovela.
  7. now THAT's a real fun idea. i honestly dont think they remember but i also think it was 'mama' or something similar. where i live people really don't care what your first words were haha but i'll try to ask my mum, it will be interesting to find out.
  8. i started about two years ago and i've been learning spanish on and off since then but i think i have the basics and essentials down. i can converse pretty well. i have been learning on my own and i did not learn it at highschool at all.
  9. i voted japanese but its actually chinese sorry i don't know how to change the vote. i would really like to learn chinese bacause it seems like a good challenge. i hear its very difficult and takes a lot of effort to learn it. i'm currently learning spanish.
  10. for me its writing as well but only the creative sort of writing. i'm fairly good at conversational writing since i chat with a lot of spanish speaking people. the second hardest thing is speaking. i suppose the easiest for me is reading and then listening.
  11. i'm learning alone. i know its not the best method out there but right now thats what i can afford. its taking too long and i sometimes think of giving up but i recently made friends with a venezuelan guy so hopefully he can help me with that.
  12. i agree with you. the translation may be perfect but i dont think it captures the mood and atmosphere that arises in the book. so if i understand a certain language i'd rather read the book in that language instead of a translation.
  13. me too!! i once visited a resort which was frequented by italians and i just wanted to speak their language and be able to converse with them and that gave me the motivation i needed.
  14. everybody has an accent. so if you're canadian then you have a canadian accent. british people have many different accents from different regions. my accent is learned because i'm not a native speaker so i speak somewhat like an english person.
  15. i'm learning spanish and i think its taking too long because the only resources available to me are just videos on youtube. what do you use to learn the language you're learning?
  16. i have come to learn that this is generally what happens when you're learning a language. you will go through several cycles of wanting to quit and waking up the next morning feeling energetic and wanting to learn.
  17. i'm very keen on learning sign language as well. unfortunately i have found it to be very difficult and i'm also learning spanish so i just sort of abandoned it. i hope some day i'll be able to focus and just learn it.
  18. i started learning Spanish two years ago. unfortunately i didnt really have a good way of practising my spanish so i'm still not that fluent. the best way i've been practising is by chatting with my venezuelan friend.
  19. i think when this happens one is usually preoccupied with something else. reading aloud makes it worse because you're more preoccupied with uttering the sounds rather than understanding what the words mean.
  20. i have done it but not for a romantic sort of love but rather for friendship. i have a friend from venezuela and he and i learn each other's language to try and express ourselves to each other. i love him so much!!
  21. yes, all the time. actually sometimes the language makes me like the song even more. to learn the language and then listen to the song when you understand what it actually means is an even better feeling.
  22. i definitely have become better. i am smarter than i ever was. i also like to compare myself to my parents who didn't have much technology growing up and i know quite a few things that they don't.
  23. i'm dying to learn italian. i just love the language. i felt the same way about spanish but i'm getting fluent. it will be easier for me to learn italian though because its close to spanish.
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