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  1. Yes it helps but of course you should be interested in learning the language that you are targeting. Using the subtitles of a movie is a good way but there are definitely other ways to learn a language or two. One is to read books and then surf the net for articles that might help in learning the language that we so like to learn. Another is to learn from a teacher or attend a class to learn a language we prefer. We can also meet up with a native speaker, ask questions and learn from him or her. These are the many ways to learn a language where one is reading subtitles. Have fun everyone and keep learning, guys.
  2. I feel the same Sarah676 because I also feel intimidated by the tones when trying to learn Mandarin/Cantonese Chinese. At first I thought that the Chinese language is the hardest or the most difficult language to learn in the world because of the tones and the other obstacles limiting me to learning it effectively. You know I am very interested to learn the language also because I love the culture in the first place and there are a lot of Chinese speaking people. I soon found out that it can be possible despite the odds but these challenges can be overcame through hard work and sheer dedication. And these values can help you succeed in any thing we work for. Good luck and more power.
  3. Well, that's good my friend that you got to the next level and I congratulate you for that because that is still a great achievement despite what have happened that kind of affected your performance. This score though should not limit you from pushing harder next time and striving to move up the ladder towards mastery of the language you are trying to learn. I do think that when you are interested and really determined, you can go places and fly and this goes to all things in life as well. More power to you and good luck my friend and I hope for your success.
  4. Decide on it my friend because it is really hard to not make our minds on anything and I think this goes for trying anything new. And if you continue to do the same thing you are trying, I think you will have little to no progress at all. So, given the reason, I think it would be best to learn one that is closest to your heart and then learning the next as a next step. I hope this helps. Thank you for the time and more power to all of us.
  5. Yes I am trying here to learn Spanish and would love a friend as a bonus but unfortunately I do not have the time to go browse the net these days so maybe I can consider that offer next month. I am sure that this partnership or any partnership with a common goal and in this case, trying to learn a language, Spanish can really yield positive results and a better performance in talking and speaking one of the languages I love and that is Spanish. Thank you for the offer and I will definitely try to contact if I already possess the time and availability. Thank you and more power to all of us.
  6. Thanks for the tips Carlyarn23 for the tips you have discussed. These are indeed very helpful for us who are trying to learn a new language and also for those who are in the process of already learning a language or two. I can really relate to this because I am in the process of learning two languages also. Let me add though that we can always look in books and watch TV or even search the web as tools for learning a language. It is also best to have a mentor and then to immerse in the culture if we can which is I think a very indispensable tool in trying to learn anything new.
  7. Well you could try because we have lots of resources in the internet if you really want to learn and if you can find someone who can teach you, then so much the better. I guess you just need to really work hard though and this is very doable but takes a lot of your time and effort to learn what you are trying to do. I wish you well my friend. All it takes is patience, hard work, perseverance and luck. I hope you can truly make it my friend.
  8. Yes because most Japanese who came to the US are highly educated or may have come because of business and other forms of works. Japanese who make it to America may also be mixes or half breeds and that they may be half Japanese and Half Americans or just a small percentage of being Japanese if any. These I guess are the reasons why they know in speaking in English a lot in the United Stated and perhaps they should adjust to the language and have adjusted very quickly as compared to other Asian groups who also reside or stay in America. What do you think guys?
  9. I love the anime Naruto and One Piece and I should say that it has helped me a lot in me trying to learn the native tongue of the Japanese people. Watching anime is one of the closest ways to speaking with Japanese people as this is how they try to speak it over there although what we may here may sometimes be slang and disrespectful, but it really come close to the real deal Japanese. Thank God for Anime which can not only entertain but also teach us as well and aid us in learning how they talk.
  10. Yes for instance in Visayan you may say it as "Gihigugma tika." In Ilonggo, "Ginahigugma taka" and of course you can always say it in Tagalog as "Minamahal Kita o Iniibig Kita." Then you can sing Original Pilipino Music that tells mostly about love and how to love the Filipino way, it is so romantic indeed. Some songs that you can perhaps consider are, "Ngayon at Kilanman," Mahal Kita, Walang Iba," "Dadalhin" and a whole lot more. What do you think guys? There are a million ways to say I Love You and saying it in Tagalog is just one way to do it. So let us be creative shall we?
  11. Thanks Limon for this list because I also would like to view films like these that are in Spanish because I also want to jumpstart in learning Spanish because it is one of the languages of my ancestors. First way for me to effectively learn the language is to read good books in Spanish and then try researching in the internet. Third, is perhaps to watch the movies suggested above and then last is to immerse myself with good native speakers of the Spanish language. Gracias.
  12. Nice one Grammar Cop. So it was not hard after all because you really did well I could see. I guess you came really prepared for the exam you had so keep up the good work. There is nothing like having a great interest in what we truly like and passionate about and trying to pursue it in whichever way we can. Just continue on and you are on your way into mastery of the language before you know. Keep it up and more power to you.
  13. Well I am just amazed by how the language is spoken and I absolutely love the culture and the whole of Japan so I have decided to go to Japan but before actually going there, I must learn the language to be able to experience Japan and its culture and enjoy it there. I am also amazed and a great fan of Japanese anime and movies and so I also sought to understand the things spoken in the shows I am watching. Another option is to learn the language and maybe get a job in there in the future because of the economic implications of doing so Japan being one of the most progressive countries in the world. Good luck to all of us and more power to all of us as well.
  14. Well I have not tried this in learning with the languages I am trying to learn as of now although it is worth a try and I think it is a nice idea but don't you guys think that language from songs are artistically altered to sound nice thus affecting grammar or any other characteristic of a language. Say for example, the chinese language is very much critical with their intonation and I guess this is not considered in songs, so this is one issue here. What do you guys think though? Keep it coming and more power to all of us.
  15. I have tried immersing in a place where native speakers speak the language I am trying to learn. I did this way way back in trying to learn Ilonngo, a native language of the Philippines which is very far from the Japanese Language though but is worth mentioning here. Yes, it really helped a lot because I got to see and here first hand how the language is being applied and used daily by the native speakers and you as the learner can try to adapt these in your learnings. I did this for three whole months and I was able to master the language after three more months of study. My advice is to continue doing the immersion for it is a very effective tool in mastering a language of any type but still you must supplement this still with other tools like books, the internet and a lot more stuff. Good luck in your journeys and language learning. More power to you.
  16. Yes athena02 you are right in saying that subtitles from anime are a really good tool in trying to learn the Japanese Language and if you can read that fast and comprehend at the same time, then well and good. I have also tried to learn the language a little bit this way. I also think that there is though a limitation to this type of learning aid because we really are not sure if the subtitles used are really correct and if how the language spoken in the particular anime shown is the proper way of speaking to others. There is still no better way than learning through established media like books and Japanese movies and immersing oneself with real Japanese speakers and learning directly from them.
  17. I want to learn Latin too because it is one of the mothers of a lot of our languages these days and learning would definitely be an achievement. It is also used in the Vatican and other Latin speaking countries. I want to hear such in the future and would like to visit Rome and Vatican for this particular reason. I am now hoping to learn the basics so that I will be able to understand what is gonna said in the mass that I will be attending over there in the future.
  18. Well I learn through watching TV and other media that use the language as the main spoken language and then I also read books, magazines and other materials that also use the language. After this, I immerse myself with native speakers of the language I am trying to learn and then trying out to converse with them and letting them correct you if possible. These learning styles though are for personal learning and we could also definitely go to language lessons and learning through language apps in the computer and other sources.
  19. Yes I have read the advice of others and they say and advice you to follow your heart and trust your instincts and go for the one that you are more comfortable but I personally challenge you to learn both as this is very helpful for you in the future I think. I know that this can be done. I have met a lot of people trying to learn two or even three languages at once. So if they can do, why can't you. Determination and hardwork is your friend in this. Good luck and more power to you and to all of us again.
  20. It is a one of the many native languages of the Philippines, JasleenKaur, specifically in Zamboanga City, often referred to as Asia's Latin City because of its Spanish and Latin inspired taste of things in the Southern part of the Philippines in the island of Mindanao.. Chavacano as a language is a mix of Spanish, Filipino, Latin and Visayan which makes it unique and pleasant to the ears.
  21. Yes my friend, she also wants to learn Ilonggo or Hiligaynon from me too which is the native language of Iloilo and other province in the Western part of Visayas in the Philippines. It is also spoken in parts of Mindanao in the southern part of the Philippines. So I learn Chavacano from her and I teach her Ilonggo. Nice deal right? Looking forward to learning more and teaching her as well because I get to be close to her very often because of which and keeps the relationship exciting because we have something to learn each and every day.
  22. If you can and you have the chance, then learn the two languages. It would be a great achievement to learn two more languages because this is an added bonus to your resume and may be helpful in finding specific jobs in the future especially in the places where these languages are spoken, Japan and France. I also think that you can learn them both, just have the discipline and dedication to succeed and you will go places. Good luck and more power to you and keep at it. Okay? You can do it.
  23. I am trying to learn the language and have found a very willing teacher in the person of my girlfriend who promised to teach me. I managed to learn to phrase from her today. First is this, Cosa de tuyo nombre which means What is your name in English. Another is, Onde tu ta queda which means Where do you live in English. Pretty cool right? As you can see it has a very close correlation to Spanish because the Philippines was after, colonized by Spain back then. I wish to learn more in the coming days and I hope you learn with me too.
  24. There are a lot of ways actually to memorize things whether they are words, pictures, places, names and others and if used in learning a language would also be great. One of these is the use of Pnemonics and this requires remembering words by using a another set of words using the first letters of the words you wish to memorize. Another way is through association with pictures as already mentioned above. Still another way is through the use of a memory palace wherein you visualize a place that you are familiar with like your home and put things here in your mind that you are memorizing. People are said to be able to memorize volumes of books through the use of this technique but you need a lot of concentration on this one. Good luck and more power to all of us.
  25. I am actually studying two local languages at the moment. One is a very unique language from Mindanao, an island in the Philippines which is a cross between Spanish, Visayan and tagalog and is often referred to as broken Spanish. Another language that I am learning at this point in time is Maguindanao, another one of the many local and unique languages of the Philippines. It has lots of new and weird words but there are also tagalog and visayan words in between. I am learning these two courtesy of my girlfriend who was kind enough to teach me first hand because she knows the two languages quite well and maybe considered a native speaker.
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