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  1. Apps can definitely help you memorize hiragana and katagana
  2. I think it worths trying. no one know the result unless you try
  3. 不要緊, 慢慢學, 每天學一點點, 時間久了就很大進步
  4. this is a good method. I hope my teacher can play this with me in class
  5. Same here. Listening is always my worst part in JLPT. If I like watching anime more, maybe my Japanese listening skill would improve much faster.....
  6. 1 Chinese (Native) 2 Japanese (learnt 4 yrs ago) 3 English (have been learning since I am a kid) 4 Korean 5 Indonesian Since I am in Asia, Asian language is more useful to me
  7. 一緒に頑張りましょう
  8. Do you mean memrise? www.memrise.com/
  9. thanks, it's interesting if there is a more refined categorization, it will be better For example, Football, Basketball, Tennis instead of Sports
  10. I think its better to start speaking as soon as possible when you learn a language I come from Hong Kong where everyone starts learning English at a very young age. But we had very few speaking opportunity. So everyone just focuses on reading and writing and at the end, many people cant communicate with foreigners verbally even they have been learning English for many years. I was a victim of that too. So now when I start learning another new language, Japanese, I will grab every chance to speak.
  11. Your Japanese must be very good~~ So you study or work in Japan? 私は一生懸命頑張って勉強しても、日本語がまだ下手です。。。。
  12. 初めまして、ウィンと申します。 日本語を勉強している人がいますか。もっと練習したいです。 よろしくお願いします
  13. yes my native tongue is 廣東話, but I can also speak Mandarin. I found that quite a lot of people here who are learning Cantonese here. What is the fascination of Cantonese? I think Mandarin is more widely used. haha
  14. Hi I am Wayne from Hong Kong I can speak Chinese and English. And I am currently learning Japanese. ###seems not many people learning Jap here?
  15. I am looking for Japanese learning partners. I can speak Chinese and English~~
  16. I like that dumb thing too. it makes the boring learning process a bit more interesting. ^^
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