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  1. Languages are awesome, learning a language makes you smarter and opened up for new cultures that's why i love learning and known a language or two isn't enough. Plus it makes you communicate with people easily if you're learning a world wide language.
  2. Writing a story is an creative idea to learn a language, you can write a story in your own language and then translate it to the wanted language, that's a great way to learn grammar, spelling, and new words.
  3. My cursive writing is good because my school teaches me french and we wrote french in cursive way, I don't think it's necessary to know how to write in cursive because you're not required to. A lot of people write in cursive way just to show that they know how or to show that they're fancy.
  4. They need to read, that's the most effective way that they can start learning how to write. Of course you can't just give them a book and the very next day they show up professional, they need time but finally they will get it and will have the capability to do so, let them write something about every book they've checked out.
  5. I think that's its a good idea to learn from native speakers, because they might find some way or another to do a spelling or a grammar, still non-native speaker can teach you a language but it's might not be as easily as someone who have learned it before, because they will show you a way to learn.
  6. Oh my god, Thanks for sharing, this will help me a lot and a lot of other people, a lot of people might fallen for this mistakes but it's always good for people to know what they should do and how, and I think that this is a great way to tell people if they had anything wrong in their grammar.
  7. I got 100% I kinda easy, I really wanna see more of these, they're really helpful and can benefit anyone, the sad thing is that it's short. Is there any one of these quizzes out there?
  8. I do use books but not for the same purpose, I kinda use it to know how to pronounce words. Not all the words, just the words that i really don't know how to pronounce. No one can learn a language by reading books written in that language, because you're not gonna understand what you're reading.
  9. Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously. For Moses, he knowses his toeses aren't roses, as Moses supposes his toeses to be. I really like it and it's difficult to pronounce
  10. I wanted to learn Spanish because it's a fun language and popular and a lot of people talk Spanish all around the world, and it's the second language learned in the US.
  11. انا لك : Arabic People rarely use such word but that's how you say I'm yours in arabic
  12. I've learned English through movies and american accent as well. there is a pretty common thing about people learning that way because English movies and TV shows are well known around the world. there's word that might be difficult to learn through movies but it's really possibly can be done.
  13. Of course. I'm always afraid that i might never be good at a language. I've failed twice learning but that didn't bring me down, actually it made me keep going. The problem is that i'm full of doubts of learning a language like i learned English, but there's always hope and i wish that i can get as much as possibly help to get me ready.
  14. Pictures are a great way of learning that, like the others said, that's how my students learned. but if there's a word they can't memorize it, I let them to cut the word into 3 parts and memorize it by that.
  15. First, I don't know why but i feel it's kinda stupid for known only one language, I'm not saying that smart people know two languages or more but i think that everybody should learn another language.
  16. Words written in traditional way are so hard to translate, some of them are written like how someone pronounce it, or a local word, local words are not known in any dictionary.
  17. No. Arabic accents are pretty hard to tell the difference the known accents are Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese Iraqi, But the rest are hard to till the difference. only Arabian people can tell the difference.
  18. Actually i prepared to spend as much as i can to learn a new language, and the money is not going waste because I've learned a new language.
  19. My top five: 1. Spanish 2. German 3. Sweden 4. Russian 5. Turkey That's because these languages are well-known in the world. And i would like to learn them.
  20. For me, my students must have their own motivation, other than that why would they learn the language, i support them and help them to get the motivation that they need cause they might feel down someday and i just show where they're now.
  21. I've tried the Ginger app and it's great. I like it, but i can't see myself learning from it on a daily basis, there is so much better apps to try, I can't remember any names but i know there's better apps
  22. I Don't think that's a great way to learn Arabic because every singer sing in their own accent, and you need to hear the perfect Arabic to learn
  23. I'm Arabian. I've learned English by watching movies and admiring TV shows like Friends, HMM etc. Listening to music is the best way to learn Arabic, the same way I've learned English, you can learn Arabic but you really need to like what you're seeing or you won't learn Arabic.
  24. I kinda use it, But like small sentences and single words because their translation is not that good in grammars. It's just pretty good for words and small sentences. You can copy a whole paragraphs and translate it on Google translate but you need to correct the grammars.
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