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Irregular Verbs


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Hi, everyone!

So we all know that the English language has two kinds of verbs: regular and irregular. Fortunately, most of the verbs we use nowadays are regular meaning that they change very little in their past or present forms. The bad news is that we can't avoid irregular verbs. So we won't be confused, it's best to remember some of the most commonly used irregular verbs in the English language. I attached a list below from MERIDIAN that we can all use.


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Thank you for that list chigreyofthenorns!

Please find attached another useful list with English irregular verbs (and even a translation into french of all the verbs). If you know some English Irregular Verbs that are not part of this list, please leave a comment. Thank you.


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Thanks for the irregular verbs list, guys!  I no longer seem to have issues with most of those verbs anymore, but I don't want to imagine what is going to be like when it's the turn of dutch irregular verbs, lol.  Still, thanks a lot!

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I have a language handbook as well as some review materials which contain a section on irregular verbs. I think the word quit is likewise an irregular verb, since it is awkward to mention "quitted" when you can just say I quit (e.g. I quit the team yesterday) in the past tense.  Though there are some sites which mention "quitted," quit is more of an irregular verb.

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I always get confused with verbs, adjectives and pronouns. I never know which is which when asked for them and it does get me into a little trouble.

I can say now that I understand verbs and this chart is so helpful for irregular verbs and understanding them.

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Base FormPast SimplePast Participle3rd Person SingularPresent Participle / Gerund
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The easiest way to memorise irregular verbs is by groups, I think. Here's an excellent group division:


Also, a useful table of verbs, grouped together:


A handy table for Russian speakers - with transcription:


Hope that helps!

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I love irregular verbs, which I am sure makes me a nerd. :huh: But, even when no one liked them in school, and everyone had a lot of trouble learning them by heart, I found them pretty challenging, which made me put a lot of hours, and days, resulting in me being pretty good at them. I realized I had to learn them as if they were a poem, which actually helped me a lot. I used to also sing them out loud. That was fun, too.

I believe the earlier you get to learn irregular verbs, the better. At the early age, I mean. I think I was in my fourth grade when I got introduced to them. That would make me around ten or eleven years old. English is my second language, by the way. I am not saying I am anything special, or boasting around, all I am saying is that I put a lot of effort into learning irregular verbs.It was not even close to an easy task, whatsoever.

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These lists of irregular verbs are really useful and much appreciated, because many times even native English speakers need to look at these to make sure they are right.

Some verbs have both regular and irregular forms, and some other are irregular or not based on location. As in example, learned, dreamed or lended for the USA-based version, or learnt, dreamt, or lent for the UK one.

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