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  1. I know what you mean. I still use cheque. I just find the word check a bit weird. I associate it with a check mark rather than a bank cheque. It's weird to see a word that you know spelled correctly get marked by a red squiggly line by the spell check on the computer.
  2. Oh I love those stories too. You're right about appreciating them better as adults. And it's not just the use of the language, but also the deeper lessons. As you get older, it's nice to revisit those books to re-learn the lessons in those books too.
  3. I remember this being a lesson in grade school! I'll admit that I've used sila wrongly several times before. Sina just doesn't stick as well. I've noticed that Filipino grammar lessons tend to stick less compared to English lessons. Has anyone noticed this too? I wonder why that is... :confused:
  4. I still haven't checked out the world war Z audio book. I said I would but it just flew out of my mind. Hopefully this time I'll remember :grin: Anyway, I agree with the zoning out part. I think it's because it's easier to concentrate when you're following the words with your eyes, you know? But when it's just listening, it's easier to get distracted. Well, that's what happens to me, anyway. :confused:
  5. It's a shame when a language is lost that way. I mean considering they have their parents who can teach them, why not learn it? It doesn't even have to be formal lessons. Just learn the language of your parents bit by bit. How hard can that be? :confused:
  6. Yes. I have read quite a few French books. I used to be better at reading in French though. When I try to read back the French fiction books I still have, I'm having a hard time reading them now. I guess I should re-learn the language.
  7. Yes. Here in the Philippines, English is taught even in Elementary. Even with the new curriculum that says that Filipino has to be the main language used in class, there's still an English language. I'm not complaining though. English is a pretty useful language after all (obviously :wacky: ).
  8. I study language because I think it's the least you can do when in a different place/country. If you're a foreigner, people can understand that you're trying you're best to understand their culture if you're making an effort to learn their language. And also because it's just fun and challenging.
  9. Ah, I understand what you mean. I am a Filipino who speaks French and English. I am better at English and sometimes I mix up French and English. Like when I speak French, I sometimes use English words by mistake. :wacky:
  10. I always thought they were interchangeable! I didn't think there was a rule of using one over the other. I thought it was mainly a preference thing! I personally always just used daw/dito! Thanks for clarifying this, I'll make sure to use these properly next time! :grin:
  11. I always thought catsup was the British English spelling. That's because I've always used ketchup and my country tends to use American English. So I always assumed that the other spelling is the British one. How interesting that there's no consensus on the origin of something so, uhm, modern. I mean, ketchup couldn't have been invented too long ago right? :amazed:
  12. Oh my gosh! This is so true! The "bomb" thing confuses me so much. I have to rely on context clues sometimes before I can understand that something is good or bad. Pretty weird if you ask me. I'm also confused sometimes when someone is referred to as "cool". I don't know if they mean cool as in awesome or cool as in aloof. I know that when it's aloof, people prefer to use "cold" instead of cool but I've heard of people using cool too which makes it a bit confusing.
  13. Oh, I can think of a few: Go under the knife - to undergo surgery Running a temperature - when someone has a fever Bundle of nerves - someone who worries a lot To a native English speaker, these may seem quite obvious, but believe me, to someone who is translating the language in their heads, it sounds pretty weird and strange.
  14. Oh! That's a good simplified explanation. So that means I can't use if for two choices, am I right? So if I said : "I'm having a hard time thinking if I should wear shoes or sandals" that would be wrong. I should use whether in that situation, am I right?
  15. Oh this was really useful, thank you! I'm glad you explained how the origin turned into it's current definition. That was exactly what I wanted to know. I just understood that how it was used, but didn't really know the "why" behind that odd expression. Thanks! :grin:
  16. My problem with microsoft word is actually the opposite. If I want to type behavior, it'll tell me that behaviour is the correct spelling. I don't mind using British English but it's more because I've gotten used to American English. I know a lot of people will say British English is more correct, but for me what's important is that you're able to communicate.
  17. Oh I always thought everytime was correct too! And as I'm typing this, I can see the red squiggly line telling me it isn't! How strange. I guess I'll have to get used to using every time from now on.
  18. Well, in terms of number, I can see that happening. But I still think English would still be more useful. There might be a lot of Chinese people talking in Chinese, but I think knowing how to speak English will still help you communicate in more places.
  19. Wow! This is really useful! I am a Filipino and I still get confused with the two. Thanks for this. I have practically given up on knowing the difference between the two until now. Hahaha. Thanks again!
  20. I've heard people say this when they refer to someone arrogant. I've tried asking native English speakers about why they say that and all I get is "It's just an expression". I understand that, but why that particular phrase? I mean for expressions such as "have your cake and eat it too" you can understand what it means and how it makes sense but for "chip on his shoulder" I just don't get it. Can anyone here explain this one? Thanks!
  21. Mine would have to be books by Dr.Seuss. I learned English from reading Dr.Seuss books. I guess that adds to the nostalgia I feel whenever I see a book by Dr. Seuss. I have more children's books that I love but a lot of them I appreciated more as an adult than when I was a kid.
  22. Ooh! What an interesting trivia. You're right. This would make good drinking conversation! Or actually any conversation, not necessarily involving drinking. Although this would be pretty cool to mention in a bar. :grin:
  23. I figured it was related to Malay and Indonesian since a lot of words are so similar. Plus geographically, they are neighboring countries so it makes sense that they are probably from the same root language. This is interesting though. I never knew such a detailed history of the Tagalog language. Thanks for this!
  24. I don't really mind. We Filipinos have our own memes and I have learned to just deal with it. I think when this craze is over, there will probably be another annoying one to replace it. I just try not to watch TV so that I don't constantly hear annoying stuff like this. Believe me if you don't watch TV, you'll hear it much much less (just from the people on the street) and it becomes less grating.
  25. I think we have one here right? I can't seem to find one though. I guess it would be pretty hard since I don't have skype and my internet connection can't handle video calls well. So all I can look for is someone to chat with the old-fashioned way. :cry:
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