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  1. For me, speaking and learning how to understand others by utilizing my listening skills were by far the toughest aspect to learning a new language. However, I did find that writing was an easier skill do develop over the others.
  2. I find that although my native language is Arabic, I very much prefer to speak in English, especially after having lived the majority of my life in English speaking countries. I often find myself thinking in English, translating other languages to English etc. So I would say that English is my preferred language and is definitely the dominant one.
  3. In Arabic, we have the same sort of reply. To say thank you we use "Shokran" and then they replied word is "ALAFOO" meaning your welcome.
  4. I would really love for my kids to be multilingual. I would hope that they end up speaking better Arabic than myself too.
  5. I learnt both English and Arabic as I was growing up. My mother wanted me to learn how to speak fluently in English even though Arabic is my first language as she could speak the language herself. As for my third language, I was forced into it as it was part of my high school curriculum.
  6. Definitely!! There are a number of french songs that I like to sing along to even though I have no clue what the song is about. I find that you don't really need to know the meaning of a song to find it personal to you or to even like it.
  7. You can sometimes find videos on Youtube that are specifically for beginners. These can be quite helpful. Otherwise you could try books or cartoons intended for kids and go from there.
  8. That sounds pretty rough. Try looking for some local language classed in your area. Otherwise, youtube can come in handy!
  9. I personally feel like I've lost the fluency of the Arabic language. I noticed that a lot of other Arab kids who were living in a non-Arabic speaking country also suffered from the same thing. I think it's just lack of practice.
  10. Wow, never tried this before. Looks like a lot of fun!
  11. Haven't read the book but I"m thinking that I should especially since the movie is either out or coming out very soon.
  12. Reading the book 100 years of solitude when I was 15 was definitely the trickiest book. You almost need a thesaurus just to understand what was going on.
  13. You could read some of the old classics, or go for books that have been translated. For example " The house of the spirit" is a great books.
  14. You could try AC Grayling. He writes a lot of philosophical books if you're interested. Really great stuff about a whole bunch of topics.
  15. Arabic but in an Egyptian accent can be very attractive and romantic sounding in my opinion.
  16. What a joke!! Miley Cyrus teaching specific English words to our new generations.
  17. I consider myself a moderate speed reader. I feel like somehow I understand what I am reading by reading out loud even though I am trying really hard not to do this as it slows your reading speed down dramatically.
  18. I think I prefer the Australian accent or the Canadian accent over other English accents. Not sure why really, especially since I previously despised the Aussi accent when I was younger.
  19. I sometimes use a dictionary to look up a few words that I may not be familiar with but this doesn't happen often. I do this only if I can't decipher the mean of the word via the context of the sentence.
  20. I tend to find that If I enter and exam and I am too calm, then I have not prepared enough for it. But, if I have really worked hard during the months leading up to the exam I find that I am excited to actually take the exam and know that I can do really well on it. Of course I do feel slightly nervous before starting the exam but that is a good sign.
  21. It can be funny if done well, but at the same time it can be quite offensive. I think it just depends on the audience and their thoughts on the subject.
  22. I think my English accent is a mix of different accents combined together over the years as a result of living in multiple places where people spoke in different dialects.
  23. I am a visual and audio learner. I think I've always been this kind of learner. Whenever I have a test coming up I always study by speaking out loud. At first I thought this was a very strange method to use, but it really does work.
  24. I remember back in highschool, my french teacher would play and hand out the lyrics to a variety of French songs. Our tast was to try and figure out what the song was about. I think this really helped me expand my vocab and general understanding of the french language. Yes, it can be hard and frustrating as a lot of slang is often used in such songs. However, overall I think that I benefited immensely from it.
  25. Yes, English was always part of my schools curriculum.
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