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How to Title the Resume File – Here’s Your Answer!

How to Title the Resume File – Here’s Your Answer!

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Once you are done adding all the relevant content to your resume, saving it is the next important step that many might brush off.

First, the format. 

Although you can use both PDF and Microsoft Word formats for your resume, PDF is better. 

A PDF preserves the resume’s format no matter what device it is opened on.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the recruiter having a different version of software that will distort the original formatting you chose. 

Next, the resume filename. 

This plays a significant role just like any other aspect of your resume file because it is how the recruiter will differentiate yours from competing applicants. 

Keep reading to make sure you go about it the right way!


How to title the resume file?

Your name and ‘resume’ are a must. You can also add the job title or company name to show you customized your resume specifically for this application. You can capitalize, and use dashes and numbers, just don’t include the file version number.


Write your name and specify that the file is a resume

The resume filename should contain your name, full name or just last name, and the word ‘resume’ in it. 

This way it will not get mixed up with competing applicants’ files and it will save the recruiter time from guessing if it is your resume, cover letter, or another document. 

It is a huge disadvantage to you if the recruiter can’t see your file by name and can’t know straight away that it is your resume.


Resume filename example:



Add the job title or company name to the filename

If you want to portray your resume as customized for the position, include the job title or company name in the filename.

Just make sure that the filename doesn’t become too long. 


Resume filename with the job title example:



Resume filename with the company name example:



You can use numbers but not for the file version

As for the job title, you can also include the job ID number if the job description provides it.

This way you can also make the resume file’s title shorter than when including the whole job title. 

However, if adding numbers, make sure that it is not the file version number.

It might seem like you are applying to multiple organizations, and it is not a good impression if the recruiter’s company is not on top of the list. 


Resume filename with the job ID example:



Capitalize and use dashes where necessary 

Capitalize your first and last name and other words added to make the file look more professional.

You can also use dashes to create spaces between the words.


Make sure all your other documents follow the same format

After deciding on a title format for your resume filename, tailor all the other documents to match this format.

Whether it is your cover letter or portfolio, write the filename the same way for consistency.