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  1. Yep, I started learning Portuguese last year and because I started getting so busy I didn't make time for it. But now I've improved my time management skills I'm hoping to start off learning again the week after next Fingers crossed this will be for longer, I know it will
  2. That does seem like a good idea but I think that you should learn whatever you feel like you should learn first. I think it's best to start off with simple but conversational items such as hello, how are you? I'm good, I'm not so good, what's your name and goodbye.
  3. Does anyone have any books for beginners to Portuguese. I have literally just started learning and I'm looking for new and interesting ways to learn. I've not thought of buying a book before but this thread has got me thinking I should look into it now! Does anyone think I should maybe just buy a children's book to start off with?
  4. I am currently learning Portuguese but for my next language I want to try either French or Italian, or even Spanish. Oh, there are so many choices!
  5. I can completely relate with, you don't worry. I am that just everything I have learnt will be scrambled in my head and I won't be able to communicate. I'm also afraid that I won't be able to understand them if they are talking very fast. I think that watching videos in the language you want to learn will help you get use to how they speak, and how fast. The first time I have to speak it to someone I will be so afraid.
  6. I am considering this option, but after reading everyones comments I think I may just stick to learning 1 language. I a learnt French in high school but wasn't too great at it. I've been learning Portuguese for a few months now and wouldn't mind learning French again also. But, I am worried about getting words mixed up, as some can be quite similar.
  7. The country was what first sparked my interest as Brazil looks like such a beautiful and intriguing country. I would love to travel there and be able to interact with locals easily. I also think the language and accent is absolutely stunning. A very sexy language that's for sure!
  8. Surely your mother language is easier than your second. Mine is definitely! I was raised with everyone around me speaking english. So of course I can read, write and speak English without any problem what so ever! On the other hand, I have only been learning Portuguese for a few months and I struggle so much with that!
  9. I like to get a cup of tea, get comfy on the couch and get learning on my laptop! I take notes sometimes but mainly use my laptop. Would anyone reccomend using my own notebook more?
  10. I started learning French in high school at the age of 11 and it didn't go very well. I just didn't make the most of the opportunity so age 20, I'm trying again. This time with Portuguese. I started learning last year, and it sort of fizzled because I got busy but I'm starting again in 2 weeks time:)
  11. I'm not sure why but I can't see the beauty in my own language (British) and I feel more attractive to other languages and accents such as the South African accent. I also love Brazilian. I think it's down to a personal choice really:) But I think that's what makes the world great.
  12. I think what's great about native speakers is how much words can differ in different regions or even in different countries. So although there is the proper way of speaking and writing english, in terms of academic performance. I don't truly believe there is a 'proper' way to speak native english. A great example I found out about the other day was about the word twerk. This obviously means that weird dance move around the world but in Yorkshire, England if someone said 'twerk' this would mean 'to work' or as people in Yorkshire pronounce it 't'werk' I love that example.
  13. I don't watch any TV shows or movies in the language I am learning because I am really struggling with actually finding any TV shows or movies in the language I want to learn. And if anyone can help me finding a good Portuguese show or film it would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I completely understand this and emphasise with you. I think I will be the same once I start feeling more confident with Portuguese. I just hope I don't get shy, but you have to try and remember you don't know what the outcome of the situation will be until you try it. You just have a negative presumption stuck in your head. I'm the same with most situations.
  15. I believe this completely depends on the individual, not on gender. I would never say that either men or women can learn a language fast than the other gender purely because it depends on the individual's enthusiasm and drive to learn the language. I think if anyone were in a foreign country and forced to only speak that language, they would learn it pretty quickly.
  16. I don't think I have ever watched a language video whilst self-teaching, what are they about? Are they like a film?
  17. My absolute favourite quote is "Be in love with your life, every minute of it " - Jack Kerouac
  18. I am an native english speaker from the UK and I think there is no real motivation for children to learn a second language over here. No one seems to think they will ever need to use it. And although French is taught at high schools, this is something you can choose if you want to study or not. I do feel that children need to be educated about the benefits of learning a second language from an early age, and start learning languages at an early age.
  19. This is a reason why I think it could be a good idea to aid your learning, if you are already familiar with the language. If you are learning a language I think it could be a good idea to watch a movie as they speak at a normal pace, like they would in real life. So in that aspect, it prepares you for a real life conversation.
  20. I am in the same situation as you, but with French instead of Spanish. We had to learn French in high school and I was never motivated to learn it then as I was more interested in other things. However, now I have left high school I realise I should've taken full advantage of the opportunity to learn a language for free. But you don't think like that when you're a teenager. I would also love to learn Spanish, as well as French and a few other languages. I find it a really attractive feature when someone can speak multiple languages and I think this is the reason why I want to learn new languages.
  21. I've not yet watched a film in the language I want to learn and I was wondering if this is a good idea. Has anyone learnt anything from watching films? I know you cannot learn everything from a film but I think they could help in some ways. Has anyone used films to aid their language learning?
  22. The best book I have ever read is the slight edge. It's the only sort of personal development book I have read and it completely changed my life and the way I look at achieving my goals. I think it is a great book that can be applied to learning languages too and I would recommend that anyone check it out.
  23. I think other languages are gorgeous and I find it really attractive when someone can speak in other languages, so I think that's one of my main reasons for wanting to learn more languages. I also want to do lots of traveling so that's an obvious reason.
  24. I actually want to learn a few languages but I feel like Spanish is a good one to learn as you can use it in so many different countries like Colombia, Spain, peru, Salvador and even Mexico. So for that reason I think it's a really good language to learn. I also feel like it is very commonly used on films and on TV so I feel it will be quite easy to pick up and keep up. I plan on doing lots of travel soon so this language will help me make the most of that.
  25. I already know some basic French (from high school) and want to start getting back into it again. Will these songs be suitable for me to listen to? I think music definitely helps you learn a language more so I would also love to find some great artists I could listen to in my spare time.
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