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Practicing In Groups


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Hello everyone! :)

I have found practicing a new language with a group of people to be effective in helping me improve my learning. In this way, I get to know my mistakes and I get the help of my group when it comes to correcting my mistakes. We would speak together with the language we re studying and we get to see our individual strengths and weaknesses. Those who have the edge help those who are still having problems in their areas of weaknesses.

Do you also practice in groups? What are your opinions about practicing in groups?

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I find it is a good idea also :)

Maybe we could create the same kind of groups on Whatsapps or Slack for instance :) I think Slack it is better because we can create a big project named "Languages" and inside its interface we can create several chats (For instance: "General Channel" (for speaking about the global organization, "German channel" for those who want to write, exchange and practise in german or "Spanish channel" etc.)


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